Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction: Big Dream Surfing

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Neptune [23 Pisces 55]

– April 12, 2022 (15:42 GMT+1)

There’s a major planetary conjunction taking place this month, exact on April 12th. This sees the two big planets Jupiter and Neptune come together in their mutual sign of rulership Pisces for the first time since 1856.

In mythology, Jupiter was God of the sky and Neptune was God of the sea. This immediately feels like a big wave taking place as they come together in Pisces, an emotional water sign and the last sign of the zodiac. If you’re sensitive or an empath, this could feel completely overwhelming, although potentially spiritually awakening and revelatory too.

Jupiter-Neptune Symbolism

What makes this conjunction so complex is the fact that both Jupiter and Neptune have multi-faceted symbolism. You can get your head around the symbolism of most of the planets in a few words and know what it represents. It’s not the case with these two big players.

For example, Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and is linked to luck and good fortune. It rules global connections, also long-distance travel & study, higher education, the law, religion, publishing, large animals. It’s about freedom, vision and faith and at its best linked to the truth. Jupiter’s flip side is over-exaggeration, arrogance or a desire to play God.

Neptune is complex and web-like in its symbolism. It’s the planet of dreams & the imagination, romance & escapism, linked to Hollywood glamour, the movies and the fantasy realm. Neptune’s a mystical, magical and cosmic influence and pushes back the boundaries of possibility. It’s ethereal & elusive. Neptune’s flip side is delusion, addiction, deception and betrayal. It rules photography, poetry, beauty, art, music & enchantment.

You can see what an amazing planetary event this can be if it plays out well. Water signs like Pisces have little to do with everyday routine. Water signs rule the emotions; they are mute, deep and pick up on images, vibration and sound.

This planetary combination could pass you by if you’re trundling along, focusing on the mundane and the trivia of life. Yet, if you’re highly attuned, awake & open to the wonders of life, this combination could be miraculous, revelatory & awakening.

What It Could Mean

Jupiter and Neptune want to inspire you to see what’s beyond everyday life, even beyond the earth; they take you further, always moving outwards & upwards into new dimensions. Jupiter and Neptune urge you to connect with your deeper purpose, to be inspired by compassion & kindness, to tap into the collective unconscious.

This planetary conjunction calls out to you: What are you searching and seeking? You may want to sail away on the ocean, reconnect with your faith or find a place where you can embrace your spiritual nature. It asks you to forgive, make a sacrifice and care for all of humanity. It’s a cosmic reminder that we’re all one.

You may be drawn towards an artistic project, a musical journey, a poetic path. Consider what takes you out of yourself in a good way and when you feel at your most selfless. This is the Jupiter-Neptune voyage, especially when these two planets meet in caring & kind Pisces.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has the potential to lead you on a journey, shoot stardust into the cosmos and explore the outermost regions of our vast universe. This is no small, everyday planetary combination. It’s the astrological equivalent of an outer-body experience or an overwhelming flood of emotion.

It can take you above and beyond what you believe, what you think, your normal encounter with life. Make the most of this magical mystery tour, whether you fall in Love, seek devotion, find your muse, tap into your creative & spiritual source or devote your life to service.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is urging you to surf your dreams, to believe in limitless possibility, to ask for forgiveness, to be awash with kindness & compassion.

What To Be Wary Of

Jupiter & Neptune are equally strong in Pisces. Jupiter rules truth while Neptune rules lies – which one will win? Pisces is the star sign linked to the media. Conspiracy theories are rife, fake news is everywhere. It’s easy to lose sight of your own judgement and believe everything you hear or read.

Jupiter is the planet linked to wealth & abundance and expands what it touches. Together with Neptune, this is fantasy territory, a bubble, over-inflation. Interest rates are rising, gas & oil prices (Neptune’s domain) are shooting through the roof, paper money can be printed at top speed but means nothing if it’s not anchored in reality.

Be wary of lies, scams & get-rich-quick schemes. Use your common sense, your down-to-earth nous to suss out what’s a good deal and what’s over-blown hype. Steer clear of scandal, illusion, delusion and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Jupiter is the global planet and Neptune is linked to sacrifice – the God of the sea in the water sign Pisces. In recent years, when these two major planets have made a clashing square or opposition aspect, there’s been a flood of refugees. Once again, during the conjunction, we have a similar situation with millions of people fleeing Ukraine.

