Jupiter and Jessie J

Happy Birthday, Jessie J

a photo of the Aries singer & songwriter, Jessie J at the 2011 Brit Awards
Jessie J at the Brits

Jessie J, singer and songwriter (born March 27 1988), stormed in to the British music charts this year. She received the Critic’s Choice at the 2011 Brit Awards and released her debut album, “Who You Are”, to great acclaim, both in February 2011. Jessie is an Aries and her rocket to stardom coincides with Jupiter, the  planet of lucky breaks and prosperity, moving in to Aries. In fact, Jupiter, was exactly conjunct her Sun in Aries on the day her album was released, which showed it was going to be a massive hit.

The feel good planet, Jupiter, is in Aries this year from 22nd January-4th June so watch out for more Aries success stories. If you are an Aries, grab new opportunities in your own life and strike while the iron’s hot. Jupiter paves the way for good fortune but it’s up to you to make the most of all the good things that Jupiter can bring. So don’t sit on your sofa at home waiting for glory and fame to find you; get out there in the big wide world and raise your game.

[photo courtesy of zimbio.com]

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