Gemini Horoscope October 2023

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Creative & Romantic Goals

Your ruling planet Mercury joins the Sun in Libra from the 5th to the 22nd. This is one of the social sectors of your horoscope linked to children, creativity, romance, entertainment and fun. Libra’s an air sign like your star sign Gemini. Action planet Mars is here too up until the 12th.

This is good news for you as you’re ‘in your element’. Air signs are about connection and networking, ideas and socialising. With the Sun in Libra up until the 23rd, it’s an ideal time to actively seek joy and pleasure in your life and practise gratitude for what you have.

You may find new ways of enjoying yourself and expressing your skills and talents. Focus on your children if you’re a parent and find new ways to help keep them stimulated at school or out in the world. Libra rules romance in your horoscope too, so new love could be on the menu.

Solar Eclipse

There’s a shift in energy mid-month as this is when there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. This is the second eclipse in this new eclipse cycle. The first took place on April 20th. Therefore the two dates could be linked.

The Solar Eclipse on the 14th flags up potential new beginnings around your social life, how you spend your leisure time and your connection with children and lovers.

On its own, this eclipse would be a turbo-powered New Moon, a chance to get things moving and accelerate growth. However, the powerful planet Pluto is square to the Sun and Moon during the eclipse, so there’s a theme of endings as well as new beginnings. 

Love could arouse strong emotions and not everyone may be happy with what takes place. Take your time on or around the 14th and don’t rush into a new relationship hell-for-leather.

You may need to keep a close eye on money matters too. This is because of Pluto’s influence. Three days before the eclipse, Pluto switches direction in Capricorn and your joint finance sector on the 11th.

This could feel intense if you’re dealing with a money issue. Ideally, try to remove yourself from any situation where other people have control of your money. 

Also, be realistic when it comes to your outgoings or expenses. If you recognise a drain on your finances, perhaps because of a loan or wanting to help out someone close, be vigilant. 

Decide whether saying no is actually the best medicine. This isn’t a good month to ignore a debt situation or keep paying out a regular amount of money that’s not bringing you a good investment. When both the Sun and Mercury square Pluto on the 21st, you’re wise to say no.

Scorpio Season

There’s strong planetary energy in Scorpio from mid-month onwards, the star sign which rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. Here’s the pattern:

Planets in Scorpio:

  • Mars (action/drive) – from October 12th
  • Mercury (communication) – from October 22nd
  • Sun (identity) – from October 23rd

This indicates a go-for-it period whether you’re after a new job or seeking work that inspires you. There’s energy and enthusiasm here and you may be making some bold decisions regarding your work or lifestyle. 

You might commit to a new healthy workout or fitness plan and actively decide to take good care of your body. The mind-body-spirit connection is closely intertwined and it’s important to focus on all these areas, rather than prioritise one over the other. 

Perhaps, you choose to invest in your health and well-being to lower your stress levels. The more you stay on track with your work and routine and the more you consider what serves you well in life, the more you can benefit from this full-on astrology.

On the 28th & 29th, there’s a powerful line-up of planets. The 29th is the date of a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. Usually, this combination is fierce and lively. You can walk (Mars) your talk (Mercury) and do (Mars) what you say (Mercury). Plus, Mercury is your ruling planet.

Yet, both planets are opposed by freedom-loving Jupiter in Taurus and this can blow a situation wide open. Plus, this is the time of a second eclipse taking place.

Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is active on the 28th. This eclipse is bringing the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle to a close. It began in November 2021 and this is a potent eclipse falling in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Eclipses are powerful and your dreams could be off the radar on or around the Lunar Eclipse. Try not to let your emotions lead you astray and know what anchors you and keeps you grounded.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about work and health, your lifestyle and routine, also service to others, whether this is your faith, your religion or a volunteering role. It’s here where you’re wise to be curious and notice where life’s calling you. 

Sometimes, eclipse events arrive with a bang as the unexpected kicks in. Other times, you notice sign-posts or synchronicities leading you down a new path. Take care of your well-being towards the end of the month and prioritise habits that support you.

Rest of the Month’s Astrology

This month is dominated by eclipse activity. Yet, the start of October is equally important. On the 5th, your ruling planet Mercury leaves earth sign Virgo where it’s been since late July. Virgo is your home and family sector and this is where there may have been confusion or disruption over the last couple of months.

Get things sorted and aim for more peace and harmony at home. The planet of balance and relating Venus enters Virgo on the 9th where she remains throughout the rest of October.

Also, Venus leaves her shadow phase in Leo on the 7th. Venus retrograde in Leo may have brought miscommunications and transport chaos. Leo rules siblings and neighbours in your horoscope. Here too, you’re wise to recognise what you’ve learned, to reach out and aim to keep the peace close to home.

Eclipse Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a double whammy of eclipses this month. The Aries/Libra eclipse cycle continues while the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle comes to an end. Here are some eclipse tips:

  • Try not to fear an eclipse – they are a reminder that you’re not in control.
  • Ideally, don’t choose an eclipse date to launch a project or start something new.
  • Wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden.
  • Once the eclipse shadow lifts, then you can aim to take advantage of any changes that have occurred.
  • Know that eclipses are closely linked to the karmic nodes and wheel of destiny – they often act as a signpost or turning point.

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