Have You Been Eclipsed?

fog, light, skyEclipse season is really nearly almost over. We’ve experienced an amazing Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac, on March 20 2015 and a dramatic Lunar Eclipse at 14 Libra over the Easter Weekend on Saturday 4 April 2015.

The Lunar Eclipse was especially punchy as it pulled in the Uranus-Pluto square which gave us one final showdown on March 17 2015.

I suspected the Lunar Eclipse was going to be something of a doozy as it connected with key planets/angles in charts of people dear to me and yes, the unexpected happened.

I don’t want to go into all the details and we are all fine but it’s a reminder that the eclipses are powerful planetary events. An event came out of left field in our lives and it will take a while for everything to settle again.

Yesterday brought the turning point. Since Saturday both the Sun (identity) and Mercury (communication) in Aries have clashed with the Uranus-Pluto square on Sunday 5th/Monday 6th April – Sun and Wednesday 8th April – Mercury.

If Easter was dramatic in your own life, the planetary landscape has continued to shift, bringing aftershocks, new challenges to deal with, both personal and in our case, bureaucratic. Mercury rules paperwork after all.

I had a sense that we needed to wait until Easter was past before making important plans. I was right.

Eclipsed Writing 

There was a timely reminder leading up to the eclipse weekend when I lost some writing I’d been working on. 5-6 hours of my best writing disappeared in one click, gone, eclipsed. Life asking me how I would deal with the unexpected, perhaps?

First, there came irritation & frustration; second, an acceptance that the work had disappeared and would need to be rewritten. When life doesn’t go according to plan, how will you behave? Will you be reactive and revert to automatic behaviour or will you be responsive and allowing?

Jupiter Turns Direct

There was another important planetary event yesterday that seems to fit beautifully with this whole sequence. Jupiter, the protective planet, turned direct in the heavens at 12 Leo 35 and Jupiter at its best restores faith, hope, trust.

Ideally Jupiter reminds us that without optimism and a positive outlook, the future looks bleak. If I were a religious person, this could be taken as a sign, the classic Easter story of death and rebirth, a miracle.

I’m not religious but today I feel hopeful. I’m back on track dealing with life’s unexpected twists and turns as softly and gently as possible. Ultimately, all is well and if you were wondering, I did rewrite the work I lost, willingly. It took me 3 hours.

Do you know TUT – A Note from the Universe? Today’s timely message just in:

“Acceptance, Sally, is kind of like ending a long-standing argument you’ve been having with the Universe (G-r-r-r…), over how powerful you are.” 

I’m with you on that one, TUT….

3 thoughts on “Have You Been Eclipsed?”

    1. Thank you, Pamela! Life is beginning to calm down now post-eclipse, thank goodness. Sending best wishes, Sally

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