Jupiter Square Neptune: Follow Your Dreams

Jupiter square Neptune

Jupiter 14 Sagittarius square Neptune 14 Pisces – Jan 13 2019
Jupiter 18 Sagittarius square Neptune 18 Pisces – June 16 2019
Jupiter 17 Sagittarius square Neptune 17 Pisces – Sept 21 2019

One of the major planetary aspects of 2019 gets underway this weekend – the dates/degrees are above. This combines expansive Jupiter with boundless Neptune, co-rulers of star sign Pisces. Jupiter is God of the Sky and represents expansion, opportunity and foreign connections, while Neptune is God of the Sea, a cosmic, illusionary and dreamlike planet.

Jupiter Sagittarius

The fact that both planets are in their signs of rulership is important as they are currently a strong influence. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the traveller, the explorer and can channel its expansive nature into beliefs, learning and wide open spaces. This is an ideal planet/sign placing for big-picture thinking, vision and quests. Fire signs, like Sagittarius, bring passion and joy into the world. They are spontaneous and optimistic.

Neptune Pisces

Neptune’s domain is the world of escapism which includes poetry, music and art; love; drink and drugs; spirituality and mysticism. Pisces is a sensitive, empathic, dreamer star sign, sometimes impractical and gullible. Neptune’s world is glamour and inspiration, based on fantasy rather than reality.

Boundless Enthusiasm

Put the two together and this combination sweeps you along on a wave of euphoria, it’s boundless enthusiasm. Anything is possible when Jupiter and Neptune combine forces. At its best, you have a vision to go beyond what’s possible and/or a huge capacity to care for others and that includes everyone, whatever their creed, race or background. You want to see the world, save the world or sail across the seven seas. The bigger the dream, the better.

Obviously, there is a flip side to the square aspect because this combination can also be overblown, out of control, unrealistic and away with the fairies. As Neptune rules the dream world, expect your night-time dreams to be weird and wonderful.

The Saturn Factor

Thankfully, there are mitigating factors which rein in this gorgeous yet boundless wave of enthusiasm and optimism throughout 2019. Firstly, another planet in its sign of rulership, Saturn in Capricorn, connects with both planets. Here’s the pattern:

  • Jupiter 11 Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn 11 Capricorn – December 27, 2018
  • Jupiter 19 Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn 19 Capricorn – June 14, 2019
  • Jupiter 14 Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn 14 Capricorn – August 19, 2019
  • Saturn 15 Capricorn sextile Neptune 15 Pisces – January 31 2019
  • Saturn 19 Capricorn sextile Neptune 19 Pisces – June 18 2019
  • Saturn 16 Capricorn sextile Neptune 16 Pisces – November 9 2019

Saturn in Capricorn is the practical realist, who works out what it takes to climb the mountain in front of you. Big journeys require food and minimalist packing alongside trust, hope and faith. Saturn’s already on the case. He’s working out the budget in advance, setting up the safe base & strengthening those foundations.

Love & Venus

Secondly, lovely Venus is chasing after Jupiter, wafting some wonderful scents and bringing joy, love, happiness and kindness. Venus catches up with Jupiter on January 22nd, one of the loveliest planetary aspects of the whole year.

Venus also squares Neptune on January 21st, the day of the Lunar/Full Moon eclipse. Venus and Neptune are the lower and higher octave of one another, sharing their twin loves of romance, art & bliss. Therefore, love & Love are in the mix.

If you have planets or angles at 14-19 degrees of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces, you are currently in the flow and can pick up on this inspirational and dream-like combination.

It spells good news too for the earth and water signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn & Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. If you’re an artist, a visionary, an influencer, an actor, a saviour, a liberator, a priest, this is your time.

Be Cautious Of…

There are some cautionary factors: be wary of ideologies, don’t fall for lies or fake news; keep your sanity and common sense intact; put in the work to back up the vision.

Follow Your Dreams…

This Jupiter-Neptune connection feels blissful, transcendent and takes you away from yourself and beyond the mundane. Make the most of this magical planetary combination, whether you seek the divine, act out of devotion, find your muse or use your creative source to inspire yourself or others. Go beyond the everyday and the practical, hear what’s calling you, follow your dreams.

Jupiter square Neptune, dreams

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Looking forwards to the loveliest planetary aspects of the whole year on January 22nd. I was born on Valentines day and mm hoping to find true love this year!

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