It’s not just the date of the conjunction that’s important – Jupiter-Neptune themes have been building since earlier this year when the Sun entered Pisces on February 18th.

The inner planets will continue to trigger the conjunction point until May 2022. Then, there may be another wave of Jupiter-Neptune themes playing out in the last two months of the year when Jupiter returns to Pisces.

Pisces is the star sign where you lose yourself. This includes drink, drugs & addictive tendencies. If you’re going to lose yourself and go on a magical mystery ride, do so in a way that adds a new dimension to your life and doesn’t lead you down a dangerous path.

Other Factors

Jupiter is the planet that expands what it touches – it’s a lucky, benevolent and protective influence. When Jupiter triggers Neptune, there can be a cultural renaissance, a new wave of music, art, poetry.

We may experience a global meditation, a spiritual awakening or encounter the divine. New psychedelic therapies could be revelatory or there may be a major breakthrough in healing, perhaps linked to the oceanic depths.

Neptune is the planet that dissolves what it touches. When Neptune triggers Jupiter, this could be a time when you lose your faith, dissolve into confusion or overwhelming emotion as your sense of meaning or purpose dissipates.

Another reminder that this powerful conjunction requires a tether, an anchor to real life so you don’t lose yourself completely.

What It Means For You

If you have key planets/angles close to 23 Pisces or 23 degrees of many of the star signs, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is waving its magic wand in your direction.

This super conjunction will fall somewhere in your horoscope. Here’s a quick guide to what it may mean for you. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it.

Pisces: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. Any of the Jupiter-Neptune themes could be awakened now as Jupiter & Neptune are your co-rulers. It’s an ideal time to embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say yes to life. Find your escape, your inner artist, your spiritual path.

Aries: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 12th house ruling retreat and inner work. This would be an ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation or go on retreat. Let the inner journey begin and find your faith. You may choose to turn away from the materialistic side of life & follow a devotional path.

Taurus: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 11th house ruling your friends, groups, social activities and concerns. This would be an ideal time to reconnect with old and new friends alike. Alternatively, join a club, society or community project that has a Jupiter-Neptune theme. Do your bit for society and join in with a humanitarian, environmental or social cause.

Gemini: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. This would be an ideal time to believe that anything’s possible, to pursue a creative or spiritual career. You could become a guru-type figure, a media baron, take a sabbatical, work abroad or decide to chase your dream goal.

Cancer: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. This would be an ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. You may be drawn to help out on the other side of the world, sign up for a life-changing course or fall deeply into a philosophical or spiritual pursuit.

Leo: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. This would be an ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance or gift, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy. You may choose to lose yourself in a metaphysical realm. n.b. keep close tabs on your money and don’t fall for a scam.

Virgo: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 7th house ruling your one-to-one relationships. This would be an ideal time to fall deeply in love, to propose or be proposed to, to let go of a relationship that holds you back. You may experience a revelation around Love with a capital L. Other relationships may prosper, whether you attract an investor or find the right teacher. n.b. this is a seductive combination – keep your Virgo common sense intact.

Libra: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others, your well-being and your health. This would be an ideal time to follow your passion & actively pursue your dreams. You could change around the 9-to-5 to free up your time, you might become a volunteer or work for a charity. There could be a spiritual aspect that boosts your health. n.b. your time management skills may go out the window.

Scorpio: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 5th house ruling children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. This would be an ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, adopt, inspire children, write your masterpiece, explore your creative side, have an affair or become a socialite. This combination links the spiritual realm with your creative source. Dive deep into your inspiration, become a muse to others.

Sagittarius: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 4th house ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. This would be an ideal time to open your home to refugees, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with your family or find your clan. Forgiveness is a key theme of this powerful conjunction that includes your ruling planet Jupiter. Step into a protective role within your community.

Capricorn: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. This would be an ideal time to launch a website that helps other people, become a story-teller, reconnect with relatives or people who live close by, join a neighbourhood initiative, become a teacher or mentor. You need more to life than the everyday to feel inspired.

