Gemini Monthly Stars January 2013

Gemini Zodiac StampGemini (21 May-20 June)

Happy New Year! Your ruling planet Mercury is powerful at the start of the New Year as Mercury partners Neptune on the 1st. These two planets are in the sectors of your chart that rule your career, vocation and financial security.

There’s a magical quality to Mercury and Neptune together so although it’s a good idea to make a list of goals or draw up some New Year resolutions, it’s more important to broaden your outlook on life.

Mercury rules communication and Neptune rules dreams and is a creative and visionary symbol. Explore the way you communicate through art, spirituality or clairvoyance. Think outside of the box and trust your intuition.

Capricorn is the sign of the month with three of the personal planets moving through Capricorn as well as the planet of transformation Pluto. This is the sign that rules joint finances in your chart, the money you share with other people and money that comes to you in extraordinary ways, via an inheritance or investment. It’s a key month to sort out your own finances and ensure you’re getting the best deals with regard to yourmortgage, insurances, debts and/or savings.

When Pluto’s involved, as it is on the 6th and 17th, you’re wise to dig deep for answers. Sometimes Pluto negates what it touches so think what this symbolism means in your personal situation, whether it indicates a bankruptcy, clearing debts or withdrawing from a financial scheme that no longer works for you. The New Moon this month falls in Capricorn on the 11th and this is an excellent date to set things in motion and to sow seeds that help you to build for the future. Deal with your accounts and be thorough in all your transactions.

The planet Saturn is working alongside Pluto in the heavens throughout the year as Saturn is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) and Pluto is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). The two interlink and can switch places strengthening each other. Saturn in Scorpio focuses on your work, health and everyday routine so again there’s a feeling that the beginning of 2013 is the perfect time to deal with the basics of life and get that right before anything else.

Saturn is a slow burn planet and in your work sector, it’s about looking at the everyday job, the one that brings in the money on a regular basis. If you’re out of work, consider all your options and don’t count out more menial jobs or work you can do that uses an everyday skill or talent. Neptune continues to inspire you at the top of your chart and helps you find or create your dream vocation but there’s no harm in exploring the sensible option too. The same goes for your health, think long term, do what’s right and if necessary invest in your health financially.

Saturn isn’t about overnight tricks that turn your life around, instead it encourages steady application and looks at the long term picture. It’s about learning to eat healthily or ditching a bad habit for good rather than opting for the crash diet. Saturn rules discipline, so this year there’s a good chance to make your New Year resolutions and keep them.

On the 19th, Mercury switches signs and moves into Aquarius, a fellow air sign. This livens things up in January with the emphasis on travel, study and broadening your horizons. It’s your personal green light to sign up for a course, read new and improving books, plan a trip or holiday, anything that helps you explore life to the full. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, backs up this theme as it’s in your sign of Gemini and on the 30th, Jupiter turns direct. From February through to late June, Jupiter makes progress in your sign, which brings luck your way and you benefit by taking risks and being expansive.

The 23rd spells good times when Mercury and Jupiter team up in the heavens and the Full Moon on the 27th also holds promise. Be adventurous, meet new people, line up an activity that excites and inspires you. The spotlight is very much on you this month but as Jupiter is your partner planet, a relationship prospers too when you share dreams and schemes for the future.

You’re a curious Gemini and you are happiest and most fulfilled when you embrace life and all there is to explore and discover. Encourage your other half to do the same or seek out people who can fill that role for you. If you’re looking for love, don’t limit your options and be open to a partner who’s different from your usual type.

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