Gemini Monthly Stars June 2013

Gemini Kitschensyngk 2There’s no point hanging around as June gets underway as you not only have Mars the action planet in your sign of Gemini but there’s a New Moon in your own sign on the 8th. This is a case of all stations go and a chance to follow your personal goals and ambitions and make things happen.

The New Moon is always a great date for a new beginning and launching a project. As it falls on a Saturday, it’s also a great night for party especially if you’re celebrating your birthday on or around the weekend of the 8th.

One planet that’s been in your sign of Gemini since last summer is Jupiter, the biggest and best planet in the heavens and the planet that represents opportunity. What you do with new opportunity is up to you but Jupiter tends to be lucky, bringing new experiences and adventure your way and helping you make the most of life.

When planets are in your own sign, you may be more focused than usual on your appearance or how you come across to others. Whether you’re making a name for yourself, you see your name in lights or you have a new website, book or business in your name, it’s all about you.

One of the peak days this year for Gemini energy comes on the 19th when the Sun and Jupiter make their annual connection in the heavens and this time around the spotlight’s on you, as they get together in your sign. This is another brilliant date for a celebration and to do whatever in your life makes you feel positive, lucky and good about yourself.

The events of this month are the culmination of the last twelve months, whether it’s a project you’ve been working towards, getting to know yourself better or something else that’s self-oriented and puts the focus on you. Jupiter’s also the planet that rules your partner so you may be making a big decision about love and relationships. Jupiter not only rules new opportunities but freedom so whatever your love choice it’s doing what’s right for you.

Your ruling planet is Mercury and Mercury left your sign of Gemini on 31st May. It’s now in Cancer, one of the water signs, ruling money, possessions and what you value in life. On the 3rd and 4th, Mercury teams up with Neptune and Saturn respectively making what’s called a grand trine, i.e. a triangle shape in the heavens. This creates a flow of energy and feels easy and fluid. Importantly for you, the focus is on your work and money sectors and doing what feels right.

All three planets are in water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Finding your inspiration will be a key motivation in your life not only this summer but for the next twelve months. This is because Jupiter joins the party on the 26th when it leaves your sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. This is a great boost to your financial sector and whatever plans you’re putting in place at this time will bear fruit in the months to come.

Jupiter’s about sowing seeds and setting plans in motion so see what happens this month and next that feels right for you. Trusting your intuition is important when water signs dominate and not necessarily taking the logical option but doing what you sense or feel is best for you.

However, this month and next won’t be easy if you have too much work or not enough work. There’s an imbalance so even though you may be setting off on a new journey, expect it to be a long and winding road that leads you down some dead ends and finds you losing your way at times. If you have a dream or a vocation you wish to pursue, here’s your chance but be aware that you will have to prove your persistence and show that you really want to achieve your aims. In other words, this is a good month to create your vision board and let your imagination run wild but don’t give up the day job just yet.

Your ruler Mercury will spend the next two and a bit months in Cancer which also tells you something, i.e. Mercury’s about to turn retrograde. This occurs on the same day as Jupiter enters Cancer, the 26th, and this is your cue to slow down, go with the flow and see where life leads.

Where money’s concerned, don’t leave anything unattended to and ensure that your accounts are in order before Mercury’s change of direction. You are on an upward path with regard to money and earnings but Mercury retrograde always moves the goal posts and it won’t be until mid-July at least that you can see the way ahead more clearly.

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