Aquarius: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 2nd house ruling money, your personal possessions & assets, your values & self-worth. This would be an ideal time to boost your pay packet, let go of your possessions, show off your charitable or philanthropic nature, gift other people and be open to abundance. n.b. keep close tabs on your money and don’t fall for a scam.

18 thoughts on “Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction: Big Dream Surfing”

  1. My eldest has their sun at 24 degrees Pisces and Mars at 22 degrees Pisces and their third fourth house cusp is 23 degrees Pisces- what might this mean for them?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Emma, not sure what you mean by the 3rd/4th house cusp? It would be either one or the other – if it’s the IC, the point at the bottom of the chart then it’s the 4th house. Either way, that’s a lot of emotion. The Sun/Mars conjunction in Pisces needs to be channelled into a creative or spiritual purpose as the Jupiter/Neptune influence will be expanding that. There’s a boundless theme going on too – almost too much possibility, no sense of direction? Again, that would need grounding, an anchor, a plan. I think connection might be a theme too, finding their voice. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Sally, hope you doing well. I definitely wonder what that does mean to me, as I am scorpio ascendant so this conjunctions falls in my 5th house and makes a trine to my natal Jupiter in the 9th house (25 degrees) and a Sextil to my natal moon in Capricorn (25 degrees), and my natal sun (sun in Leo in my 10th house at 23 degrees). so, I am quite curious about all of it.
    what would you say? rather positive or negative?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      It feels hugely creative, an opportunity to find your gifts, your talents, give birth to… There’s always a boundless influence with Jupiter/Neptune so it requires a creative or spiritual source. It’s a quincunx aspect to your Leo Sun in the 10th house – what’s your career not giving you? would be one question. A quincunx is a blind spot – how can you incorporate more meaning or creativity into your work, your vocation, your future path?

      1. Hi Sally, you got it right! What is my carrer not giving me? Thats the question, i have been making for a while. 😉

  3. Thank you. What of history of the world. In a personal note. I hope some deep deceptions and betrayals that have hurt my soul will become corrected. My life and money returned. Stolen by an x husband thru extreme deceptions. You are inspiring me hope that God, the Universe will dive lay intervene an expose the deceptions that left nine broke and broken-hearted. My x husband stole my wealth, financially and sopritallky. Do I have a chance for reclamations.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I’m sorry you experienced such betrayal – that in itself is a symbol of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. I don’t know whether it’s a time for reclamations. It feels as if the work begins with releasing the emotions & starting to let go of the pain. Then, you may be more able to decide what’s right from a place of surrender – all Jupiter-Neptune themes. Hope that helps.

  4. This Jupiter/Neptune conjunction will hit my natal Saturn at 24 Sag in 8th house by square, and hit my natal Jupiter at 23 Libra in 6th house by quincunx, and sextile my natal Sun at 25 Taurus in 1st house, Any thoughts or advice or anything on this would be appreciated, Thank you !

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Vicki, the three planets make a Yod, of Finger of Fate aspect in your horoscope – I could have worked this out but as you’re one of my weekly subscribers and I’ve seen your birth chart, it was easy to see in the birth chart – I’m very visual! The apex planet is the Sun in Taurus in the 1st house. As well as looking at which houses the planets are in, it’s important to note which houses they rule – i.e. look at the star sign on the cusp of each house. It’s a complex pattern and may be linked to your career/vocation in life, a financial issue, children, health. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is breaking all of this wide open in some way – it’s a boundless influence – it may pull you towards a move that feels fated, something that feels pre-destined or you’re not in control of. Check where your emotions are leading you. To help you – perhaps! – understand how the Yod works better, Will Smith also has a Yod at similar degrees and his actions at the Oscars are having huge consequences in his life. That’s how important it can be.

      1. Thank you. I hadn;t connected the Jup/Nep conjunction to it but i knew it was in my natal. Slowly learning bits and pieces. I forgot to mention the planet Uranus is about to cross my Asc also. Because of retrograde this will be the 3rd direct hit, So very unsure of what is going on!

