Gemini Monthly Stars October 2013

Gemini KitschensyngkGemini (21 May-20 June)

Your ruler Mercury entered Scorpio on 29th September and remains in this part of your chart until 5th December, an interminably long time for the swift-moving planet. So this is where your focus lies now and over the next couple of months in Scorpio, the sign that rules your work, your health and your everyday routine.

It’s these areas that require your attention and not in a flippant or fleeting way. Rather Mercury in Scorpio wants you to go in deep, to analyse things, to do your research, don your detective hat and find out what’s really going on.

As the first aspect Mercury makes on the 1st is to Neptune in your career sector, this also suggests that adding imagination and visualisation to the mix will help move you forward in the right direction with regard to your work. Neptune in Pisces is about finding the right vocation and doing something meaningful with your life.

If you are stuck in a humdrum job then no wonder your mind’s going to be leaping hither and thither looking for that elusive escape. Alternatively, if you’re out of work and looking for inspiration, then you need to line up activities and new ideas to keep you motivated and on track as you seek new employment. On that note, Mercury in Scorpio also suggests that some of you may need to lower your sights for a while at least and take any job rather than hold out for the work you truly desire. With Christmas and one of the most expensive times of year only a few months away, every little helps.

And yet if you stay focused on what you want to achieve and don’t lose sight of your dreams, there’s a sense that you can start to move your life in the direction you choose and work towards your long-term dreams and goals. The 1st is a good day to sign up to a course that inspires you or to read a book that moves you and the 25th is another date to note when the Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune reminding you that we all need dreams and schemes to inspire us.

You can’t avoid the hard work though with Mercury knuckling down in Scorpio and it may be impossible to move directly from A to B. Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st and remains on go slow until 10th November. So embrace the journey you’re on and realise that at times you will have to take one step forward and two steps back in order to make progress. Don’t lose sight of the end goal and come the second half of next month you can make some important shifts with regard to your work and vocation in life.

Another area of your life that may slow you down with regard to your bigger plans this month is your domestic situation, your home or family. Mars, the action planet, moves into the sign of Virgo down at the base of your chart on the 15th upping the ante in this area of your life. Whether you’re moving, other people are coming and going or you’re simply sorting things out at home, it’s matters related to home and family that have your full attention.

Mid-month in particular on or around the 20th you may feel as if you have to spend too much time busying yourself with domestic arrangements and have to put off or postpone your own ambitions and goals. Timing is key within astrology and with Mercury on go slow from the 21st this suggests that you will have to turn your attention elsewhere and go on a diversion. If so, do your best to be patient and focus on one task at a time to get things done.

For a sociable creature like yourself, other people are also going to play a key role within your life and the important Moon phases this month focus on friends, children, lovers and anyone in your life who you know through a leisure pursuit, hobby or other activity outside of work. A New Moon in Libra on the 5th promises new beginnings and it’s a great date to make an important connection or arrange something fun in your life. The Full Moon on the 18th could be more dramatic as it’s a lunar eclipse which often spells change or the unexpected.

This is a full-on month for you romantically with the Sun in Libra and your romance sector until the 23rd and Venus, goddess of love, entering your relationship sector on the 7th. Add to these two factors, unpredictable Uranus in the mix and you can expect more than a few twists and turns in your love life. The stars suggest that happiness is there for the taking but in a dramatic way whether you fall for a friend or for someone who’s not completely available.

You may have to factor in other peoples’ feelings about a new relationship which may make your own situation more complicated, i.e. a good friend or your children. The 2nd/3rd and 16th-18th are the most likely dates to be filled with thrills and spills and not everyone’s going to be on their best behaviour. Be there for others as best you can whilst at the same time looking after your own needs.

It calls for a careful balancing act and perhaps the realisation that you can’t keep everyone happy. When it comes to love and friendships, flexibility and an open mind and heart will help you deal with a changing situation.

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