June Horoscopes 2024

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June Horoscopes

Here are your horoscopes for June 2024. You can also check out your Top Tips Astrology for June 2024 here.


The air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, are where the action’s at this month. Air signs are social and represent ideas and the passing of information. For you, this is about bringing new and old friends together and working your connections. A friend in power or a position of influence could open doors for you on or around the 3rd.

This isn’t a month to go it alone. Whether you’re looking for love, you want to start teaching or you’re trying to expand your network, use the power of communication to make friends and influence people. The New Moon in Gemini on the 6th is an ideal date to reach out and initiate a new friendship or neighbourhood project.

If there’s a lot going on close to where you live, yet you’re still feeling lonely, it’s worth asking yourself why? Don’t be your own worst enemy this month and notice where and when you’re lacking faith. If money’s a stumbling block, check if you’re in rhythm with the flow of the universe or you’re out of step? Take some time out during the Full Moon on the 22nd to question where you’re heading and why.

The Solstice falls on the 20th and, from then on, June favours close connections, gathering family, clan and kin around you. The more you know where you fit within your family and where your tribe hangs out, the more likely you are to feel connected to yourself and the wider universe in the month of June.


If you’re waiting for miracles to appear, tap into what’s happening as the month begins. This isn’t a time to play small. Believe in yourself and attract luck and powerful individuals into your life. What takes place on or around the 3rd or 4th could boost your career, your reputation, your finances or all three.

The more you recognise that your financial success is linked to your values and self-confidence, the easier it may be to ask for what you want and get paid what you deserve. The New Moon in your personal money sector on the 6th pulls in your ruling planet Venus, an ideal date to put your prices up or sign a new financial deal.

What won’t serve you moving forward is comparing yourself to your friends’ success. Concentrate on your own path and don’t get sidetracked trying to be someone you’re not. A weekend away to enjoy the Full Moon on the 22nd could help you come back to yourself and rediscover what truly matters and where your values lie.

It’s important to stand your ground but know where your limits lie moving forward. Be stubborn without shooting yourself in the foot by refusing to yield. Events on or around the 11th could prove to be something of a battleground. Come the Solstice on the 20th and you may begin to recognise the importance of community and connections. Emotional fulfilment may start to outweigh financial success.


Gemini season is full of lively activity this month and there may be no holding you back. If you want to book a sabbatical, a big trip or sign up for life-changing course, the 3rd is an ideal date to make that big leap. A lucky coincidence or good news on the 4th could be the reason why you’re ready to say yes to life.

Love is part of the picture with love goddess Venus gracing your star sign Gemini until the 17th. The 4th & 6th are stand out dates for romance and making new love connections. Don’t be shy about declaring your feelings and find your voice to let someone know how much you care.

Your personal life is likely to be on a roll although professionally things may not look as rosy. Perhaps a job or role is coming to an end. Or you feel confused and unsure about your next steps. This isn’t the month to rush into anything new. Instead, let life unfold and see where you’re at in a month or two.

Money is part of the cosmic picture from the 17th onwards, an ideal time to pool resources and look to your home or family for financial support. The Full Moon on the 22nd favours financial security and making the right money moves to shore up your reserves. It’s not a time to splash the cash. Instead, look at ways of preserving what you have or making money from what you own.


Your mind is likely to be in overdrive while talk planet Mercury is in air sign Gemini from the 3rd to the 17th. This is great if you’re involved in a reading or writing project or you’re studying for exams. Be wary, however, of giving yourself too much free time as your mind could wander overly and leave you feeling anxious or scared.

If you’re a typical Cancer, you like to feel financially and emotionally secure. Focus on your future path as the month begins and make the right investments on or around the 3rd. You could be dealing with an inheritance or money that’s linked to your past. Or perhaps, you’re dealing with legal or financial documents which are a priority to get sorted.

You may feel the call of the wild this month and, if you’re not on holiday, you might wish you were. Even if you’re not heading for foreign climes, make the most of your birthday month from the 20th onwards. The more you engage actively with life and other people, the happier and more content you’re likely to be emotionally.

