Gemini Monthly Stars April 2013

Gemini Rankin MissGemini (21 May-20 June)

Your ruling planet Mercury represents communication and the mind. It’s what you think about and what you say and it’s why you have a reputation for being curious and loving the chat. Until the 15th, Mercury is at the top of your chart, ruling your career and vocation. The first two weeks of April are important for this area of your life and you have a free road ahead to pursue your goals or dreams.

Mercury has been in this area of your chart since early February but it’s been retrograde and going back and forth over the same ground. This may have played out as stops and starts with work and career or other people letting you down and not sticking to their word.

The 6th of April is a key date as Mercury is at 19 Pisces, the same degree of Pisces it was at when the trickster planet turned retrograde. So there’s a theme of second or even third chances. If there’s someone you want to chase up, a job you want to apply for again or anything else you want to repeat with regard to your work and career, go for it. You can start to sew things up with Mercury moving swiftly through this sector of your chart and flowing freely.

It’s all change on the 15th as Mercury enters Aries, ruling your friendships, groups and societies. If you’ve been busy with work or involved in other projects, now’s the time to catch up with old and new friends alike and prioritise your social life. Uranus, the planet of change, has also been in this area of your chart for a couple of years and this brings a desire to revolutionise your friendships. This may mean joining a new club or networking group or hanging out in online chat groups or utilising social media.

It signals that your opportunities are around people who inspire you and bring new and different trends and experiences into your life. As Uranus also rules splits, you may have said goodbye to an old friendship or moved on from a group or club which once played an important role in your life.

Notice who or what comes into your life on or around the 20th when Mercury teams up with Uranus as this may bring exciting news or gossip about a friend. However, there is a more serious message as the Uranus-Pluto square is ongoing in the heavens and for you this is changing your view on the future and has a much deeper impact.

You may want to revolutionise the way you earn or safeguard your money, or you may be changing your ideas about your sex life and your need for intimacy. It touches on taboo areas and realising that you can do things differently. Uranus encourages a fresh approach to life and not having to conform to society’s expectations or other peoples’ beliefs. It’s about standing out from the crowd.

Love and relationships come under the planetary radar on the 7th when Venus and Mars conjoin in Aries and this same sector of your chart. This is about setting new intentions for love, getting together with a friend or becoming more involved in a movement that promotes freedom of speech, same sex marriage or another cause close to your heart. The New Moon on the 10th is an excellent date to become more involved in the society and community you live in. This is about finding a cause that matters to you and pursuing it wholeheartedly.

In the second half of the month, three of the personal planets move into Taurus and the hidden sector of your chart. You may be low in energy as the month progresses and between the 22nd-28th when Saturn opposes the planets in Taurus and there’s a Lunar Eclipse cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, it’s important to pace yourself.

Whether you’re out of work, overwhelmed with work or battling a health issue, take your time and face life head on. If things aren’t working out, what can you do to make your life easier? This may include setting yourself some limits that you don’t overstep and it’s vital to be honest about what life is telling you.

You may want some time out to think about where you’re heading and why. You currently have Neptune up at the top of your chart in the sign of Pisces and on the 19th, 24th and 27th, Neptune teams up with planets in Taurus and your hidden sector.

Neptune encourages you to dream and conjure up new vision for your future but it does represent a boundless quality. This means it’s easy to lose yourself fantasizing about what you want to do but doesn’t help you make concrete plans or progress. If you’re a typical Gemini with a short attention span, some lessons in time management or simple organisational tools will help.

Finally, don’t forget that the planet of bounty, Jupiter, is in Gemini and on your side until the summer. So make the most of this whether you want to travel, study something new, follow your vocation or go freelance or self-employed. Jupiter’s about embracing new experiences and making things happen rather than simply dreaming about them.

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