Gemini Horoscope September 2022

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Home & Family

As September begins, the Sun is in earth sign Virgo until the 23rd. Virgo rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. It’s the star sign at the base of your horoscope, what roots you and keeps you feeling grounded.

Therefore, it’s wise to ask yourself why this area of your life is under the cosmic spotlight. You might be asking other people for support at home, be helping out more than usual with family or have lots of plans for your home or the place you live or work. 

This would be a good time to make lists to ensure nothing gets dropped or forgotten. Virgo is the star sign which represents order and structure, analysis and strategy. You can get a lot done now, but it’s potentially a busy time too.

The other planet in Virgo for most of September is lovely Venus. She’s here from the 5th to the 29th. This is often a time when you’re arranging family get-togethers or making your home more beautiful.

Yet, you may be feeling disillusioned with your life path and where you’re heading in life – this could kick in on the 16th, 24th and potentially around the Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th. If so, you might want to be at home more than usual or turn to family or loved ones for advice.

The Full Moon feels quite emotional for you but there may be a chance to change things around to suit you better. Trust your natural instincts during the Full Moon phase and consider what you can do at work or at home to give you more security or a sense of fulfilment.

Mercury Retrograde

The big astrology for you this month is the fact that your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th, the same day as the Full Moon. Your planet rules communication and is linked to transport, travel and trade.

Sometimes, when Mercury switches direction, you have to change direction too. Sometimes, things go wrong or there’s a theme of communication chaos. Ideally, get organised before the 10th and have those all-important conversations in the first part of the month.

Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, the star sign linked to relating. In particular, this is about your relationship with children, grandchildren or a lover. You might want to step in to help someone close to you. Or, perhaps you’re worried about someone close if they’re struggling.

Mercury turns retrograde opposite big planet Jupiter and these two planets clash on the 3rd and 18th. This is a strange conundrum as Mercury retrograde pulls you back towards the past while Jupiter is the future planet. You may spend a lot of time this month trying to work out the best course of action for your future security or your next steps. Questions, questions.

Don’t feel you have to rush into anything new while Mercury’s on go slow. Instead, consider all your options and don’t worry if you change your mind.

Mercury retrograde is ideal for reviewing your situation, for taking time out to think things through carefully. It’s only when Mercury turns direct on October 2nd, that you have the cosmic green light to get things moving once again.

Mercury turns retrograde in Libra but retreats back into Virgo on the 23rd where it turns direct early October. There’s a theme of long-lost families here or being caught up with personal relations more than usual.

Loving Vibes

Love is part of the planetary picture this month, especially as your ruler Mercury is in the sign of romance Libra up until the 23rd. Libra’s a fellow air sign, when logic and rationality kick in. You’re back in the domain of working things out in your head rather than trusting and living alongside hope and faith.

This airy vibe continues through the Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd. This date heralds a change of season and it’s a time when fun and play dominate. Do whatever gives you pleasure, team up with people you love, your children, a new lover, your social circle.

Libra rules a lucky sector of your horoscope, when enjoyment and entertainment peak and your creative juices begin to flow. Be actively social during the second half of September, especially if you’re looking for love.

Events around the New Moon in Libra on the 25th could be exceptional. Admittedly, with Mercury on go slow, there may be a stop-start theme to love but, one way or another, personal relations may be top of your list in the month of September.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Remember the Mercury retrograde mantra – put off the big decisions & major investments between September 10th to October 2nd. Here are some more tips:

  • be flexible, have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • take a step back, do less not more
  • double-check everything, read the small print
  • chase up old contacts, revisit the past
  • use all the re-words – revise, rework, review, reconsider
  • rest & retreat when you can
  • do your research & explore your options ready to act when Mercury turns direct

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