Gemini Horoscope September 2023

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Turning Points

September is a month of turning points with things starting to move in the right direction again. Firstly, on the 4th, the planet linked to love and money Venus turns direct after six weeks retrograde.

Venus has been on go slow in Leo and your communication and community sector. There may have been issues with a sibling, relative or neighbour. Or, perhaps you’ve been missing local support or a community vibe. There may be one person in particular you want to get to know better but it’s been a time of misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

Venus turning direct in Leo is a reminder to practise forgiveness, reach out to people and reconnect. There may be a strong link to your past during this period as big planet Jupiter switches direction in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the same day, the 4th.

This means there could be a lucky encounter or a date with destiny. Or, you may dive deep into your past. Alternatively, perhaps someone you meet sweeps you off your feet. The 17th and 29th remain a little bumpy but, ultimately, things are starting to move in the right direction.

Home & Family

Also this month, the Sun is in earth sign Virgo until the 23rd. Virgo rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. It’s the star sign at the base of your horoscope, what roots you and keeps you grounded.

Therefore, it’s wise to ask yourself why this area of your life is under the cosmic spotlight. You might be asking other people for support at home or you may be helping out more than usual with family. Alternatively, perhaps you have plans for your home or the place you live or work. 

This would be a good time to make lists to ensure nothing gets dropped or forgotten. Virgo is the star sign which represents order and structure, analysis and strategy. You can get a lot done, but it’s potentially a busy time too.

Mercury Turns Direct

Your ruling planet Mercury is linked to communication and the mind and is the other planet in Virgo all month. Plus, on the 15th, Mercury turns direct after being retrograde, i.e. in retreat, since August 23rd. It’s been quite a chaotic Mercury retrograde phase so you may be delighted to get back on track.

Sometimes, news or information comes to light on the day Mercury switches direction. You may hear from someone who’s been quiet or communication arrives ending a delay. Mercury turns direct in Virgo and your home and family sector. Therefore, it’s a good time to reach out to the ones you love and set things in motion.

Plus, there’s a double whammy of forward-moving activity as there’s a New Moon in Virgo on the same day, the 15th. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and a chance to start over. Reopen the lines of communication, make another bid on a property or start afresh with a DIY project.

The more grounded and secure you feel this month, the better. Plus, you could find that your home, family or past are your link to good fortune. Something could be revealed on or around the 4th, 8th, 16th, 25th or 30th that feels like the work of fate.

New Love/Good Times

September is the month of the Equinox, when the Sun moves into the star sign Libra on the 23rd. Libra is an air sign, the same element as your star sign Gemini. When planets in Libra, you need fun people in your life and activities or work that stimulate your lively mind. 

Libra rules a positive sector of your horoscope. It’s about play rather than work and the things you enjoy doing and the people you enjoy being with. This includes lovers as well as children, creative projects, entertainment and social activities. There’s a lucky vibe to planets in Libra so maximise your potential and believe that anything’s possible.

Plus, action planet Mars will be in Libra throughout September, so you don’t have to wait until the Equinox to get things moving. Be more social and do more of what you love.

Finally this month, there’s a powerful Full Moon cutting across the Libra/Aries axis of the zodiac on the 29th. This could be a celebratory Full Moon for you as Aries and Libra rule the social sectors of your horoscope.

This might be a passionate time for romance. Alternatively, you may be celebrating a child’s success. Or, you’re enjoying life with your friends. Make the most of this Full Moon phase and be around the people you love.

There’s a lightness when planets are in Libra, the star sign linked to relating. This is a positive influence for social events and bringing people together. Make the most of this and ensure you have a healthy work/life balance and that you prioritise the good things in life, whatever makes you happy.

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