Gemini March 2021

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Your ruling planet Mercury was retrograde for most of February. This can be a time of misunderstandings when you’re wise to take a step back rather than push ahead.

In March, Mercury is moving forwards again in your fellow air sign Aquarius up until the 15th. Aquarius rules travel & study in your horoscope and any area of life where you broaden your horizons.

The stand out date is the 5th when Mercury teams up with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius, an ideal date to book a trip or sign up for a course. Listen out for good news.

Pisces Season

This month, the main focus is on the star sign Pisces and your career and vocation sector. The Sun is here until the 20th and your planet Mercury moves into Pisces on the 15th.

Therefore, this could turn out to be a significant month for your work and where you’re heading in life. Do bear in mind, however, that there will be times when you feel confused or you lose your way.

Your planet Mercury isn’t strong in Pisces. There may be too many options or possibilities and you find it hard to know which way to turn. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed or be experiencing information overload.

The key with Mercury in Pisces is to trust in life and go with the flow. Rather than trying to work everything out in your head, listen to your heart and what your intuition tells you. Do what feels right rather than what you think is right.

A lot depends on whether you enjoy what you do in life. If you’re living your dream and following your vocation, March could be an inspirational month for you.

Alternatively, if you know you’re on the wrong path and bored with your routine, it may feel as if you’re swimming against the tide rather than in flow with life.

This month’s New Moon on the 13th falls in Pisces, an excellent date to aim high and follow your dreams. New Moons are synonymous with new beginnings. This New Moon is especially beautiful as it falls next to a stunning Venus-Neptune conjunction.

If you work in the arts or creative industries, you could bring something beautiful to life on or around this New Moon. It’s an excellent New Moon for influencing others or appearing in the media. The Neptune vibe is strong on the 11th, 14th & 30th.

Find Your Muse

The other planet in Pisces until the 21st is Venus, the planet of relating. This indicates that it’s a good month to find your muse and consider what role other people play in your progress or success.

You might see how crucial someone else’s involvement is in a project or  your career path. You may see clearly who inspires you and the reverse, i.e. who disappoints you or lets you down. Recognise the significance of other people in your life and this will help you make the right moves.

While Venus is in Pisces, look out for women of influence, use your connections and lean on other people for support and advice. 

There’s a lot of movement and energy in your career & vocation sector but not necessarily in a straight line. The theme of diversity runs strong throughout March. Use your trickster ways to good effect.

Friends & Romance

Some of you will be more involved with group activities later this month as the star sign Aries is prominent after the 20th, the day of the Equinox. Aries rules friends, also wider society, connections and group dynamics in your horoscope. This is not a time to go it alone.

Key dates for group connections are the 26th, the day of a Sun-Venus conjunction in Aries, and the 28th when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac. These could be key dates for your interactions with others.

The 28th would be a great date for a social get-together and love is also in the mix. In fact, if you’re looking for love, be aware that love and friendship go hand in hand this month, especially once Venus enters Aries on the 21st.

The Full Moon in Libra and your romance sector has a healing vibe. The end of the month could bring excitement your way on the love front or you feel more ready to prioritise a close relationship.

Action Stations

Finally, it’s important to note that you have action planet Mars in your star sign Gemini throughout March which is a real adrenalin rush. This is good news for your stamina and physical activities. It suggests you’ll be feeling ambitious about getting ahead and pursuing your personal goals and aims.

Yet, do be aware that with Mars in Gemini you may want everything to happen overnight. Mercury might be back up to speed this month and you’re moving in the right direction but there may be a tendency to favour top speed or nothing at all.

Mars’ connection with Saturn on the 22nd is a reminder to play the long game and keep your gaze on your future goals.

Think of life as a dance this month and you’ll get more done than expecting everything to proceed in an orderly fashion. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy yourself and you may even feel delighted or liberated after recent setbacks or uncertainty.

