Gemini Monthly Stars July 2014

Sailing boatsGemini (21 May-20 June)

Events move quickly this month and it’s a green light from the word go as Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct on the 1st. This is brilliant news for you especially as Mercury is in your own sign of Gemini. This is the equivalent of good news, finding your voice, knowing your own mind and feeling on track with what you want to do.

Mercury picks up speed quickly so act fast wherever in life you want to take the initiative: write that email, make that phone call and speak up. Mercury remains in Gemini until July 13th.

Another planet in your sign as July begins is Venus, planet of love, art and beauty, where she remains until July 18th. When Venus is in your sign looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. You care more about your image and other people are attracted to you so make the most of your popularity. Whether you’re looking for love or you want to schmooze an influential business contact, you’ve got it all going on with Venus backing you.

Venus in your sign is the perfect excuse to do more of what you love and to use what you’ve got. Do what you know works for you to boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence and do whatever makes you feel happy. Venus connects with the planet of spontaneity Uranus on the 7th and the planet of sexuality Mars on the 13th. Both of these dates are turbo-charged if you want to find love, make love or do more of what you love. Your choice but do make the most of Venus in your sign.

Mars is moving on this month after almost seven months in the sign of Libra. This may have been an easier journey for you than it has been for some of the other star signs as Libra’s a fellow air sign and rules the fun sector of your chart; your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. As Mars spent a significant part of this time retrograde, however, it may have been a stop-start experience for you in one of these areas.

As Mars is now moving swiftly and unimpeded by any other planets, this suggests a lack of obstacles and a chance to finish what you started. Mars is action and energy and loves to go direct from A to B. Wherever in your life you want to progress and especially in the areas mentioned above, this is another green light that urges you to go for it. Same goes if there’s something you’re ready to let go of and move on from. One way or another, Mars is speeding you towards a conclusion, on or before July 26th.

On the 26th, Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio where it remains until September 13th 2014 and this is your cue to turn your attention to your work and routine and also your health. Saturn has been in this sector of your chart since December 2012 and on July 20th, Saturn turns direct, i.e. its energy is focused and powerful.

Mars wants you to get to grips with whatever’s been going on in the areas of your life that Scorpio rules. If you’ve been working too hard and you feel worn out, what can you do to shift your energy or change your situation? Same goes if work’s been lacking. Mars ups the ante and adds drive and determination to your job hunting. If your health’s been low whilst Saturn’s been in Scorpio (note that Saturn rules bones and teeth), what can you do to help? Book in for a full health check, add extra vitamins to your diet, take your health and fitness seriously or join a boot camp? Whatever fits for you, Mars is urging you to take action and sort things out.

The big news this month is the planet of luck and opportunity, Jupiter, on the move. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac and on July 16th Jupiter leaves behind the sign of Cancer and enters Leo. Jupiter will remain in Leo until August 11th 2015.

This is an important shift in the heavens and feels significant for you. Jupiter has been in Cancer ruling money and your personal finances since June 2013. When Jupiter’s unimpeded, it’s a smooth flow that suggests wealth and abundance. However, Jupiter has been caught up with the Uranus-Pluto square which has dominated the heavens since 2012 so things haven’t been straightforward.

There may have been issues with monies shared, either with an ex, a business partner or a financial institution. You may have been involved with legal or emotional wrangles concerning an inheritance, debts or investments. You may have found that what you value highly has changed since last year.

On the day that Jupiter leaves Cancer, the 16th, Mercury is in Cancer at the same degree it was in the heavens when Mercury turned retrograde on June 7th. So this moving on is also a completion and a chance to finally draw a line under a financial or emotional issue.

You still have the details to sort out and the period from the 4th-8th and 22nd-24th is especially crucial when first the Sun in Cancer and then your ruler Mercury faces the Uranus-Pluto square, followed by a Venus-Pluto opposition on the 28th. The clue with the Uranus-Pluto square is to let go of anything that’s old, outdated or corrupt and move towards a new and innovative approach. It’s about wiping the slate clean so you can begin again as Uranus is the master of reinvention.

For some this means saying goodbye to a debt and for others cutting your losses and moving on. Keep an eye on your long-term future and goals and start saving for them. The Full Moon on the 12th also cuts across the Cancer-Capricorn axis and is another emotional yet conclusive date for money matters.

Finally, Jupiter’s move into Leo breathes fresh air into your life as Leo rules your communication sector. This is great news for you and you can do more of what you do best: communicate, talk, gather and share information, find your tribe and let your curiosity for life shine. A new role as a voice-over artist, a new job as a journalist, a new role as a blogger? Use your voice to the best of your ability. This is the start of something big.


3 thoughts on “Gemini Monthly Stars July 2014”

  1. Dear Sally,

    Absolutly fabulous comments in your weekly monthly, yearly Star Signs. I am a Gemini and ofcourse read everything. You do not beat around the bush like other astrologers, you just give precise and concise information, which is so easy to understand and accept. Love your work, keep it up and thank you for doing so.

    1. hi Elizabeth, well that’s made my morning. You’ve made me smile… a lot. Have shared your gorgeous feedback on my Facebook page. Thank you. best, Sally

  2. Dear Sally,

    Absolutly fabulous comments in your weekly monthly, yearly Star Signs. I am a Gemini and ofcourse read everything. You do not beat around the bush like other astrologers, you just give precise and concise information, which is so easy to understand and accept. Love your work, keep it up and thank you for doing so.

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