Gemini Horoscope February 2023

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Your ruling planet Mercury was retrograde for most of January. This can be a time of misunderstandings when you’re wise to take a step back rather than push ahead.

In February, Mercury is moving forward again and completes its journey through earth sign Capricorn. Mercury’s here until the 11th but, one day before leaving Capricorn, Mercury encounters Pluto on the 10th.

Pluto is the planet linked to loss and transformation and you may need to make a final decision around money or finances on or around this date. Tough decisions could be required, perhaps paying off a debt or finalising a financial agreement.

Aquarius Themes

On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, the star sign of the moment. The Sun is here too until the 18th and Aquarius is a fellow air sign.

Whereas Capricorn represents tradition, the establishment and things that are set in stone, Aquarius represents the future, technology and all things modern. There’s more movement available when planets are here.

This is urging you to turn your attention to the future and build on new plans and dreams. You may be keen to embrace more freedom in your life as Aquarius rules travel and study, the bigger picture. It’s a good month to fire some arrows high into the sky and see where they land later in the year. 

Consider signing up for a course, learn new skills online, increase your knowledge or find out more about a religion or spiritual path, a philosophy or belief system.

There’s a Full Moon while the Sun’s in Aquarius on the 5th. This Full Moon cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac, a day when you might be ready to make a travel or study decision.

Yet, this Full Moon feels lively as both the Sun and Moon are square to unpredictable Uranus. Therefore, some plans could fall apart. Or, perhaps your intuition is out regarding a long-term goal. Try not to act over-impulsively on or around the Full Moon. Be ready and willing to be adaptable and flexible.

Action Stations

Another important factor to note is that you have action planet Mars in your star sign Gemini throughout February. Mars turned direct last month but is only just picking up speed. This could be an adrenalin rush and it’s likely to be good news for your stamina and physical activities.

You might be feeling ambitious about getting ahead and pursuing your personal goals and aims. Yet, be aware that with Mars in Gemini you may want everything and fast.

Mars & Mercury might be back up to speed this month and you’re moving in the right direction. Yet, there could be a tendency to favour top speed or nothing at all. Make your best moves on the 18th and 22nd when you have support and friendship alongside you.

Career High

The Sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th highlights your career and vocation. Pisces is the star sign at the peak of your horoscope, ideal for vision work, dreams and finding a meaningful path in life. You may be able to bring a spiritual perspective into your work. Or, you have a strong intention to make a difference, care for others, be charitable.

This is the start of a peak period when there’s a significant shift in this sector of your horoscope. You’re wise to breathe life into your dreams and collaborations this month. When you feel inspired in your goals, your long-term vision can propel you forward in a positive way. The New Moon takes place in Pisces on the 20th, a symbol of new beginnings.

The other planet in Pisces until the 20th is Venus, the planet of relating. This indicates that it’s a good month to find your muse and consider what role other people play in your progress or success.

You may see how crucial someone else’s involvement is in a project or your career path. You may see clearly who inspires you. Recognise the significance of other people in your life and this can help you make the right moves.

While Venus is in Pisces, look out for women of influence, use your connections and lean on other people for support and advice. There’s a lot of movement and energy in your career & vocation sector but not necessarily in a straight line. The theme of diversity runs strong throughout February. Use your trickster ways to good effect.

Friends & Romance

Finally, you may be more involved with group activities this month as the star sign Aries is prominent. Big planet Jupiter is here until mid-May. Also, on the 20th, the planet of relating Venus enters fire sign Aries.

Aries rules friends, wider society, connections and group dynamics in your horoscope. Therefore, this isn’t the time to go it alone. Plus, if you’re looking for love, be aware that love and friendship go hand in hand, once Venus enters Aries.

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