Gemini May 2018

Gemini, Uranus lightning

Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

Your ruling planet Mercury completes its long journey through Aries this month. Aries rules your friends and group sector and this is about your involvement within society, politics or the wider world.

There’s a sense that you want to get things finalised now and fast. Aries is not a sign that likes to hang around and Mercury in Aries is direct and honest. You still have a few obstacles to overcome, however, and any issues are likely to be financial, emotional or both.

If you find yourself running up against the same old problem, if corruption or wrong-doing rears its head, these are the reasons why you’ll want to get away, move on or even make a dramatic decision.

Events pivot for you around the mid-month period and the 13th to the 15th are the key dates. On the 13th, your planet Mercury teams up with Uranus in Aries, the planet of the unexpected but also the collective. This is the last time ever that these two planets unite in Aries for at least eighty-four years.

You might bow out of a group venture, switch allegiances and change friends or colleagues in some way. This is likely to be a big deal for you and not something to take lightly. Your ruler Mercury leaves Aries on the 13th and it’s followed by Uranus leaving Aries on the 15th. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and doesn’t come around very often.

Plus, this month’s astrology not only indicates a sea-change but it’s also a period of soul-searching for you. This is because there’s strong emphasis in May on the star sign Taurus, which is the sign before yours and rules the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

The Sun is in Taurus until the 21st and your ruler Mercury is here from the 13th to the 29th. On its own, this combination is about digging deep, turning inwards to access your inner voice. You often want or need more time alone when key planets are in this part of your horoscope. Care and nurture are foreground, whether this means self-care or caring for others.

Sometimes, you’re doing research, studying or working on a major project that, for one reason or another, isn’t ready to see the light of day. It’s wise to slow down the pace of life before you dash off again. Appreciate contemplation, relaxation and reflection.

Plus, the major move of this month if not this year, accesses this same part of your horoscope as Uranus moves into Taurus on the 15th, the day of a New Moon in the same star sign. Uranus will remain here for most of the time until 2026.

Taurus is one of the earth signs and this feels like digging down deep to find buried treasure. This is different for you because, if you’re a typical Gemini, you thrive on being out in the world and you find yourself via communication and interaction.

While Uranus moves through Taurus, however, this may stir things up from the past or connect you with a deeper sense of self. There’s wisdom in slowing down and it’s a rare opportunity to get off the hamster wheel of life and see what lies beneath.

Also, action planet Mars is on the move on the 16th, the following day. Mars enters your fellow air sign Aquarius where it remains for most of the next six months. Aquarius is about the bigger picture in life and highlights travel and study, foreign connections and learning.

Mid-month could be a time of enlightenment or awakening when you’re ready to explore the unknown and set off on a journey. Admittedly, changes in your own life may be precipitated by a crisis or dramatic event. Either way, this is not the time to stay stuck or rooted in one place. Instead, change beckons.

Plus, you have planets lighting up your star sign Gemini now. So whatever comes your way in May, you’ll be able to meet life head-on. Some events will be uniquely pleasurable and enjoyable. For example, you have love planet Venus in your star sign until the 19th. So make the most of the planet of love in Gemini. Be flirtatious, playful and loving.

Then, on the 21st, it’s the start of your birthday month as the Sun moves into Gemini, the ideal time to put yourself first. Make new plans and focus on your personal goals and aims. The 24th looks delicious for a holiday or trip away, whether you’re taking it or planning it. This is when the Sun and Mars unite in air signs, perfect for adventure and good times.

Also, later in the month, there’s a stunning Jupiter-Neptune connection on the 25th and this links the work and vocation sectors of your horoscope. These two planets together highlight charitable ventures and fund-raising. This is about following your dream and a creative or caring career will be influenced by this positive pairing in a good way.

In fact, you may find that money becomes less important as the month progresses, especially if you’ve been involved in some unsavoury dealings or business earlier on. You might recognise it’s time to put your foot down and move away from distasteful money matters.

Partnership kicks back in at the month’s end. There’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius and your relationship sector on the 29th, the same day that Mercury, your ruler, cruises into your star sign Gemini. This is great for relationships in general, both personal and professional. You could find the right person to team up with for mutual help and support.

Love too is on the cards during this Full Moon and a happy relationship is one where you’re the best of friends and can talk about anything and everything together.

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