Gemini Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, GeminiGemini (21 May – 20 June)

It’s likely that 2016 may not have begun in the way you would choose. Last month, your ruling planet Mercury was retrograde i.e. on go slow in one of the most hidden sectors of your chart.

You may have experienced problems around money or joint finances or you’ve been dealing with a taboo issue that still requires resolution.

Communication planet Mercury remains in Capricorn and this same sector of your chart until the 13th. Once February gets underway, you can deal with matters more openly and whether you talk to people close to you, write things down or analyse your thoughts, It’s important to process fully whatever’s been going on. 

The other planet in Capricorn as February begins is Venus, the planet of relating and some of you may be dealing with old hurts or difficult emotions which belong to the past. The key weekend is the 6th/7th when Venus clashes with the outer planets Uranus and Pluto.

This is an opportunity to either heal or let go of a difficult situation. Be gentle with yourself and people close to you as February begins and don’t spend too long lost in a situation which ideally should be dead and buried.

Money matters too can be finalised now and sorted out to suit everyone involved. On the 6th, Mercury is in a stunning aspect with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth. This indicates that help, support or a loan is available to you.

Jupiter is currently in Virgo, the sign down at the base of your chart, representing your home and family, your past and where you come from. Turn to your family for money advice, help someone out close to you if you’re in a situation to do so, look at ways you can earn money via your home or increase your assets through a property deal. Any or all of these areas are potentially lucrative for you now.

Plus this month, action planet Mars is strong and dynamic in the sign of Scorpio ruling your work and lifestyle. If you really want to insure your own financial security, go all out to secure a new job, to work hard, to promote what you do. Step into your power and be unrelenting as you chase after one specific goal.

Mars is powerful on the 3rd and 13th and joining forces with someone you’ve known for some time works in your favour. This might be a family member or a person from your past. Use your old connections now to create strong foundations in your life.

Yet even though you’re dealing with the past in some way or resolving an old issue, this is also a month to focus on the future and what next in your life. Up until the 19th, the Sun is in your fellow air sign Aquarius ruling travel and study, urging you to broaden your horizons and experience life to the full.

The most important date in this respect is the 8th when the New Moon takes place in Aquarius and it’s the perfect day to go on holiday, to book a trip, to sign up for a course or an event that will expand your experience of life.

Especially if you’ve been through some tough times recently or you’ve been pulled down into the belly of the whale, even more reason to ensure that you have some activities and plans to look forward to.

Your planet Mercury enters Aquarius on the 13th joined by Venus, the planet of relating, on the 17th. Put all this together and you’re ready for a break, a change of perspective, a chance to do something different. Love too benefits from a change of pace, a change of scenery. Embrace love and life to the full and arrange some fun times for you and the ones you love.

As February continues, turn your attention towards your career and vocation in life. The Sun reaches the peak of your chart on the 19th where it remains for approximately 4 weeks. Pisces is the sign linked with your career so the more you have a big vision for your life and the more you enhance your creative abilities, the easier it is for you to find inspiration.

There needs to be more to your life than the 9-to-5, a routine job. Once you get in touch with what really matters to you on a vocational level, you can soar far and wide. Yet Neptune, Pisces’ planet, is an elusive and intangible element and sometimes you have to lose yourself before you find your way forward.

The Full Moon on the 22nd brings clarity but also acts as a reminder that you can’t forget the more practical side of life. This is effectively a reality check, an indication that money, family or responsibilities all need to be taken into account.

Strike a balance between activities which inspire you and activities which focus on everyday matters. Remember that being a Gemini, you are perfectly capable of having one foot in both camps and satisfying more than one personal need at the same time.

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