Gemini January 2018

January 2018

Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

Your ruling planet Mercury begins the year in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, ruling your relationships and partnership. Mercury remains here until the 11th and is retracing its steps from late November/early December.

This flags up the theme of second chances and, once again, Mercury connects with live-wire Uranus on the 6th of this month. This is brilliant for being spontaneous when it comes to love or any significant partnership, whether personal or professional. Act fast on or around the 6th to make the most of new information or your desire to make things happen quickly.

What’s important to note is that action planet Mars enters Sagittarius later in January on the 26th, where it remains until March 17th. This is brilliant for passionate liaisons although Mars doesn’t come along without a whiff or anger or irritation. One way or another, it’s time to engage fully with your 1-to-1’s, especially if one or both of you have been avoiding the other or you’ve been apart for some reason.

Certainly, this seems to be a month where you have to take other people into account because there’s a strong focus on the sign of Capricorn throughout January. Capricorn rules your joint finances and shared resources. Effectively, it concerns the practicalities of relationships and learning to live and work together alongside other people.

It’s a good idea to take the long view with regard to money matters and consider your future security, where you’re heading and why. The taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn, is now in Capricorn and teams up with your ruler Mercury on the 13th. Plus, later in the month, Mercury runs into power planet Pluto on the 24th, and Pluto has been in Capricorn for a long time, ten years to be exact.

Both these planetary connections suggest you have to take money matters seriously. This is not a time to be frivolous with cash or to live in the moment. Instead, do whatever you can to ensure your money is safe and secure and, in some shape or form, invest in the future for yourself and your family. Property deals and home refurbishments are part and parcel of the bigger picture.

What will help financially is to focus on your work and consider any new opportunities that come your way. Money seems to be an emotional issue this month, especially as both the Full Moon on the 2nd and the New Moon on the 17th light up the financial axis of your horoscope.

The Full Moon reveals the bigger picture, when you gain clarity about your financial situation. The New Moon is a positive period in the month to set new intentions and look at new ways of earning more or making better use of your current financial situation.

Plus, this month action planet Mars is in Scorpio and your work and lifestyle sector until the 26th. So this is where it’s wise to get ahead, to be ambitious and make things happen. In addition, you have the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, in this same sector of your horoscope. On the 7th, Mars and Jupiter come together in the zodiac.

This feels enthusiastic and energetic and it’s an excellent date to apply for a job and make some bold decisions regarding your work and lifestyle, or commit to a new healthy workout or fitness plan. This is a time when the mind-body-spirit connection is closely intertwined and it’s important to focus on all areas, rather than prioritise one over the other.

You may have to invest in your health and well-being and make a commitment to getting well, getting fit, dealing with stress. The more you can find your way forward with regard to your work and everyday routine, and the more you consider what serves you well in life, the more you benefit from this year’s astrology.

Also, there’s a powerful Jupiter-Pluto connection on the 16th. Jupiter is in Scorpio and your work and health sector and Pluto is in Capricorn and your finance sector. This is the first of three connections between these two planets and it’s a time to dig deep to uncover new opportunities or analyse these areas of your life.

The more you put in, the more you receive in return, whether you’re ready to improve your qualifications or you want to start a savings plan for something special. It’s an excellent month to turn to other people for guidance, so line up some expert tuition or advice.

The weekend of the 13th/14th could be the trickiest time with regard to money matters and this is not the time to splash out or take big risks with regard to finances. Instead, wait until the New Moon on the 17th and then you can see where action is required.

Travel is high up the agenda once Venus and the Sun enter your fellow air sign Aquarius on the 18th and 20th respectively. If you’re dealing with the more serious side of life at the start of the year, you’ll be more than ready to spread your wings and line up a holiday or last-minute trip away.

This prepares you nicely for your ruler Mercury’s move into Aquarius on the 31st, when you might find that an unusual opportunity to travel or study arises. This is because, on the same day, there’s a powerful Full Moon that’s a Lunar Eclipse lighting up the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

This is part of a bigger cycle that began in August 2016 and completes in January 2019. Eclipses tend to be dramatic and are often linked to the unexpected. Wait a few days after an eclipse and see if you can take advantage of a new opportunity or information.

This feels particularly exciting for you and February could turn out to be a month to remember because of the decisions you make once the eclipse energy begins to wane. Keep your options open and look at where and how you can expand your life to the full.

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