Gemini Monthly Stars September 2013

Gemini Oil PaintingGemini (21 May-20 June)

Mercury your ruling planet is strong in Virgo as the month begins. Virgo is the other sign to your own that Mercury rules and whereas Mercury in Gemini is about verbal communication, Mercury in Virgo is about getting things in writing. This fits the ‘back to school’ theme for September as Virgo likes nothing more than a tidy pencil case and an organised desk.

Virgo is the sign down at the base of your chart ruling your home and family so it’s in these areas of life that you’re being asked to create a sense of order, whether that means tidying, de-cluttering, re-organising or sorting out important matters with family members.

The Sun is in Virgo until the 22nd and in the first week of the month, the Sun connects in an easy aspect with planets in your money sectors, Pluto on the 1st and Jupiter on the 7th. This suggests there’s money to be made at home or through the family, whether you’re involved in a family business, wanting to rent out a room or in the process of moving. Sorting out and selling unwanted goods also fits the bill.

The lunar phases are connected to home and work this month with the New Moon in Virgo on the 5th a brilliant date to start any kind of domestic project and the Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th a perfect opportunity to look at your work/life balance.

The theme of work is intensified this month as the planets begin to move into Scorpio, the sign that rules everyday activities starting with Venus on the 11th. If you read your monthly stars on a regular basis you’ll know that Saturn has been in this sector of your chart since October 2012. Saturn’s the get real planet so whether you’ve been under the cosh working hard or you’re bored with your work situation and badly need a change, Saturn puts on the pressure. Being out of work can be tough when Saturn’s involved but keep your eye on the end goal and work hard to achieve what you want. Be thorough in order to work with Saturn’s relentless energy.

Look out for someone who can help you now with regard to work as Venus is the planet of relating. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do it, delegate it or ditch it but whatever your approach take action and make inroads to your workload.

You may find that love and work collide this month especially on or around the 18th when Venus and Saturn meet in the heavens. Falling for someone you work with won’t be easy yet there’s a feeling of destiny involved. This is because the north node, one of the karmic points of the chart, is at the same place in the heavens as Saturn.

As long as you go into any relationship with your eyes wide open, you may find that developments this month set you on a new path and by the end of the year your life will have turned around. Love is not to be taken light-heartedly however and Saturn often brings questions around commitment and sometimes tiring endings.

Money too is an important matter now but there is a chance to turn your situation around on the 20th/21st. On these dates, Pluto in your joint finance sector turns direct and there’s the third and final Saturn-Pluto sextile, i.e. helpful aspect which began in December 2012. These two planets are in mutual reception which means they’re in each other’s signs so even though they are two of the more heavy-weight planets, they can work together to strength your resolve and force a solution to any financial problem.

A new job or contract could prove the answer to your prayers or perhaps you have to get tough on a debt situation or monies owed and work out a deal that’s fair for everyone concerned. You may need to decide what you’re going to let go of and what you’re going to hold on to, so it may be a case of cutting your losses and bringing a financial or work matter to a close. Things can improve but only when you’re prepared to close a door or say goodbye to a past situation.

The week before this your ruler Mercury is caught up in a Grand Cross aspect that again focuses on money for you. If a child, lover or friend is costing you dear, you’ll continue to be confronted by the problem until you find a solution and can see a way forward. A Grand Cross aspect brings challenges because change is part of our world but it’s how you respond to and deal with the change that is important.

It may seem as if you have a lot to consider now but it is about getting your house in order so that you’re financially better off and that may mean having to cut your losses and run. Jupiter in Cancer until next summer promises wealth for some but only if you’re free to take risks and be expansive. If you have too many ties, financial, emotional or otherwise, you may find it impossible to play big and do all that you want to do. Pinpoint where in life you’re stuck first and then you can start to do something about it.

And if in doubt… talk! This is a key month for communication matters as Mars planet of action is in Leo, the sign which rules all forms of communication throughout September. This sector of your chart not only rules communication in general but transport, your local community, neighbours and siblings. Most importantly it’s offering you a way to communicate, express yourself and get good advice.

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