June’s Full Moon on the 22nd could be a stand-out date for a relationship, although there’s a commit or quit theme. If you’re not ready to make a final decision, you’ll have another opportunity come next month’s Full Moon on July 21st.


You can’t get by without your friends this month. Whether you’re ready for more fun, need advice or you’re creating a team of people around you, widen your network. It’s via your friends that you could meet the love of your life, the right business partner or be introduced to a role model. Reach out on or around the 3rd and make it happen.

Freedom is a key theme and the right or wrong partnership could make or break a career move. Events on or around the 11th may show you the exit door. There might be legal or financial implications that make it harder to move on but don’t give up and stand firm when necessary.

As the month progresses, you may realise that one dream may not happen if the finances don’t materialise. Surrender to what is and know that the timing might not be right. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life from the 17th onwards. The Solstice on the 20th favours retreat and doing less not more.

Self-care and good counsel could help you return to yourself. Caring for others is a key theme, especially in the last two weeks of the month. Find your ritual, your daily prayer, whatever brings you solace and comfort in the quiet moments. July is when you’re back in the game so grab some time out while you can.


When you have a clear vision of your mission in life and a sound purpose for your career or vocation, doors can open. The 3rd is an ideal date to be bold and find your voice. This is a key feature of June’s astrology, being willing to speak up, to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. Your ruling planet Mercury will lead the way from the 3rd to the 17th.

What’s imperative is that you don’t allow yourself to be held back. If you’re typical of your star sign, you often put other people first. Yet, the stars are calling you to say yes to your future path and aim high. A meeting or presentation on the 4th, 6th or 14th could boost your reputation and fast. A new qualification may elevate your status.

Love could be confusing. If this is true for you, don’t rush into a decision and allow yourself to experience your feelings fully. You may need your friends around you to give you good counsel, hugs and reassurance. Come the Solstice on the 20th, you may have a clearer sense of the friends you need around you. Be with the ones you love during the Full Moon on the 22nd.

Travel for personal reasons could be off the calendar this month and events on or around the 11th may be the reason why. Yet, travel and career are linked. Play your cards right and you’re going places in June.


Your fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius are where there’s power and potential this month. You might be planning the trip of a life-time or favour play over work. A bold move on or around the 3rd could set you up for the next twelve months.

There’s plenty to get excited about whether you’re on holiday with your mates or you’re talking about what next. Line up an adventure or new experience on or around the New Moon on the 6th and say yes to life. Love is part of the picture and you may hear good news from a loved one who lives abroad that leads you in a new direction.

Come the 17th and it’s time to focus on what next. The Solstice on the 20th elevates your career and calls you to look at where you’re heading and why. Use your networks to find a new position or get an introduction to a different career path or a new role. You need something or someone to inspire you, otherwise you could end up feeling lost or lacking purpose.

Focus on your next steps and prioritise emotional fulfilment over money and wealth. This may surprise you come recent events but your priorities are shifting. The weekend of the Full Moon on the 22nd is ideal for visiting family. Return to your roots.


There’s magic in the air as June begins and a link to your past could open the door to financial fortune on or around the 3rd. This could be when you’re dealing with an inheritance, selling your family home or helping your parents organise their finances. What takes place could transform your own situation.

Talk money this month and get good financial advice. If you’re in a relationship, you might be drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement. Or perhaps, you’re keen to make the right investment to secure your financial future. Love and money are working together in a positive way, as long as you’re able to finally close a door on the past.

An ex could cause trouble on or around the 11th and you’re wise to untangle yourself emotionally. Stay safe and don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation. Passion may be on the agenda but potentially more arguments too.

Travel and new destinations are on the cards from the 17th onwards. Book that holiday, sign up for that course and hold on to the mantra ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Widen your perspective on life and you may restore that inner confidence and satisfaction you’re yearning for. The Full Moon weekend on the 22nd is an ideal time to get away from it all.