11 thoughts on “Gemini March 2021”

  1. Steve Phillimore

    Thank you Sally, February was tough, even the thought of good news is a lift. I know you are busy and really don’t need a “ could you just do this” but I love your tennis astrology and after Covid it would be great fun to have a little bet at Rolland Garros or Wimbledon,
    Many Thanks,

  2. Hi Sally,
    I love reading your astrology predictions. I’m a Taurus sun Gemini rising and en though 2020 was COVID difficult having lost my job the last 10yrs since start of 2012 have been nothing short of disappointment in career but finances especially. I feel cursed it’s been that hard.

    1. I’m glad you love reading the forecasts and I’m sorry things have been tough. You may have had a run of challenging transits – sometimes that can be the case. It’s hard to say without looking at your whole birth chart – I do offer readings, as you probably know – see navigation bar for more information. Focus on the small things, try and release the thought that you are cursed. Start with small steps. Sending you very best wishes.

  3. Hey, Sally!
    I’m actually a Leo! A 7th grader (almost 8th), and extremely interested in astrology and the topics that connect to it, so was my boyfriend!
    I just wanted to say a few things. I am fascinated by the accuracy of your work! I really wish it could be a good thing on my end, though. This has been (no exaggeration added) the worst year of my life, and that’s 2021 alone. To make this a long story short, so much drama.
    This is just going to be in chronological order…

    December 5th: Get’s into a relationship with someone- knew each other for about a year- were inseparable best friends before relationship
    January: His ex girlfriend (an Aries, by the way, we’re cool now) started problems in our relationship- wanted him back- started false rumors- etc
    March 6th: My boyfriend (a Gemini) and I went to a party- really connected- enjoyed our time together and with friends ~day after stand out date~
    March 10th: I noticed a sudden switch of vibes in him- seemed depressed- I was there for him, I let him know I was, but didn’t suffocate him

    March 15th: He broke up with me- He still wanted to be friends- Didn’t want to hurt my feelings- Good intentioned- I on the other hand, uncontrollably, still love him to this day. I’m an emotional wreck and have never been this unstable and dependent in my life.- That night, I’m not going to say what happened, but I did some extremely regrettable things to myself (no drug/alcohol use by the way)

    March 19th: He and the Aries got back together- she continued to spread rumors about me

    I think 3 weeks ago, more relationship drama had occurred, and it is so toxic- including my friend, not gonna get into details because this is already enough to read!

    Anyways, I don’t want to pressure him into anything, so I show him my friendly affection, give him his freedom, etc. As said before, I still love him… and I know, we’re both so young, and I completely agree, but for some reason, it was just so different from anything I’ve ever felt…..twin flames…?
    I really don’t know, but I do know that since the breakup, I am somebody I never thought I’d become and am becoming a monster before us all.
    I have a lot of emotional breakdowns and on top of that, I have adhd (he does, too) so that adds on more emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, and more. I don’t go back to exes, but for some reason, I feel like being with him again would make me do better physically, mentally, and once I’m emotionally stable, I would be back to being me again, just back in business with the experience to learn from, and I could be capable of a relationship. (yes, I know, this sounds terrible, and I wish this wasn’t how I’d think, but it is) I don’t even know how you’d answer this… but we haven’t talked in two weeks and I’m afraid to lose him all the way. I’m not asking for relationship advice, I don’t know that it’s possible for us to be together again, but just think of an August (21st) Leo… as an astrologer, you’d know the personality. I’m exactly like an August Leo, except for less confident, anger issues of one time 5, and not quite as much in the spotlight- I only have 3 friends and one of which happens to be my ex, and now we’re drifting apart, you’re the only astrologer that I currently know. I don’t care that this is public, I just want some answer to this. From you, from other Gemini… because I am in desperate need of encouragement, advice, self confidence builders, and heck, a therapist! I used to have one, and I’m about to get another in I think June!

    I’m so sorry for throwing my problems at you, and this quite large paragraph! (writing is my thing…) I completely understand if you and others don’t answer, but I’ll be checking this often just in case.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Maddie, firstly take good care of yourself. Astrology can help your understanding of such dramatic events in your life as it’s a symbolic language that gives you an alternative perspective on your life. Without an astrology reading, it’s hard to give you specific advice about what to do next but try and work with your astrology to understand better what astrological phase you’re moving through. Read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign in the monthly horoscopes. Right now, it can be helpful to go back over things, to try and reconnect but not to make any big decisions until Mercury turns direct on June 22nd. Notice what happens too on or around the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th – a power point. Most importantly, dive deep into self-understanding and insight as you’re doing. Sending best wishes.

