Gemini June 2017

Gemini, sky

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

It’s your birthday month and it’s quite a month for you. The Sun is in Gemini until the 21st but the most important planetary shift is your ruling planet Mercury also in Gemini from the 6th to the 21st.

Mercury is the messenger in astrology and your sign rules communication. So get things moving this month, expect to be busy and use this lively astrology to come up with new ideas, have fun and dash through your ‘to do’ list.

For the last few months, your ruler Mercury has been dithering, sometimes going crazy and other times wanting to retreat. Yet the 6th is a key turning point for you when there’s no reason to hold back or not speak up.

Your sign is linked to the media so brush off your public speaking skills and your ability to talk to anyone who will listen. Whether you’re writing your memoirs or blogging on a website, make sure that your voice is heard.

There will be a couple of occasions when you’re up against opposition but that’s not to say you should let someone stop you in your tracks. Yes, Saturn opposes the Sun and Mercury in Gemini on the 15th and 18th respectively but if anything, you’ll enjoy the banter and being able to push forward your own opinions.

The only area where you might need to temper what you say is at work or in your career. Neptune remains in Pisces and this sector of your chart and on the 16th, Neptune turns retrograde. So not everyone will want to hear what you have to say and if you sense that you’re only speaking up to be controversial, weigh up the pros and cons carefully.

If you’re disillusioned with your current place of work, you may see no option but to voice your concerns. Yet know too that rocking the boat will have consequences, especially if your boss/employer/opposition doesn’t want change or new ideas.

Money matters are dominant too as ambitious Mars enters Cancer and your personal money sector on the 4th where it remains until mid to late July. So this might be another way out of a role that’s holding you back.

Look at new ways of earning money and use your wheeler dealer, trading skills to enliven your finances. The 21st, the day of the Solstice, is especially powerful for you. The Solstice represents the midpoint of the year and on this date, the Sun always enters Cancer and your money and values sector.

This year it’s joined by your ruling planet Mercury and the Sun and Mercury come together on this very important day. This is perfect for a meeting with your bank manager or coming up with new ways of improving your finances.

Plus three days later on the 24th there’s a New Moon in Cancer so there’s a real sense of taking the initiative now with regard to money and launching a new money-making project. This isn’t about other people’s finances, it’s about your own money and being independent.

One area that’s particularly interesting this month is your love life and your close relationships. There was a buzz last month about romance and meeting new people but events in June conspire to bring something extra special your way. You’re the butterfly of the zodiac but this isn’t a time when you can flit through life.

Instead, notice where you’re at on or close to the 9th, a special date in the astrological calendar. On this day, there’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius, your opposite sign. So this highlights relationships, your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. Full Moons often reveal the truth of a situation or bring matters to completion.

In addition, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, your partner planet and on the same day the 9th, Jupiter turns direct in the relationship sign of Libra after four months on go slow. This is a whoosh of positive energy and if you’re in a relationship or married, it could spell celebration for your partner or an exciting announcement.

In fact, it would be a wonderful day to marry or have an engagement party. Libra rules romance in your chart so everything’s coming together for a perfect coupling. It is your partner however who seems to be the one instigating events and Jupiter rules freedom. So for some, this might be a time when you’re breaking free or a relationship enters a new stage.

Either way, there’s plenty going on and with love planet Venus in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your chart from the 6th, a secret love affair could be your passion. You might take a risk when you enter into a new relationship but this month’s astrology suggests ‘nothing risked, nothing gained’.

The 9th is not only about a love relationship but could indicate a powerful partnership elsewhere in your life. Look out for other people who inspire you or seek out a role model. Having someone around who you can learn from could make all the difference now.

This is one of the most exciting months of the year for you so embrace whoever or whatever comes your way and follow where your free spirit leads you.

You’re the joker of the zodiac and right now, your ability to look on the bright side of life will be a joy and inspiration to others and your personal calling card that can open doors.

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