Gemini Monthly Stars February 2014

Gemini Ukraine StampGemini (21 May-20 June)

Mercury, your ruling planet, begins the month in Pisces, the sign up at the top of your chart placing the focus on your career and vocation. However, Mercury’s only there a few days before it turns retrograde on the 6th and it remains on go slow until the last day of the month, the 28th.

This is a confusing picture for your work and it looks as if there might be a setback or a change of your heart on your part. Notice what happens on or around the 6th and if you’re unsure of anything to do with work or career, it’s probably best to take a step back and buy yourself more time.

Mercury retrogrades out of Pisces and your career sector on the 13th and won’t be back there until the middle of next month on the 17th March. Some of you will have to play a waiting game with regard to a job offer or new position. When Mercury’s on go slow, you don’t have all the information you need to hand and it’s often best to be patient and take your time rather than try to force an issue.

The Sun does enter Pisces on the 18th but as the Sun makes only one aspect and that’s to Neptune on the 23rd, it feels as if uncertainty or something hidden is the theme with regard to your work or career. Neptune represents the veil and it’s difficult to see the reality of your situation when Neptune’s in play. You may be promised a great deal but you have to wait a while before seeing whether those promises will materialise and this fits with the Mercury retrograde theme as well.

In fact, depending on your circumstances it might be a good month to put work or career plans on hold and go off travelling instead or explore other areas. Saturn, the planet that tends to slow you down is in Scorpio, the other work sector in your chart and Saturn makes two square or difficult aspects this month on the 11th and 19th. As Saturn is square to planets in the travel and study sector of your chart, it feels as if you may not be able to get everything your own way with regard to work and if so, something’s got to give.

Mercury retrograde periods are brilliant for reflecting and reviewing on your situation and turning your attention inward. Perhaps it’s time to listen to your heart especially if you’re unsure what next with regard to work and vocation or you’re bored with what you’re doing. The Full Moon on Valentine’s Day falls across the learning and communication sectors of your chart and a conversation that you have on or around the 15th/16th will be revealing and help you clarify your next steps.

This is a social month for you and you’ll want to try out new experiences and have some fun. Both the Sun and Mercury spend half of the month in Aquarius, the sign that rules adventure and opportunity, plus Mars, the action planet is in Libra throughout February. This feels passionate, creative and turns your attention to all the good things in life like entertainment, hobbies, your kids if you have them and love affairs. It’s a passionate placing for Mars so embrace what you love.

Valentine’s weekend looks wonderful for a big adventure, hanging out with people you enjoy and doing something different. If you’re looking for love, it’s the best weekend of the month to meet someone special.

For some of you, this month will see a shift in your financial fortunes as Venus, the planet that represents money, turned direct on the last day of January and remains strong throughout February. Venus is in Capricorn, the sign that rules your joint finances and this is about building for the future, making the most of your money and taking expert advice where necessary. Look out for a female who can help you, especially on or around the 25th.

The following day on the 26th there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Cancer ruling your personal finances and Uranus in Aries ruling your friends, groups and social concerns. Traditionally, this wouldn’t be a good date to take a financial risk as it’s a square aspect and volatile. However, Jupiter is currently exalted, i.e. strong in Cancer and these two planets together represent opportunity, breaking free from restriction so you may find that whatever takes place on or around the 26th actually works in your favour financially.

As Mercury, your ruler, turns direct only two days later the end of the month will bring a significant turning point with regard to money matters. A lucky break, a chance to pay off a debt or money coming via an unexpected source. If you want to take a financial risk, make sure you can afford any losses but also consider where you might be able to move money around to make a swift profit. This can be linked to the internet as Uranus rules technology.

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