Gemini Monthly Stars December 2013

Gemini Kitschensyngk 2Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio as the month begins but only for a few days as Mercury changes signs on the 5th. However, if you need to have an important conversation about your work or health, the 3rd looks promising.

Some of you may have been in an extreme situation over the last couple of months with regard to work whether you’ve been unemployed, unwell or exceptionally busy.

There’s a sense that things are changing for the better either for yourself or a member of your family and you may also find that your mindset shifts too and a more positive attitude or confident outlook returns.

In many respects this is going to be a high energy month with Mercury in the party sign Sagittarius from the 5th-24th and the Sun in this same sector of your chart until the 21st. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs and there’s every indication that you’re going to enjoy the run up to Christmas and the buzz and exuberance that abounds at this time of year. The 10th and 17th look especially lively for social events with your friends and if any last-minute invitations come your way, jump at the chance.

Sagittarius is the opposite sign in the zodiac to your sign of Gemini so this promises to be an exciting month for one-to-one relationships too. If you’re looking for love, you can’t go far wrong as long as you get off the settee and get out in the world. Having said that, some of you may find love online this month and again it’s the 10th and 17th which look likely.

The key moon phases this month also highlight relationships and one-on-one partnerships with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd and the Full Moon cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your chart on the 17th. Use the energy of the New Moon to ask someone out on a date or arrange a special event for you and your partner as it’s a brilliant time to initiate action. The Full Moon tends to bring events to a head and is more a symbol of completion or achievement and emotional fulfilment. Remember that this may also relate to a business partnership or any other key one-on-one relationship in your life.

However there is another reason why romance is emphasized this month and this is because of Mars the passion planet entering the relationship sign Libra on the 7th. Mars is going to remain in this part of your chart until late July 2014 so there’s a really strong emphasis on love, romance, creativity, children and entertainment. Libra’s a fellow air sign and has a lot in common with your own sign of Gemini.

If you do meet someone new now be aware that there will be times you have to be patient with one another and you may even have to split up before you can get together for good. Christmas and New Year are especially volatile this year as Mars opposes Uranus on Christmas Day and Mars clashes with Pluto on New Years Eve. If things don’t go according to plan, don’t get downhearted and think it’s the end as you’ve a long way to go yet before you give up on someone.

For some of you, it may mean you have to be apart from the one you love this Christmas when you’d rather be with them. If so, be patient and resist making any kind of impulsive gesture as the astrology suggests this wouldn’t go down well. In fact for some a break over the festive period could work well in that you miss out on a challenging period astrologically and can reunite/reconnect when you’re sailing on calmer waters early next year.

The difficult Mars aspects are more likely to be about a new relationship than a marriage or long-term commitment although they could indicate problems for some with regards to children, especially if you’ve split up from the other parent. Remember that Mars rules anger and can quickly ignite and tempers erupt so make a concerted effort to keep the peace or play the diplomat if other people in your life are behaving badly.

Finally this month, there may be good news about money or work on or around the 13th when Jupiter and Saturn make a trine or harmonious aspect in the heavens. This may concern you or it may be a family member who accepts a job with a regular income. Where Christmas is concerned, keep within a tight budget as Venus is in Capricorn and one of your money sectors but turns retrograde on the 21st, i.e. will give the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens.

This is a signal to put the brakes on spending and to ensure that you don’t run up so much debt that you start the New Year worrying about how to pay off a loan or credit card expenses. Venus is the planet of enjoyment but in Capricorn it’s about finding ways to enjoy yourself and treat others without breaking the bank. Whether you’re currently flush or short of cash, either way here’s wishing you a very merry and happy Christmas and New Year.

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