Jupiter Opposite Neptune: A Sign Of Our Times

Jupiter opposite NeptuneOne of the major planetary aspects this year takes place this week on Thursday 17th September when Jupiter at 8 degrees Virgo is opposed by Neptune at 8 degrees Pisces.

Both planets are the traditional (Jupiter) and modern (Neptune) rulers of Pisces. They are both expansive planets; in mythology Jupiter ruled the sky and Neptune ruled the sea.

They are also planets that represent hope and you don’t have to look any further than the current refugee crisis to see how this astrology is mirrored in world events.

A Flood of Refugees

Jupiter rules journeys and thousands of refugees are fleeing their countries (Virgo is an earth sign) and giving themselves up to the mercy of the sea (Neptune in Pisces) in search of safety. Many of them make the treacherous journey carrying little but hope and many of them, including young children, are losing their lives at sea.

It’s a hugely sad situation and as Neptune rules compassion, caring and sensitivity and Jupiter expands what it touches, people are starting to open their hearts and help in any way they can. Only last week I read about a new charity initiative involving the actor Benedict Cumberbatch entitled ‘Help is Coming’ (or at least that’s the hope).

What It Means For You

In your life personally, this can play out in different ways but look for where you are feeling either hopeful or lost, i.e. ‘all at sea’. Jupiter & Neptune together is an overwhelming combination and potentially an outpouring of emotion. Everything is laid wide open – heart, soul, spirit.

You might want to offer help, caring, compassion and feel an abundance of love within you which can’t or won’t stop giving. You might have your arms wide open and be thirsty to receive the same in return; help, caring, love & compassion.

Be careful that you don’t lose your way or let others fool you or be guided down a path that leads to nowhere. There’s little rationality within this Jupiter-Neptune experience as the mind is not involved and there’s a danger of being out of control.

Surrender, sacrifice & salvation are Jupiter-Neptune themes which are heart-led. This is rarely about the ego or personal issues but something that’s beyond your everyday experience or outside your everyday reality.

You’re being called forth, whether seduced or inspired, and once the flood begins and the river carries you on its way, you can’t stop what’s set in motion. You will feel this most deeply if it links in to your own chart and the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces are most likely to experience the strongest pull.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Back to world events and Saturn enters Sagittarius the day after the Jupiter-Neptune opposition on Friday 18th September and this is important in context with what’s currently taking place in the world.

Saturn, the planet of authority, rules boundaries and in Sagittarius, the sign of all things foreign, the symbolism is clear in what’s happening around us.

Border controls, governments needing to set new rules, laws, strategies to help the refugees but also to stem the flood of refugees.

It’s not going to be an easy time ahead but both as individual people and as representatives of our countries, we’re at the peak point of being asked where our heart lies and what we believe is right to do.

I’ll be writing about what Saturn in Sagittarius means for you personally tomorrow.

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