      1. Thank you so much for replying, I honestly didn’t think you’d get to it! I appreciate the advice, and I’ve been working on using my birth chart to help me find ways to meet my needs and improve myself. I definitely need to put myself before others in this emotional state- which is still continuing. I have learned so much about astrology and find every bit of my birth chart’s information relatable. I will continue my journey in astrology for while, I’m sure. It’s hard to let go of something that completes me, which is where we get to The Gemini. Fortunately, we’ve been keeping in touch for the past 3 weeks or so. Although I still feel the same way for him and more of so every day, I hope him and I can just stay friends, just because it’s best that way.

        Once again,
        thank you so much for replying, even though you did not have to do so- at all, whatsoever.

        Oh, and by the way…
        I think I just figured out why I have ADHD lol
        Copy n’ Paste from my birth chart

        With your Moon in the sixth house of your natal chart, more than usual, you have an emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. If these matters are chaotic in your life, it’s a sure sign of emotional unrest.
        You may need to watch for anxiety, nervous energy, fretting, and a tendency to worry too much for your own good. (portion of the sweet little gift basket that comes with ADHD, it’s nevernding)

        You are very sensitive and especially aware of minor health annoyances or body aches and pains. Some people with this position have hypochondriac symptoms because of this sensitivity, while others are simply more acutely aware of health issues. In some cases, people with the Moon in the sixth house use health problems to escape responsibilities. At your best, however, you’re a person who always helps out and shows your affection for others in practical ways to help them solve problems and improve their lives. You are exceptionally adaptable and observant. (heheh… I’ve been getting better at it… but yes, true)

        ~Also, EXTREMELY, more of so, what I believe to be related to ADHD. Those last one’s are self explanatory if you happen to know the “sweet little gift basket”(sugar coated SO much), that comes along with ADHD. aNyWhO- to the extremely relatable point of ADHD~

        Neptune in Third House

        -although you often have your head in the clouds and might miss important details.
        -You might “tune out” when you hear specific directions, and consequently miss helpful details.
        You might, as a result, frequently be late for appointments or miss them altogether.

        -Sticking to schedules can be difficult, and so can tending to errands, communications, and other necessary daily activities.
        (Definitely, with ADHD, you drift your mind from one thing to another and often forget. I have my friends remind me what I was talking about during conversations because I easily slip into a completely different topic. Sticking to one thing is so hard to do, words just can’t describe, medicated or not. This is either because of what has already been said or simply not enough excitement to keep us hangin on there)

        -In your communications, you can quickly put others at ease, as you seem to understand them intuitively. (At least in my case, it’s because ADHD comes with a whole freakin gift basket of goodies so you understand many different things, especially emotion and health condition related. For some reason, my whole life, I’ve been able to give people advice off of just a little information from them, and my assumptions and advice are always 100%, whether I’ve experienced it or not!)

        -You express yourself creatively, imaginatively, and with great charm. (Coping mechanism. Also, my Midheaven is in Leo, so that definitely plays a role, too.)

        -Learning, especially when young, can be challenged only because the style of learning is not creative enough to hold your interest. (True in a form, I do need something to hold my interest, which is why I have focused on astrology a lot more than what I need to focus on. Certain things, even if simple, I do have a hard time understanding. The reason as to why I said “True in a form” is because I’ve actually been in Academic Enrichment since 3rd grade.)

        I find that astrology is the one thing that reeeeally grabs hold of my full attention, interest, curiosity, and gives me a complicated, yet non-stressful challenge.

        Anyways, thanks

        -Maddie <3

        1. Sally Kirkman

          The cookbook style astrology descriptions can be helpful but it also depends on the patterns the planets make and what interacts with what in your birth chart. I’m glad you’re using astrology thought to help your self-understanding. Sending best wishes.

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