Gemini Horoscope June 2022

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New Beginnings

New beginnings are connected to what’s happening with your ruling planet Mercury. As June begins, Mercury turns direct on the 3rd after being retrograde or on go slow since May 10th.

This can be a significant turning point for you, a time of insights or intuition. Mercury turns direct in Taurus, your previous star sign. Allow yourself time to be quiet and listen to what’s calling you.

Once Mercury moves back into your star sign Gemini and its sign of rulership on the 13th, you may be ready to get moving with new ideas and plans that have been bubbling away.

The Sun is also in Gemini until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. This means it’s happy birthday month for some of you. The Sun & Mercury in Gemini offer a chance for you to speak up, get yourself noticed & make things happen.

When planets are in Gemini, this is about your image and profile & how other people see you. Also, it’s about your personal goals and aims. Starting a project that’s dear to your heart, for example, or implementing new ideas and habits fast.

The stars are on your side during Gemini season. Get in step with the Gemini vibe and put yourself first. Enter a competition, ask for what you want, write things down. Your star sign Gemini is linked to writing, so journal, get your work published or pen a letter to your family or friends.

Loving Vibes

Another lovely influence in June is Venus moving into your star sign Gemini on the 23rd. Venus rules love and relating, also money and abundance and is the planet linked to art and beauty. 

This is another nod in the direction of looking good and feeling good. You may be keen to engage a personal stylist or be considering a new look. You enjoy the good things in life when you have Venus in your star sign.

This could be a peak month for love and relationships. Venus is lighting up your attractiveness and popularity sector in the last 10 days of the month. Plus, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

The key date for love this month could be the 14th when you’ll feel the power of the Full Moon. Full Moons promise completion, a culmination and they shine a light on your situation. This would be a gorgeous date for a proposal or wedding or to meet someone for the first time. If you’re in a relationship or married, prioritise love and declare your affections.

Romantic Neptune is also caught up in the Full Moon picture. Currently in Pisces, Neptune’s influencing your career and vocation. You may meet someone who’s a great influence on your career path. Or, perhaps, you’re considering a new joint venture or business partnership.

The only hint of caution is that this is a square aspect and Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches. One partnership could fade away and be wary of being scammed or seduced. It’s even more important to trust your instincts, your natural intuition.

People Power

People are going to be important in your life this month for different reasons. Action planet Mars is in Aries throughout June and your friendship and group sector.

It’s here where there’s push and thrust, whether you’re joining a political party or turning into an activist. Team up with the right people in June and you can go far.

Lucky Jupiter is also here and the 20th may be a stand-out date when your planet Mercury teams up with Jupiter in Aries. It’s an ideal date for a social get-together or celebrating alongside your friends. Alternatively, you may be the one who’s full of good ideas and ready to help other people in your social circle.

Making Money

Finally, on the 21st, the day of the Solstice, the Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer and your personal money sector. It’s an ideal time to readjust your gaze towards finances and making money.

There’s a New Moon in Cancer on the 29th, an ideal date to set your intentions around money and to invite abundance into your life. You may receive a gift or be the one who’s gifting others. Encourage the flow of money and trust that all will be well.

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