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Uranus transits are often date specific – sometimes the 2nd of 3 is most important. With all the slower-moving planets, you often get three ‘hits’, sometimes 5 with Neptune & Pluto. It tends to be a backdrop to the year. Uranus is technology, change, innovation, independence.

  5. Older and wiser

    I was born under a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which wouldn’t be that interesting except its square to my personals and part of a t-square with the opposition to Saturn. In fact, it touches every other planet including minor aspects.

    What I’ve only recently begun to realise is how I immerse myself in every activity I take part in. I get into a new hobby and want to know everything about it. Even with jobs or work, I do my absolute best and want to be hardworking and deeply involved and understand how everything connects.

    I always struggled to understand other people’s attitude to life. It’s only now I see their ego stops them from doing things – they don’t want to think too deeply or philosophically, they simply want to maintain the status quo and collect their paycheque. They don’t want to give too much, just to dip their toes in the water of life and take part half-heartedly. It’s the antithesis to my natural selflessness and generosity (not to suggest I’m some kind of perfect person)

    Yet for all my high hopes and ideals, it hasn’t done me any worldly favours. Even with the Saturn opposition giving me the discipline to work hard and plan to make them materialise, nothing I ever tried my hand at came to fruition – relationships, hobbies, work. I’m not sure what I was meant to do this lifetime but then the past decade has had transiting Pluto going through the 9th kicking up those sort of questions.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for your comment and insights. Just to add this current Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is likely to be important for you as you were born on one. It sounds as if you’re already philosophising about life and asking lots of questions. A great time to do so – hopefully, some of the other more positive aspects of Jupiter-Neptune are blessed upon you 🙂

      1. Older and wiser

        Thanks Sally.

        Just remembered last time Jupiter-Neptune were conjunct in 2009-10, it was along with Chiron in late Aqua. Wow! What a time in my life that was – I started a new job – can’t say too much because it is so perfect in how it encompasses the symbolism of both Jupiter and Neptune!

        On top of that I was dating a woman who had her Jupiter-Neptune exactly square to the degree – and aligned with my personal-to-jupiter/neptune square! I thought it was a fantastic relationship – lots of fun and laughter, never an argument. Until the moment she ghosted me without warning and never spoke to me again. Even years later, I still could never say I should have seen it coming. Absolutely blindsided me but then the full moon did land on my Uranus to the minute the night it all blew up! Coincidentally her birthday is April 12!

        The wonderful new job – with the fantastic organisation suddenly became awful. We got a new leader and about a year after I started he completely overhauled it and killed all the teamwork and feel-good that had existed throughout. Moral plummeted – again could never have predicted it.

        All of which was a huge factor when the final triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron occurred at the start of 2010 and I had some kind of breakdown which took me a couple of years to fully get my confidence back from. Made me question my trust in myself and the universe. Worst transit of my life. Did I mention the triple conjunction was exactly opposite the personals planets that are squared by Jupiter-Neptune?!?!

        Old history now but wow, what an experience – both good and bad. That’s another Jupiter quality – experiencing life, being philosophical about it and telling your story to others!


        1. Interesting – makes me realise what a pivotal year 2009 was for me too and now events are coming full circle. So really helpful to hear your experiences. Thank you.

  6. Hi Sally,

    Hope you are well, just read your newsletter, horrible what happened with PayPal, scary.

    When you say planets and angles close to 23 degrees, would you say within 3 degrees? I actually have Jupiter at 23 degrees but in Aries (3rd house) so is that one of the signs that would be affected? I also have Saturn at 22 and Sun at 24 degrees of cancer (7th house) so the conjunction is in a trine to that, hope brings something positive after such a rubbish month that was March. Oh also ascendant 26 degrees of Sag.

    1. Thanks Jade 🙂 Yes, all planets/angles close to 23 degrees are being triggered by the Jupiter/Neptune. And as you’ve mentioned it will depend whether the aspect is positive or more challenging how it’s likely to play out. Also check which house it falls in and which houses both Jupiter & Neptune rule i.e. where Sagittarius/Pisces are on the cusp.

      1. Very interesting, we shall see what happens, Sagittarius rules my 11th and ascendant and I have pisces intercepeted in the second.. .thanks for your reply!

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