Lucky Jupiter is on your side as the month begins. Your ruling planet combines with transformative Pluto on the 3rd and it’s via your connections where you can radically transform your life. A new relationship, a proposal, the right business venture? This isn’t about going it alone but teaming up with the right person or people.

Your connections are an integral part of your success moving forward, in all areas of your life, personal and professional. Notice who comes into your life on or around the New Moon on the 6th, which pulls in love planet Venus. It is important, however, that you don’t let the past hold you back or drag your emotional baggage with you. It’s your life and you need to break free.

If you’re worried about your home or family this month, reach out to other people. It might be a lawyer, therapist, coach or best friend who holds the answers. Don’t go it alone.

Security is important, especially close to the Solstice on the 22nd. Ensure your finances are more secure and you create emotional security in your life. Rein in your indulgent nature and be protective of others without throwing your money away. Ensure you put clear boundaries in place around spending, especially where family are concerned.


The start of the month is a good time to make an investment that makes a difference to yourself or others. Perhaps, you’re spending money on your health. Or you want to make a contribution to a local business or similar. You may sense a calling to help others and play your part within your community. If you’re looking for work, the New Moon on the 6th is ideal to apply for a job or new role.

The first half of June is likely to be busy. You may have to learn to multi-task, manage your time and delegate well but the general trend is social and fun. Create a good team of people around you, both at home and work. What you’re wise to avoid is negativity, so consider who you hang out with on a daily basis and choose accordingly.

Relationships are under the cosmic spotlight this month, especially after the 17th. You have love planet Venus in your relationship sector, an ideal time to find the relationship that’s right for you. Ensure caring and kindness, trust and loyalty are top of your partner wish list. The Full Moon in your star sign Capricorn on the 22nd could be especially romantic.

Events on or around the 11th might prove challenging, so be wary around money. Love and money don’t make the best bedfellows on or around this date. You might be learning when and how to say no.


Your stars feel lucky as June gets underway. Perhaps, you’re a competition whizz or you’re experimenting with the law of attraction. There could be good news on or around the 4th. This might be a pregnancy or birth or a creative project or publishing deal that gets the green light. If you’re a parent, you may be celebrating a child’s good fortune.

Romance looks lively, especially if you’re dating and keen to meet new people. The 4th & 6th are stand-out dates as long as you keep your options open and keep love light. You might be experimenting with what you want or enjoy when it comes to love and sex.

After the 17th, aim for a healthy work/life balance. A job that’s emotionally fulfilling may suit you better than chasing after status or power. Yet, money could be an issue if there’s not enough coming in. Trust that when you do what you love and you’re creating value in other people’s lives, the rewards will follow eventually.

Some time to yourself is imperative this month, especially on or around the 11th and the Full Moon on the 22nd. Take a step back from a family event if you choose and don’t feel obliged to get involved with other people’s lives out of a sense of duty or guilt.


Home is where the heart is this month and, potentially, where there’s expansion and growth, also good fortune and opportunity. You might be investing in a new place to live. Or perhaps, you’re gathering the clans. Arrange a trip into your past on or around the 3rd and secrets could be revealed. This may be as simple as finding out about your family tree.

It’s likely to be lively at home, whether you’re decorating, making your surroundings more beautiful or you’ve got people coming and going. The New Moon on the 6th would be an ideal date to welcome a pet or lodger into your home. Or perhaps, you’re living together with someone for the first time.

Love could be there for the taking come the Solstice on the 20th. If you’re looking for love, widen your social circle and ask your friends for an introduction. Hopefully, you’re playing happy families and you’re able to spend quality time with your children or grandchildren. Being around the ones you love could be the perfect antidote to sadness or loss. The answer to an existential crisis could lie in creating family in your life.

The Full Moon on the 22nd is gorgeous for a celebration or family get-together. Yet, don’t feel you have to invite everyone, especially a relative who often creates trouble.

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