Gemini Monthly Stars March 2014

Gemini JaipurGemini (21 May-20 June)

Mercury, your ruling planet, is now back up to speed after being retrograde or on go slow for most of the month of February. This is reason to get excited especially as Mercury’s in your fellow air sign of Aquarius highlighting travel, learning experiences and adventure.

With spring just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, you may feel it’s high time you booked a holiday, a weekend course or something else to get excited about.

Venus also enters Aquarius on the 5th where it remains throughout March so this is good news for holidaying with your girl-friends or heading off to meet a lover who lives abroad. Broaden your horizons and engage your curious mind and your life can’t fail to perk up.

Work, career and vocation can move forward this month especially if things have been frustratingly slow of late. The Sun is in Pisces and your career sector until the 20th and Mercury joins the Sun in this sign on the 17th. Mercury turned retrograde in the sign of Pisces in early February so this may be about revisiting a job or work contract that didn’t happen back then but now gets the green light. Think second time lucky and look out for opportunities to improve your current situation thanks to someone you met in the past or a previous project you worked on.

Money matters too are starting to look abundant for you as Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, turns direct in the sign of Cancer and your money sector on the 6th. Expect some good news about cash on or around this date and be aware that Jupiter remains in this part of your chart from now until mid-July 2014. Jupiter’s the lucky planet, the planet of opportunity, so take your chances and look at ways you can expand your earnings, be generous toward others or treat yourself.

The 1st and 26th are especially favourable for work and money matters when the Sun and then Mercury team up with Jupiter in a helpful trine aspect. These are wonderful dates to ask for a raise or promotion or to go for an interview or arrange an important meeting. It suggests that good fortune is going to flow to you so don’t be surprised if work takes off this month giving you reason to celebrate. The 1st is especially promising as there’s a New Moon in Pisces, the symbol of a fresh start and an excellent date to launch a work-related project or to sow seeds and begin something new.

Another indicator that any work troubles or lack of work can ease now is because Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio on the 2nd and remains on go slow until July 20th 2014. Saturn’s the taskmaster of the heavens and wherever Saturn resides you either have to knuckle down or go without. Saturn’s more about lack than plenty. Scorpio rules your work, your everyday routine and your health and with Saturn retrograde, personally I feel this weakens this planet of limitation and hardship. It fades into the background slightly easing it’s pressures upon you. It may be someone in authority who’s off your back or a boss who retreats to some extent at least.

The weekend of the 15th/16th is also important for work matters as there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart and highlighting work v. home. With the Moon in Virgo, this focuses on your needs around your home or family. It may be a chance to rest and catch up if you’re busy or it may be the ideal opportunity to bring any work or home matters to the fore so you can make a decision as a family unit. It’s important to get the work/life balance in harmony mid-month and to ensure that the scales aren’t tipping too far in any one direction.

Another important planet turning around in the heavens this month is Mars, the planet of action which also rules libido and Mars is currently in Libra, the sign of relationships and your romance sector. If you’ve been seeing someone new or you’ve been in a relationship since late last year, Mars turning retrograde indicates a change in the dynamics between you. It may indicate that a lover goes cool on you and doesn’t show as much interest or you may find that your own feelings change and you want to spend more time doing other things in life and not chasing after love.

Mars will remain on go slow until July 20th 2014 and this is an indication that you can’t rush things where love and romance are concerned. It’s important that you spend time looking after your own wants and needs as Mars retrograde focuses you inward rather than out into the world. This may be about children for some, whether or not to start a family, trying to get pregnant or needing to be there for your own children more than usual.

Go with it if life takes a U-turn and be aware that you’re starting a new phase. For some this month, work may take you away from the family or a loved one and even though this may be difficult at times, it will also be a reason to celebrate, especially on or around the 26th. At the end of the day, it could prove to be a win-win situation as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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