Gemini Monthly Stars August 2012

Gemini Zodiac StampThe Full Moon on the 2nd shows the way forward and hints at important changes to your life that can significantly broaden your horizons and give you the freedom you crave. It’s a wonderful day to book a holiday or sign up for a course or to initiate anything that offers a new experience.

As the month begins, we are still in Mercury retrograde mode and from July 15th-August 8th, Mercury’s up to its tricks. This has been a testing Mercury retrograde period for many Geminis not only because Mercury is your ruling planet and the planet of communication but Mercury’s currently in Leo and your communication sector. A double whammy of communication breakdown. For some of you, this has brought chaos to your life, either because you’ve been crazily busy or plans have gone awry and technology and/or appliances have been on the blink.

With such a powerful Full Moon starting the month, it does feel as if the energy is shifting and you can begin to push things through. Chase up anything that’s been stuck or on hold and as the month progresses, you start to hear good news or find that new information comes to light which reveals a new picture. You can expect a flurry of positive activity or promising conversations that coincide with Mercury turning direct on Wednesday 8th.

In fact, this whole month has the potential to bring a run of green lights that open new doors and make life easier and more enjoyable. Mercury teams up with Uranus and Jupiter on the 18th and 22nd respectively for a 3rd time. Events or conversations that began on or around late June/early July can be revived or looked at again. There’s a theme of second or even third chances, whether with regard to work, friendship or love. Another powerfully helpful date is the 17th when there’s a New Moon in Leo, an excellent day to begin a new project or activity or to make a phone call or text that sets a new chain of events in motion.

Networking and connections are well-starred and you may find that siblings, neighbours or your local community are involved in this feel-good factor. If you’re a typical Gemini, you’re a social being at heart and thrive best when you’re working and playing alongside others, meeting new friends and people of like minds. Learning and education are not only worthwhile activities but pleasurable too so make sure you have a healthy work/life balance for all round well-being.

Relationships benefit from Mercury’s turnaround in the heavens whether you have a heart-to-heart or feel more connected to your other half. Jupiter is the planet that rules your relationships so the Full Moon on the 2nd and the 22nd when Mercury and Jupiter combine are especially powerful dates for reconnecting with the one you love.

New love may not be as straightforward however as Mars and Saturn meet in Libra and your romance sector on the 15th. Saturn’s been in Libra since October 2009 and wherever Saturn appears in your chart is often where you grapple with life’s lessons. It either toughens you up or sends a drought. Saturn is near the end of its period in this sector, ruling love affairs, children and creativity, and finally moves on early October. The mid-month pairing of Mars and Saturn is decisive and whether it brings an ending or an important decision is made, these two planets urge you to get real and take the necessary action to improve your life.

Mid-month is when the planet Venus clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 15th and 16th. For you, the spotlight’s on money matters and this signals a chance to pull out of a financial contract that’s losing you money. It’s neither a good bet to loan money to a friend or sign up to a get-rich-quick scheme via the internet.

The key to financial success is to follow your vocation, your dream and there will be some positive developments in this area. The 9th and 26th look promising when Neptune, planet of dreams and schemes, connects with key planets in your work and money sectors. Plus, there’s a second Full Moon this month, a Blue Moon, on the 31st which falls in Pisces and your career sector. This is an extremely helpful influence and it’s a great day to finalise a work or financial matter that can transform your current work situation.

Plus with Mars boosting your working life and your health from the 23rd, the last stage of the month is the perfect time to focus on your personal ambitions and goals. Mars is strong in Scorpio and boosts your energy and your desire to live your life well. It feels regenerative and restorative after a potentially busy or frustrating period.

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