Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2016

GeminiGemini (21 May – 20 June)

This is a month of preparation as your ruling planet Mercury begins a long trip through your previous sign of Taurus on April 5th.

Taurus rules one of the most hidden sectors of your chart and this is often a time when you want to slow down the pace of life and turn your attention inward.

This is good news if you’re on a retreat or following a spiritual path. Your attention is on your inner world and the chance to be quiet so you can stop your mind whirring and focus instead on a deeper knowingness.

This might be a pleasant experience especially if last month’s eclipses set you on a new path or changed your direction in life. You might enjoy contemplating what next without rushing into something new.

However, when Mercury’s hidden away in this sector of your chart you can sometimes lack confidence and you don’t always find it easy being introverted or even quiet. There might be a reason why you need to pull back in life, whether this is due to feeling low in energy or needing to care for someone close.

If you can support this process in anyway that works for you, go for it. This might mean personal development work, healing, getting advice and support from others or gaining insight and understanding into a current dilemma or your personal situation.

Privacy and secrets are part and parcel of this process as you venture ever more deeply into unknown territory. On Thursday 28th, your ruler Mercury will turn retrograde and remain on go slow until May 22nd. So go into this experience fully and if you do feel stuck or immobilised in some way, know that you’ll be able to pick up speed again on or around May 20th.

Mercury is especially busy this month from the 14th-17th when your planet connects with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. An earthy triangle of planets that promises a productive period when you can lay down new foundations and set yourself up for the future.

Jupiter and Pluto highlight the home and family sector and joint finance sector of your chart so this might concern a property deal, a trip back to your past, a chance to benefit from what’s gone before. You might find more than one reason this month to turn back to your childhood or your past to help resolve your current situation.

Yet it’s not all quiet and retreat this month because other planets are in people sectors of your chart. The Sun is in Aries and your friends and group sector until the 19th and is joined by the planet of love and relating, Venus, from the 5th-30th. Socially this indicates a lively time and you need to balance the more private side of life with fun and entertainment.

The 7th-9th looks especially lively when there’s a New Moon in Aries, a symbol of new beginnings. You might be celebrating with a good friend or be keen to join in with a group, club or society. The theme of renewal and fresh starts is awakened during the New Moon period whether you’re healing a rift or you get back in touch with someone from your past.

Look out too for a last-minute invitation on Saturday 9th and be spontaneous to take advantage of a group outing, a party or special event. Be around individuals who inspire you and who you feel attracted to. Venus is the planet of love, after all, and if you’re looking for love, you’re more likely to meet someone new when you widen your social circle.

The 12th and 22nd are two more lively dates for love and as love and friendship are linked, hang out with your partner if you’re in a relationship or keep your options open with a good friend if you’re single.

The most intense activity this month takes place mid-April when two key planets turn retrograde in the heavens. The first is Mars, the planet of action, which changes direction on the 17th in Sagittarius and your relationship sector. Mars in Sagittarius promises more passion but more arguments too when it comes to love and those all-important 1-to-1’s.

When Mars switches direction, this indicates an about-turn whether you lose someone’s support or a key relationship in your life begins to unravel. Notice what happens on or around the 17th, whether someone withdraws from you or you decide not to put up with someone’s bad behaviour any longer.

This does feel potentially volatile so keep yourself safe and know that emotions are going to be heightened around the middle of the month. Sometimes you need to change your strategy or your tactics when a planet begins to retreat through the zodiac. Think of the symbolism of backing off or the pressure easing in a key 1-to-1. How do you achieve that or does this relate to someone else in your life?

Mars will be on go slow until June 29th so it’s an important 10 week period in the year for both your personal and professional relationships. You might not always get your own way and you shouldn’t let other people dominate either. This can be a time of intense learning about love and relationships and it’s important to recognise your own motivations and what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to your 1-to-1’s.

Pluto is the other planet changing direction in Capricorn and your joint finance sector one day after Mars retreats on the 18th. So this could give you a clue as to how these two planets are working in tandem. Will a change of power in a relationship affect you financially?

If someone leaves your place of work, for example, how does that affect you on the money front? Someone might withdraw their support, either emotional or financial, so be ready for this and put any necessary plans in place early in April.

Finally, the Full Moon on the 22nd cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart so here too there’s a theme of decisions around work and lifestyle. All these factors might be connected in your own life and if so, this is not the time to avoid them.

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