The All-giving Ever-Abundant Universe

flower universeI love hearing peoples’ experiences about manifesting money and abundance and tapping into the flow of the universe.

Here’s a story about what happened to me today, perfect for a day when Mercury is retrograding back into Libra and the Sun in Libra is moving towards a gorgeous sextile aspect with abundant Jupiter in a few hours time.

Libra is the sign that is represented by the scales which represent the balance of life and the inherent law of ‘give and take’:

I nipped into town this morning to have a coffee with a friend and on my way back to the car I noticed a new charity shop supporting one of my favourite charities ‘Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice’. I had a quick root around to see if there was anything I could purchase and found some rather smart trousers for £6 which fit perfectly.

At the cash desk, I was told that everything was half-price for one day only so the trousers were a real bargain at £3. I offered a £5 note and told them to keep the extra £2 change as a donation to their worthy charity. Two very happy sales ladies thanked me for my gift.

Literally two minutes later I was walking up the hill when I passed a lady looked flustered next to her car. She was in a rush for a meeting and had no change for the parking meter. Could I help?

Looking in my purse I only had about £3 in change and she was proffering a £5 note. In a snap decision, she decided to give me the £5 in exchange for the three pounds of coins telling me that it was ‘my lucky day’.

Transaction agreed, I walked on smiling to myself and she shouted out happily behind me ‘treat yourself to a coffee’. I don’t mind if I do.

My £2 gift to the charity shop was miraculously returned to me only a few minutes later.

Thank you, all-giving, ever-abundant universe 🙂

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