Happy Solar Return to Adele

a photo of a person "catching" the Sun
Sun Catcher

Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns if you’re a Taurean (born 20 April-20 May). The phrase “many Happy Returns” originates from the planets’ orbit through the 12 signs of the zodiac and, in the case of the Sun, it takes a year to return to the place it was when you were born. So your birthday is your Solar Return, the return of the Sun to the same degree of the same sign as shown on your birth chart (you can check your chart out for free at astro.com).

The planetary returns are used in astrology to make predictions and to help you discover more about yourself and interpret the major events of your life. The most commonly used are the Jupiter return, once every 12 years (age 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc.), the Saturn return, once every 29 1/2 years (age 29/30, 59/60, etc.) and the Uranus half return, the full return of which takes 84 years (the half return is age 42). If you would like to know more about how these cycles play out in your own life and what they mean for you, then contact me to book a personal astrology consultation. You can find out more here.

photo of Adele at the Brits
Adele at the Brits

Today is the singer and songerwriter, Adele’s birthday (born May 5 1988) which seems the perfect opportunity to share the amazing and emotional performance she gave at the Brits in February 2011, which catapulted her in to the record books. Following the performance, her album, 21, shot to number one in the UK where it stayed for a record number of weeks, the longest ever by a female solo artist on the UK Albums Chart. Treat yourself and take 5 minutes out to listen to a Taurean songbird.  Adele singing Someone Like You. Happy Birthday, Adele!

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