Gemini Monthly Stars February 2013

Gemini Greek StampGemini (21 May-20 June)

Being a Gemini, you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and you’re at your best when you use words to your advantage, either at home or in your career. This month, the spotlight’s firmly on work and your vocation as Mercury moves into Pisces and your career sector on the 5th.

Pisces is the sign that’s linked with images and the imagination and this is a fertile month to explore what inspires you and to create a big vision for yourself and what you want from life. It’s the planetary equivalent of finding and following your vocation or ditching the day job to pursue your dream.

Neptune rules Pisces and last year Neptune came home to its own sign. Neptune dominates the heavens this month making aspects to key planets on the 4th (Mars), the 6th (Mercury), the 21st (the Sun) and the 28th (Venus). This is an excellent month to pursue any form of artistic or creative activity and to immerse yourself in art, music, photography or film. Later this month on the 24th, the annual film awards, the Oscars, take place and the astrology is beautifully primed for an inspirational outpouring celebrating our love of film and the cinema in a glamorous setting.

However, even though this month’s stars will inspire dreams and schemes, it’s important to be aware that at times you’ll feel confused about your path in life and unsure which way to turn. Neptune is God of the sea and if you visualise the symbolism of the sea, it’s deep and vast and easy to lose yourself in it. There’s a boundless quality to the sea as it has no definitive markers and it’s hard to tell where the sea ends and the land begins.

Making important decisions won’t be easy and knowing whether a job’s right for you or not could take up a lot of your time and energy. So make things easy for yourself and do explore and follow new pursuits and activities, but at the same time put off the bigger decisions until next month if possible.

This fits with the fact that Mercury, your planet, turns retrograde on the 23rd and will remain on go slow until the 17th March. This time is best used to revise and reflect on your current position and see where life leads. Whatever you try and put in place will probably change once Mercury turns direct and new information comes to light. So bide your time, go with the flow and enjoy whatever inspires you.

Having said that, if you know you need to give an answer about a work-related matter or make a decision about your finances, the best dates are the 12th when Mercury connects with Saturn and Pluto and the 15th and 16th when Mars also connects with the planets of structure and transformation. These dates are your best bet to make a plan and put things in place that will benefit you and streamline your life.

Jupiter, planet of opportunity, has been moving forward in your sign of Gemini since the end of last month so from now until the end of June you’re luckier than most. This backs up the theme of exploration and adventure and adds in travel. Spread your net wide, go global and use your natural curiosity to learn more, gain qualifications and seek out new opportunities. The New Moon in your fellow air sign of Aquarius on the 10th is a brilliant date to start something new that satisfies your yearning for excitement and brings deeper meaning to your life.

Jupiter’s the hedonistic planet and there are times this month when you’ll crave freedom and space to do the things you want to do instead of being held back by routine, duty or ill-health. Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, dominates these areas of your life as it’s in Scorpio but the good news is that Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th which weakens its strength and any difficulties that befell you in January should begin to ease.

If you’re married or in a relationship, space and freedom are essential to a healthy working partnership. One of you may work away from home now or one of you may support the other as they follow their dream. Take care that you don’t drift too far apart and stay connected even if there’s a wider physical distance between you.

At times this month you may feel frustrated that your feet aren’t firmly on the ground and you’re unsure what next. When this happens, instead of dashing off in search of answers or new adventure, try and slow down the pace and be still. Listen to your inner voice and allow your heart to soar free. Next month’s stars will light your way forward.

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