Gemini July 2016

Brussels, GeminiGemini (21 May – 20 June)

This month is less about difficult negotiations and more about getting on track with the business side of life. This includes looking at work and money matters and finding ways to make progress and move forward in life.

As the month begins your ruling planet Mercury is in the water sign Cancer and this is your personal money sector.

Mercury remains in this sector of your chart until the 14th and the first two weeks of July are brilliant for negotiating new money deals, looking at ways to earn more and generally sorting out finances.

This goes hand in hand with action planet Mars back up to speed in the sign of Scorpio. This is important for you because Scorpio rules your working life and your everyday routine. Mars is now strong again after 10 weeks retrograde or on go slow.

In fact, to some extent you’re back to where you were at the beginning of the year as Mars retraces its steps in the zodiac. Events in the second half of February might be relevant to what’s happening in your life now.

All in all, this is a positive week to get back in flow with work and money and look at new ways of doing what you want to do. You might be ready to reinvent yourself in some way, to find a job that suits who you are or perhaps you realise the time is ripe for change.

Your future plans and ideas are also shifting now as you realise you’re looking at the world differently. You’re less interested in being controlled by other people and more focused on how you can look after yourself and your family.

The 4th is a key date in this respect as there’s a New Moon in Cancer and your money sector. New Moons are symbols of new beginnings and the fortnight after the New Moon is the best time to be proactive, whether you’re looking for work, paying off debts or setting off on a new path.

Think big in life now and allow your imagination to guide you. Use visualisation tools to inspire you and seek out other people who think like you do. If you recognise that being around people who are negative is having a bad effect on your own progress, start to change things around. Look at life differently and find ways to tap into your creative and spiritual source.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the heavens and the best planet in astrology, remains in Virgo and your home and family sector until September 9th 2016. Jupiter teams up with your ruling planet Mercury on the 8th and this is a powerful time to negotiate what next for family, your home or a property move.

Together you’re stronger and it’s family and past connections that lead you towards prosperity. Work together to save money, to share expenses, to invest in the future. This is a time for teamwork with people you love and trust. Find ways to build for the future.

The Full Moon on the 19th cuts across the money sectors of your chart and this is often a time when you see your situation clearly. It’s a good date to make a key financial decision and to stabilise your own personal situation any way you see fit.

Mid-month there’s a shift in energy and it starts as two of the personal planets, Venus (relating) and your ruler Mercury (communication) enter the fire sign Leo on the 12th an 14th respectively. Water signs are emotional and there’s a lot of emphasis on the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces this month.

This means you need to trust your instincts especially with regard to money and work but at times this focus on emotions can feel draining. The planets moving into Leo is the perfect response as fire is lively, fun and motivated. It’s an outward rather than an inward-moving energy. More extrovert, less introspective.

Leo rules your communication sector so it’s here that you can make waves. This includes all communication in the spoken and written word, plus in your chart Leo rules community, new friends and sharing ideas.

This is perfect for you because being a Gemini this is your forte. You’re strong when it comes to making connections, both with regard to ideas and thought and bringing people together. You need a healthy balance between your social life and your working life.

If you’re looking for love, this is a good time to spread your net wide, join a dating agency or ask your friends for introductions. The 16th to the 19th are especially promising for new love and you might meet someone close to home. Leo rules your neighbourhood, the people you see on a daily basis and people local to you. This is where love planet Venus resides from the 12th onwards.

If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s a good month for communication but also having fun. If one or both of you have been focusing on the more serious side of life, it’s time to ring the changes and arrange some entertainment together. Go out on a date, join in with a local group, be pro-active and liven things up.

On the whole, this is one of the easiest months of the year so work at creating good relations, both personally and professionally.

At the end of July on the 30th, your planet Mercury enters Virgo and your home and family sector and one or both these areas of your life are going to dominate up until the time when Jupiter leaves this same sector of your chart early September.

But for now, make the most of a chance to enjoy your freedom and do more of what you love.

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