Gemini Horoscope January 2023

2023, Gemini 2023 horoscopes

Happy New Year

As 2023 begins, there are two retrograde planets both of which are important for you. Therefore, you’re wise not to leap into action straightaway. Use the start of the year to allow yourself to dream and visualise what you want out of the year ahead.

Mars Direct

The turning points start on the 12th when action planet Mars turns direct. Mars has been retrograde since October 30, 2022 and Mars is currently in your star sign Gemini. 

When Mars is retrograde or on go slow, you often feel frustrated, you’re not in control or you’re held back in some way. It can be a time when your plans don’t work out and you have to be adaptable and flexible.

Mars represents passion, action, dynamic energy and wants to be moving in a forward direction. Therefore, from mid-January onwards, you may have a sense of being back in charge and able to push ahead with your personal goals or aims.

Plus, you have Mars in your star sign until March 25th and this is an excellent time to get fit, get things moving and fulfil a personal goal or aim.

Full Moon/Mercury Direct

Yet, there are practicalities to attend to this month, mostly around money. This is evident in the first week as the Full Moon on the 6th cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and the financial sectors of your horoscope.

This Full Moon could prove illuminating or revelatory. In fact, the period from the 5th to the 8th is ideal for trusting your intuition and going wherever life leads you. It may be a link to your past or some good karma that’s repaid which helps you out of a financial tight spot. It’s an excellent Full Moon for getting clear on your financial goals moving forward.

Then, on the 18th, your ruling planet Mercury turns direct in Capricorn and your joint finance sector. Mercury’s been retrograde here since December 29, 2022 and this isn’t the best time to make a major decision or investment. 

This is because news or information often comes to light when Mercury switches direction. Notice what occurs on or around the 18th. It would be a good date to chase up money owed to you. Also, a positive time to ditch a debt or cut your losses in order to break free of a financial tie.

Notice what happens on or around the 30th too, as there may be a repeat opportunity to make the most of your connections with the past. This is linked to events on December 17th & January 8th. It might be third-time lucky to complete a financial transaction that offers you more freedom.

Aquarius Themes

There’s some ease and flow in your horoscope from early January onwards. This has a lot to do with what’s happening in air sign Aquarius.

Whereas Capricorn represents tradition, the establishment and things that are set in stone, Aquarius represents the future, technology and all things modern.

The Sun’s move into Aquarius on the 20th is urging you to turn your attention to the future and build on your plans and dreams. Plus, the planet of relating Venus is in Aquarius from the 3rd to the 27th. Being around the right people could bring you inspiration, adventure and new experiences.

Aquarius is the star sign that rules travel and study in your horoscope and this is where there’s movement throughout the month. Plus, on the 4th & 25th, lucky Jupiter connects with the planets in Aquarius.

Jupiter is linked to hope and faith. The big planet can be a lucky and fortuitous influence, representing opportunity and growth. This is linked to friendship in your horoscope and group connections.

This may be an important month to plan ahead and envision what next. Aquarius rules the bigger picture and Jupiter encourages you to play big. Therefore, it’s a positive month to fire some arrows high into the sky and see where they land.  

Consider signing up for a course, learn a new skill or language online, increase your knowledge or find out more about a religion or spiritual path, a philosophy or belief system.

Play your cards right in January and make the right connections and, by the 30th, things could turn around and fast. Take your place within the world, whatever that means to you personally.

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