Gemini Monthly Stars November 2012

Gemini Oil PaintingGemini (21 May-20 June)

Are you in two minds about a love relationship or other key partnership in your life? Then you’re in tune with your stars. Mercury, your planet, starts the month in your opposite sign of Sagittarius ruling relationships but it’s slowing down and on the 6th, Mercury turns retrograde.

This signals uncertainty and feeling unsure about what you’re doing. When Mercury’s on go slow, you’re wise to bide your time before making any final decisions and in fact, you may have to wait until next month to know what’s what and I’ll explain why shortly.

Before that, it’s interesting to note that Mars, planet of passion, is also in Sagittarius until the 17th so this suggests even more of a push-pull feel to love. Mars wants to rush ahead and leap into a new relationship and yes, Mars is the planet of libido. However, even though your heart feels one thing, your head (Mercury) is saying another.

Plus at the end of the month, there’s an eclipse on the 28th cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Eclipses are powerful and often represent dramatic turning points. If your birthday’s on the 26th-28th May, this is especially powerful for you. Eclipses often represent triangle situations, one person wins whilst another person loses out , so this is timely if you’re in love with someone who’s unavailable or there’s a third party in your marriage, whether a child or someone close to one of you. You will likely know what this means for your individual situation.

Even though Mercury turns direct on the 26th it does so in Scorpio and, with the eclipse on the 28th, you may have to wait a while longer before your one-on-ones sort themselves out. December brings you clarity and once you know where you stand then you can be more proactive in the course of true love.

I mentioned that Mercury moves back into Scorpio this month and this means that work, your routine and health are also under the cosmic spotlight. Saturn entered this sector of your chart on the 5th October so you may already have experienced a shift in one of these areas. Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens and can be a heavy influence but it’s also the planet of hard work and commitment. So getting things right in your everyday routine and in your well-being is the way forward. Saturn represents the ‘get real’ factor and life is never a breeze when Saturn’s in on the act. Add to this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from the 14th and another eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th and it’s complicated.

Mid-month you may feel as if your plans take a backward step when something you wanted to do doesn’t work out. If this is the case, be patient and keep working steadily towards your goals. Venus enters Saturn on the 22nd and this suggests a third party who can help you out. Use your contacts, turn to an expert for advice and work your connections, whether it’s work or health that you want to improve. When Mercury turns direct on the 26th you should find that new information comes to light which can help.

November is going to be an intense month but it’s not without it’s happier times so long as you grab your fun when you can. Venus is in Libra until the 22nd which looks lovely for flirting and new romance, as long as you don’t take things too seriously for now. Plus this looks lovely for entertainment, going out and having a good time. The 9th is joyful and wonderful for a girls night out or equivalent and the 26th suggests fun and games with friends and it’s a good date to be spontaneous, surprise someone close or arrange a get-together. November won’t be without its passionate moments either. There’s a lot going on so enjoy your life and hang on tight for a roller-coaster of a month.

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