Gemini July 2019

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Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

Mercury Retrograde

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde, i.e. on go slow for most of July. This astrological phenomenon takes place three times a year for three weeks at a time. Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and only switches direction on August 1st.

This is your cue to slow down, do things differently and look at your life from a fresh perspective. When a planet is retrograde, it turns your attention inwards. It’s a time of inner change and preparation ready for the next cycle or wave of activity. 

If you can take time out this month, make it happen. You may have personal issues you want or need to mull over and Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to review, revise, rethink.

Mercury switches direction in Leo and your communication sector. Therefore, it’s doubly important to back up files and chase up important correspondence before Mercury dives into the dark zone. 

Things can go missing while Mercury’s on go slow, there can be misunderstandings or mis-truths. Keep an open mind as you take small steps forward in the month ahead. And, be ready to take a step back too, if and when necessary.

Tempers Flare

Leo rules siblings and neighbours, your local community. You might find that issues flare up in one of these areas around the 7th/8th. Another planet in Leo throughout July is Mars, the planet of action, representing passion and anger. You could be keen to make swift progress in one of the relationships mentioned above. Yet, things might not play out the way you expect and tempers may flare. 

If you want to enhance a relationship with a sibling or neighbour, wait until later in the month when the more challenging planetary activity has died down. In fact, the last week of July looks positively glowing as the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd, followed by the planet of relating, Venus, on the 28th. 

Turning Points

Plus, there’s a New Moon in Leo on August 1st which coincides with Mercury’s switch in direction. Put this all together and your close relations are on fire – in a good way – towards the end of July. 

This would be the ideal time to organise a community get-together, invite the neighbours round or reconnect with a sibling. It also suggests that any communication hold-ups or problems should also start to get resolved later in the month.

Leo rules all forms of communication in your horoscope, including the written and spoken word. This is a top month to express yourself, even if you keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Writing things down and journalling is a good way of clearing your mind.

Eclipse Season

July is eclipse month and both the New Moon on the 2nd and the Full Moon on the 16th are part of the current eclipse cycle. The Solar Eclipse falls in Cancer on the 2nd and the Lunar Eclipse cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac on the 16th.

This is the mid-way point in an eclipse cycle that began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020. For you, it falls across the financial axis of your horoscope. Therefore, it’s about all things to do with money, possessions and assets. Potentially, it’s about debt, money owed and a shift in earnings. Eclipses represent highs and lows and your situation rarely remains the same during an eclipse cycle.

It’s not just about money, however, although this is a key feature of your month ahead. It’s also about where your values lie, your self-worth and hidden feelings or emotions. In astrology, money and emotions are closely linked. They are not separate at all. Notice the emotional pull around money and what you give and receive.

Money & Emotions

This month’s astrology could flag up a financial issue involving someone else in your life. This is because Venus, the planet of relating, is in Cancer and your personal money sector from the 3rd until the 28th. In addition, Venus is a pivotal planet close to both eclipses on the 2nd and 16th. 

Consider what this might mean for you. Is money an issue within a close relationship or is there a theme of emotional blackmail in your life? Do you want to help someone out financially or do you need to ask for help, perhaps from a family member?

Mercury, your planet, retreats back into Cancer on the 19th so the theme of money and past connections runs deep. You may be aware of your own legacy, either that which is passed to you or that you pass on to the future generations. Try not to act impulsively where money’s concerned. If possible, delay any major transactions, be patient and bide your time. 

Top dates for communicating about money are the 21st and 25th when retrograde Mercury teams up fwith the Sun and then Venus, all three planets are in Cancer. Plus, Neptune in Pisces is involved as it plays a supportive role in easing the pressures around money and/or emotional ties. 

Neptune steps in on the 11th and 18th in Pisces and your career and vocation sector. You may have to cut your losses this month to break free of ties or limitations that hold you back. Some institutions or authorities will limit what you can and can’t do. 

Yet, stay on track with your vision and purpose in life. When in doubt, be kind and caring. At the same time keep firm boundaries in place around money and notice any emotional pull. There are always winners and losers during eclipse season and the trick is to end up on the winning team. 

It’s a heady and complex month. When in doubt, the best advice is to do nothing. Keep your money safe and secure and wait for Mercury’s change of direction early August before making up your mind about what’s right for you.

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