Gemini October 2016

Gemini, mountain, double Sun

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

The theme of change rings loud through October’s astrology and once your ruler Mercury has left behind the sign of Virgo on the 7th, you’re more than ready to put the past behind you and move on.

Virgo is one of the mutable signs and when they dominate, you feel restless and experience more worry or anxiety than usual. Virgo is also your home and family sector and your relationship to the past.

In October, the cardinal signs take over and in particular, Aries, Libra and Capricorn. This confirms that this month is the time for action, to start over, set new intentions. You can begin on the 1st when there’s a New Moon in Libra and your fellow air sign.

This is good news for you because it lights up the sector of your chart that’s about play rather than work. Libra rules fun, luck and entertainment’; it’s where you seek pleasure in life, where you let down your hair and focus on enjoyment.

On the 7th, your ruler Mercury joins the Sun in Libra where it remains until the 24th. So what do you want to create in the month ahead? Where do you want to channel your energy? Libra rules creative and artistic projects, your hobbies and leisure activities. It’s the sign linked to children in your chart, having fun, embracing the spirit of youth.

The other key planet in Libra is Jupiter, the biggest planet and wherever you find Jupiter in your chart, opportunity and growth is never far behind. You might be considering starting a family or adding to your current family. You might want to teach children or spend quality time with children in your life via friends or family.

The 11th is a key date for you when your ruler Mercury teams up with Jupiter in Libra. This is especially lucky, so make the most of it and ask for what you want. Together these two planets represent learning and education, study and knowledge. Make the most of this fun-loving energy and be around people you love.

Talking of love, Libra also highlights your romance sector and love affairs often begin when you find key planets in the sign of relationships. This month too sees the arrival of love planet Venus in Sagittarius and your relationship sector on the 18th.

This is a different energy to last month’s astrology when you had the planet of passion and arguments Mars in Sagittarius. Venus rules love whereas Mars rules war. So once Venus is in Sagittarius, it’s time to kiss and make up, to focus less on your differences and more on what draws you close to someone special.

However, you can’t talk about relationships without also introducing Saturn into the picture. Saturn is currently slowly journeying through Sagittarius and your relationship sector so love is a serious business. This is the planet that wants you to commit or quit and not mess about in between.

You might decide that relationships aren’t for you whilst Saturn continues through this part of your chart and be committed to the single life.

If you are in a relationship or married, the key date is the 30th when Venus and Saturn combine in the heavens. This forces you to get real about love, to recognise what works and what doesn’t work. Saturn stops Venus in its tracks and once again, love turns serious.

There is likely to be a big pull this month between enjoying yourself with the strong influence on Libra and either committing or quitting to a long-term relationship. Be aware of this and know that it’s going to be hard to do both.

The biggest challenge for you in October is linked to finances so money too could be a key factor in a significant relationship, either personal or professional. Action planet Mars is currently strong in Capricorn and your joint finance sector. This flags up all money matters, including inheritances, taxes, savings and debts, bonuses, loans, money that’s lent or owed.

This is a powerful Mars so you too have to step up a level when it comes to money. You might be fighting for what’s rightfully yours, be pushing for a pay rise or battling a financial organisation to pay fairly.

The key dates are the 5th, 19th and 29th when Mars clashes with the planets Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus respectively. Choose your battles carefully and recognise that other people will have their own agenda when it comes to money. If you’re currently in a tough situation, decide when you want to fight and when you’re willing to back down. Either choice won’t necessarily be easy so toughen up when it comes to money matters.

Work is well-placed now and it’s through your work or career that you can support yourself financially or help out others. Your ruler Mercury enters Scorpio and your work sector on the 24th and there’s a New Moon in this same part of your chart on the 30th. If things don’t work out financially, look for a new job; if extra money comes your way, invest it wisely.

The 27th is brilliant for a work meeting or job interview when the Sun and Mercury connect and the 30th is another date when your ruler Mercury is strong.

It’s onwards and upwards in October, deal with the more serious issues in your life, find stability in your work and finances but also remember to enjoy yourself and have some fun. Aim for balance and harmony at all levels.

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