Gemini Monthly Stars November 2013

Gemini Rankin MissGemini (21 May-20 June)

Mercury is firmly ensconced in the depth sign Scorpio and until the 10th your ruler and the planet of communication is on go slow. Mercury in Scorpio feels analytical, soul-searching and intense. Scorpio rules your work, everyday routine, your health and service to others and in one or more of these areas of your life, focus and concentration are called for.

It’s also important to realise that Scorpio is the all-or-nothing sign and where communication and creativity’s concerned you’re either super productive with Mercury in Scorpio or it’s a severe case of writer’s block. The eclipse on the 3rd falls in this part of your horoscope and although it may bring unexpected change, at least it’s a chance to initiative new beginnings, change your routine and ditch the boredom.

Mercury your ruler makes lots of contact with other planets this month so talking about any health or work issues will bring solutions. Help comes in the form of other people as well so turn to experts or practitioners to sort out any niggles or worries and learn to work as a team if you’re experiencing a heavy workload.

The major shift however comes on or around the 10th when Mercury turns direct giving you the green light at work or with regard to your health. Mercury direct often brings new information to light that’s been hidden or you receive the news you’ve been waiting for. One way or another you know where you stand and can start making plans to deal with your own personal situation.

What’s interesting about the weekend of the 9th/10th is that Neptune turns direct at almost the same time as Mercury so these two planets come together not once but twice in the space of two days. Neptune is in Pisces and your career sector so whatever your current work situation and whether you’re in or out of work, this is a great weekend to widen your scope and dreams your dreams.

Neptune is a planet associated with images so it’s a great weekend to take a course that interests you and to use visualisation or mind-mapping to inspire you. After a few weeks when you’ve had your head down, you can at last look above the parapets and reconnect with your bigger vision for life and your future.

There’s a charitable and caring feel about the Mercury/Neptune aspects too and you may find you benefit greatly from helping others and giving something back.

This month you are being asked to deal with the more serious issues in life, such as work but also home, family and money matters as the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, flag up issues at home and with regard to joint finances. Mars is in Virgo down at the base of your horoscope throughout the month and you may find you have to talk money with family members or look into moving or use your home in some way to generate extra income.

It’s important to be realistic about money and cash and to be proactive in making things happen. Don’t leave bank statements unopened or simply hope that you’re doing the best thing. Instead take an active role in sorting out your finances especially with the expensive season of Christmas just around the corner.

Venus, the relationship planet, remains in one of your money sectors until early March 2014 so in your close relationships, it’s important to share financial responsibilities and work at improving or enhancing your cash situation together.

If money’s tight, you may find help at the weekends, whether this means a part-time job, taking a course that guides you in the right direction or looking into new or alternative ways to earn more. Being informed about money matters also helps so gather information online, read a book or get expert advice.

At times this month you may feel as if you have tunnel vision and feel that focusing on one or a few areas of life is limiting you in some way. Hang on in there as come next month your energy starts to shift and you’ll be back on track enjoying yourself and taking part in different activities. For now it may well be that you need to be single-minded to meet a deadline or to achieve a certain goal.

Your love life too could quieten down this month as Venus, the love planet, leaves your relationship sector on the 5th and a couple of days later, Jupiter, your relationship planet, turns retrograde and gives the illusion of slowing down in the heavens.

Whether you have little time for love or your partner’s busy, things may not pick up until the 22nd when the Sun enters Sagittarius and your relationship sector. If you’re looking for love, be patient because the best night for action is Saturday 30th when the Sun and Uranus combine to make life and love extra special.

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