Gemini Monthly Stars October 2014

Autumn leavesGemini (21 May – 20 June)

This is a key month in the year, Gemini, and timing is all important as you make those big decisions.

The main reason for this is because your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde for most of the month and traditionally it’s not a good time to act or finalise important matters. Mercury retrograde is a time to be patient and wait as new information often comes to light once Mercury picks up speed again.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on the 4th but at 2 degrees Scorpio, it hardly spends any time at all in the sign that rules your everyday work, your routine, your lifestyle and your health. It dips it’s toe in the waters and quickly nips out again. Mercury backs out of Scorpio on the 10th and won’t return there until November 8th. So it’s important to note what happens early this month with regard to the areas mentioned above.

If you’re applying for a job or showing your interest in a new project, you could have a wait on your hands before you find out what’s happening. Same goes if you’re waiting for medical results or something similar. Anything you begin or experiment with early in the month, Mercury retrograde suggests that you have to play a waiting game before seeing if something works or benefits you.

Plus, once the 4th has been and gone, it’s not really the best time to accept a position of work or change your diet or exercise routine drastically. You often find that what you start when Mercury’s on go slow has to shift or change once Mercury turns direct and this takes place on the 25th or even further down the line, sometime in November. It’s the hidden nature of Mercury retrograde that means you often can’t see the full picture or know the facts of what you’re dealing with.

This Mercury retrograde is especially powerful as two days before Mercury turns direct on the 25th there’s a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd which also falls in the sign of Scorpio at 0 degrees. Eclipses share a similar ‘hidden’ theme to Mercury retrograde and often it’s external events that determine your way forward rather than your own initiative. This is why eclipses are often seen as ‘fated’ events, destiny moments when another person or life steps in to guide you in a new and different direction.

The eclipse on the 23rd has the Sun, Moon and Venus all next to one another so this is powerful Goddess energy; look out for a female in your life who can help you with your work or health and use ‘feminine’ skills to help you. A softer more intuitive approach is advised and learning to empathise with others. Show that you’re in touch with your emotions and say less rather than more.

The last few days of the month suggest a considerable turning point with regard to your work and career as all three planetary bodies, the Moon, Venus and the Sun make a gorgeous trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces and your career sector. At its best this is about finding the ‘ideal’ job and being able to use your creativity or your people skills within your vocation. If something ‘better’ work wise or health wise comes your way at month’s end, you’ll be glad you waited to receive the support and guidance on offer.

This is also a big month for love and relationships for more than one reason. Mars, the passion planet, is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius ruling relationships until the 26th and early in the month, Mars makes a wonderful fire trine aspect with Uranus (spontaneity) in Aries (5th) and Jupiter (opportunity) in Leo (8th).

This is a wild energy, passionate and a little bit outrageous. Whether someone whooshes into your life on or around these dates and sweeps you off your feet or you decide to live life on the edge and take a risk, the astrology represents an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It may be love or it may be an individual or group which inspires you and gets you fired up. Whichever it is, hold on tight as you’re in for one heck of a ride.

There are no bounds to this astrological aspect so do ensure you play it safe and don’t do anything completely foolhardy or let yourself be persuaded by someone else. Having said that, you may simply be ready for an adventure and keen to have some fun.

Venus, the planet of love, is also in one of the most romantic sectors of your chart throughout most of October, the sign of Libra. Venus loves Libra and this is about making sweet music, meeting people who you love to be around and for some, falling deeply in love. Venus and Mars get it together on the 20th so take note who you meet on or around this date or get together with your other half or hook up with someone new.

Jupiter is your partner planet and Jupiter’s in action now enhancing communication, good times and general positive vibes when it comes to love and entertainment. Jupiter’s in action on the 10th, 14th and again early November. So it’s a great month to be sociable and to pursue love if that’s on your shopping list.

There is one question mark, however, and that’s the fact that Mercury, your planet is retrograde in Libra from the 10th to the 25th. This can mean that you rekindle affections with an ex or you hear from a childhood sweetheart. Mercury retrograde takes you back to your past. It’s also wise to keep your options open when Mercury’s on go slow and with Jupiter on top form, you may not want to make any commitments when it comes to love but instead date who you want when you want.

There’s also a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of your horoscope and a relationship may begin or end in a dramatic way. Falling for a friend or someone who isn’t available, for example. It will take until the end of the month for you to know what’s what when it comes to love and relationships. This applies to you making up your mind as well as finding out what someone else’s decision is going to be. Enjoy yourself in October but expect a few twists and turns before life and love calm down again.

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