Help It’s Mercury Retrograde!

photo of ducksMercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde from today Monday 12th March until Wednesday 4th April. This relatively common occurence happens three times a year and gets a lot of bad press amongst astrologers; don’t travel, don’t sign anything, don’t make any major decisions, etc. As far as I’m concerned, Mercury retrograde is not a reason to stop living and do nothing. Forewarned is forearmed but life and the show must go on.

In my personal experience, things do tend to go awry when Mercury is giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens, which is what a retrograde planet means. It’s a good idea to back up your computer, have any car niggles checked out, double check all important arrangements, meetings, interviews and follow up snail mail, emails and phone calls. We’re talking misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding communication and travel, so double check everything and be super-tolerant in all your relationships.

The key to understanding Mercury retrograde is that during the three-week retrograde period you don’t yet have the full story and more information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct. It’s a great time for “re”- words so research and reassess, rework, rethink, revise, reimagine, reenvision. Slow down the pace, take things easy over the next three weeks, kick back and contemplate your life and your work. Old friends may emerge from the woodwork and old contacts could be useful.

Be aware that for new projects and new ideas, early April is when it’s all stations go. This is effectively a gestation period to get your ducks in a row and be ready to show them to the world in a few weeks time. Once they’re flapping happily, you can launch them confident that they’ll fly directly to their chosen destination. But for the next three weeks, allow your ducks to swim round in circles and take their time making up their minds.


7 thoughts on “Help It’s Mercury Retrograde!”

  1. Oh dear I do know what you mean. So far today my has breadmaker broken down leaving me with a gooey mess to transform into a loaf and other minor niggles that warned me not to do anything major today.

    Thank goodness it’s Mercury retrograde making itself known – I can cope with now I know. I’m going to ad relax to your list and play safe with a good book.

    Thank you – Jan x

    1. Thanks Jan. A friend rang last night who I haven’t heard from in years on my mobile phone. We got cut off and they hadn’t left their number. I went to try and find them online, computer wasn’t working. V. frustrating. I decided best plan of attack was to go to bed and try again today. Sometimes that’s the best way to deal with Mercury retro, give in for a while… success today.
      best, Sally

  2. Ah-ha – that would definitely explain the irritating mis-communications I’ve experienced over the last couple of days. House sale completion is confirmed as next Friday though, so little chance to go slow… Just as well that the stars are so auspiciuous for me otherwise this month! Thanks Sally, Sarah

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