Jupiter Conjunct North Node Taurus: True Value

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Jupiter conjunct North Node [3 Taurus 36]

June 2, 2023 (01:42 GMT+1)

The Lunar Nodes are the points where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun’s path through the sky. Karmic points in astrology, the Nodes are called the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail and they add a new story to your life.

Holding back – South Node 

Whichever sign and house you find the North Node in, the South Node will be in the opposite star sign. The South Node is said to be where you retreat to, your comfort zone. In traditional astrology, it can indicate your downfall and what’s not good for you.

Moving forward – North Node

The North Node is what you’re striving or aiming for in this lifetime. It’s your life lesson, your destiny and your major area of learning. You may have to step out of your comfort zone to reach your North Node potential, but it’s worth doing.

If you believe in past lives, it’s thought that you’re stuck in your South Node destiny until you can break free, stop repeating the same patterns and move on.

The Nodal Cycle

The Nodes change signs approximately every 18 months and it’s important to note that they move backwards through the zodiac. In December 2021, the Nodes moved from Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio. They will move on again into Aries/Libra next month, July 2023.

During the current cycle, the North Node has been in earth sign Taurus and the South Node in water sign Scorpio. They are always in the same star signs as the current eclipse cycle. We are now in a Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle which began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023.

The nodal cycle repeats approximately every 19 years. Therefore, the last time the Nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio (North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio) was 2003/2004. You can look back every 19 years to see if the cycles coincide with repeat events.

Jupiter Conjunct North Node

Right now, the planet of opportunity and good fortune Jupiter is in Taurus and, as June 2023 begins, Jupiter and the karmic North Node are side-by-side.

This combination feels lucky because Jupiter rules luck and good fortune and the North Node is linked to your destiny, your path life. You could say this is your guardian angel watching down on you. Listen out for signs and synchronicities to see what opens up in your life over the next few days and make a wish.

Taurus is the star sign linked to money, also value. Jupiter’s the planet of truth and justice and this combination is about finding your true value, what really matters to you. It’s calling you to slow down, to stop and take notice. If a new opportunity comes your way this week, it may well be worth following up.

Perhaps, this means leaving something else behind too, as there’s another planet involved with the nodes. This is the planet of loss and transformation, Pluto. As Pluto moves back from 0° Aquarius to 29° Capricorn, it is square the nodes as they shift from 0° Taurus/Scorpio to 29° Aries/Libra. This is most strongly activated in July & August 2023.

Other Factors

As an astrologer, you notice the coincidences in the world when significant planetary events take place. Astrology has a simple premise, “as above, so below”, i.e. what’s happening in the movement of the planets in the wider universe is a mirror to what’s playing out in earth and in our lives.

The Jupiter/North Node conjunction is exact on June 1st in the USA. The deadline date for an agreement on raising the debt ceiling in the States was June 1st. An agreement has been made at the last minute regarding the $30+ billion debt, which seems to be a short-term solution for not triggering an immediate financial crash or recession.

This is obvious symbolism as Jupiter’s currently in the star sign linked to money, Taurus, and Jupiter expands what it touches. The flip side of Jupiter is greed and over-inflation. The potentially ‘lucky’ debt ceiling deal has been finalised in the nick of time close to the Jupiter/North Node conjunction.

Yet, with Jupiter in Taurus until May 2024 and the planet of loss Pluto square the karmic nodes in July/August 2023 and in and out of earth sign Capricorn until November 2024, we’re not out of the woods yet. Capricorn is the star sign linked to big business, banks, corporations and the establishment.

If you want to read more about Pluto’s move into and out of the neighbouring star signs Capricorn/Aquarius, you can do so here: Pluto enters Aquarius: Power to the People.

Star Sign Check In

On a personal level, right now is the time to favour Jupiter’s good fortune conjunct the North Node. Where is the cosmic compass pointing to in your life? Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.


The North Node falls in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your appearance and your personal goals and ambitions. This is about learning to put yourself and your needs first and not losing your identity within a relationship or partnership. Your destiny lies in focusing on what you want in life and developing a strong sense of your authentic self.


The North Node falls in your 12th house ruling retreat, solitude and inner quiet. When life gets too busy or noisy, you can’t hear the call of the universe and you lose your way. Aim to find a balance between work and serving other people and enjoying time alone for you. Your destiny lies in developing your spiritual path and leading a slower pace of life.


The North Node falls in your 11th house ruling friendship and your involvement with groups, clubs or society. You benefit from networking and teamwork and forging alliances that make a difference in your life. Your destiny lies in developing a strong sense of group consciousness and putting your creative talents to good use in a community setting or a social organisation.


The North Node falls in your 10th house ruling your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is a powerful placing and it’s about creating ambitions and goals that are of value in your life. Notice what status and reputation mean to you now. Your destiny lies in fulfilling your ambitions, taking on a new level of status and being true to your future goals.


The North Node falls in your 9th house ruling travel, higher education and your personal philosophy on life. This is about expanding your horizons and widening your experience of life, rather than getting too caught up on the ideas. Your destiny lies in being bold, seeing the world or moving abroad, studying for new qualifications and taking your learning to the next level.


The North Node falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, the hidden mysteries of the world and taboo topics. You may be interested in exploring unknown realms and looking at what lies beyond the ordinary and everyday. Your destiny lies in realising the true value of money and that it can be a powerful force and energy to help transform your own and other peoples’ lives.


The North Node falls in your 7th house of relationships. This is a powerful placing for you as it means the big area of learning is in your one-to-one partnerships. You may experience learning around the power of giving and receiving and being open to abundance and the law of attraction. Your destiny lies in creating powerful unions in your life, both personal and professional.


The North Node falls in your 6th house ruling your work, service and health. This is about dealing with the practical aspects of life. The more efficient your routine and the more you factor in exercise and diet to create a healthy lifestyle, the smoother your life flows. Your destiny lies in finding a way to serve others and recognising that your everyday skills can make a difference in the world.


The North Node falls in your 5th house ruling your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. It’s about play, fun and finding ways to express your true self and reveal your unique skills and talents. You’re at your best when you’re creative for your own pleasure. Your destiny lies in opening your heart, following your passion and being true to who you are.


The North Node falls in your 4th house ruling your home, family and where you come from. It’s the people closest to you who matter the most. You may be growing your family or taking a break from work to spend time at home. Your destiny lies in discovering what home truly means to you and creating more comfort and care in your life for yourself and your loved ones.


The North Node falls in your 3rd house ruling communication, transport, siblings, neighbours and your local community. You’re the messenger or teacher and have a strong need to gather knowledge or pass on ideas. You may discover your voice and how your words make a difference. Your destiny lies in making local connections and finding a platform to share your knowledge and your wisdom.


The North Node falls in your 2nd house ruling your personal money, your possessions and what you value most in life. You may learn lessons about the flow of money and how to attract money into your life or how to make your money go further. Your destiny lies in learning about your money mindset and realising the true value of money and what it means to you personally.

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