Gemini Monthly Stars October 2012

Gemini MandalaThe focus is on your work, routine and health as the months begins and a need to slow down the pace of life and create a structure that works. Mars, the action planet, has been in this part of your chart since late August so last month’s events may already have sown the seeds for a shift or change in the way you go about things. This is where the hard work begins, however, as both your planet Mercury and the taskmaster of the heavens Saturn enter Scorpio on the 5th.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, self-discipline and seeing things through to the end. In Scorpio, Saturn requires focus, commitment and having a single target or goal in mind. Just reading those two sentences may make you shudder if you’re a typical Gemini as you’re the master/mistress of multi-tasking, you thrive on variety in life and quickly become bored and restless if life is too boring or mundane.

But here you are at the start of a major new chapter in your life when you’re being asked to confront some inner demons. If you know your health needs an overhaul or you want to get fit or fitter, this is your chance. If you know that work requires a single focus and dedication, here’s your opportunity. It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure, but give yourself a long-term goal and work towards it.

The dates you’re likely to be tested this month are the 16th/17th, the 25th and the 29th. Plus Mercury, your ruler, is slowing down and next month turns retrograde. This looks like a change of heart and giving up on your goal but the key to your success is to be kind to yourself and to give yourself a second or even third chance. No-one’s expecting you to change the habits of a lifetime overnight but taking that first step towards a new you is what’s important.

What also helps you, especially with regard to work or an everyday task, is to find a way to bring your own creativity or vision to the job in hand. This is because you have Neptune up at the top of your chart and you need dreams and schemes to succeed in your vocation. Neptune’s romantic, dreamy and inspirational and the more you seek out people and events who inspire and motivate you, the better. Work in the visual, creative or caring professions also gets a big tick and allows you to move forward diligently and confidently.

Relationships are also under the cosmic spotlight this month as Mars, the planet of action and the libido, enters your opposite sign of Sagittarius on the 7th. This is where excitement and adventure lie whether someone new breezes in and jazzes up your love life or you rediscover your passion for an ex, a lover or your current partner. Anything goes with Mars’ energy and, if work or your everyday life does feel routine, even more reason to look for excitement in your love life. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, do something adventurous as a couple, have fun and put a spark into your sex life.

Another reason why love looks breezy and light is because Saturn leaves your romance sector on the 5th where it’s been since 2009. So any issue to do with love and partnership whether it involves sex or children gets the thumbs up and a feeling of freedom starts to course through your chart and hence your life. The 9th, 15th and 28th all look wonderful for a more playful love life and after a time of struggle, you’ll be delighted if love feels easier.

In fact, where love’s concerned there really is no reason to hold back as next month when Mercury turns retrograde, that’s when you may find you have to take your time where a relationship’s concerned. For now, it’s worth making love and pleasure your no. 1 priorities.

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