Gemini Horoscope February 2022

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The Sun is in air sign Aquarius until the 18th. This is a good time to seek the bigger picture in life, focus on long-term travel and study plans and use your clever brain to envision what next.

There’s a New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st, a symbol of new beginnings. Yet, this Full Moon falls next to Saturn so some plans may end before they start. Or, perhaps you take the sensible option and decide against an adventure or new experience. Restrictions could kick in early in the month, stopping you from leading your life the way you choose.

If there is a disappointment, try again later in the month. Your planet Mercury returns to Aquarius on the 14th and two days later there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac.

There’s a sense of destiny about this Full Moon, so listen for a calling, a turning point that signposts a new direction. It’s an ideal Full Moon for study, learning and gaining knowledge.

Mercury Direct

Yet, that’s leaping ahead. What’s most important for you this month is the fact that your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 4th. Mercury’s been retrograde since January 14th and this can be a time of communication chaos, when things don’t go according to plan. You can feel frustrated or have to re-do or re-work your plans.

Notice what you hear or read close to the date that Mercury turns direct. This often brings new information or the truth to light. The lines of communication are re-opened and it’s a positive date to get ahead.

Mercury’s turning point comes in Capricorn, your joint finance sector. This is about money on the one hand, also all things hidden and taboo. If you’re struggling financially, use Mercury’s turning point to make some clear decisions moving forwards. You may feel ready to tackle a sensitive issue that’s been bothering you for some time.

Plus, Mercury isn’t alone in Capricorn this month. Venus is one of the planets linked to money and abundance and Venus turned direct here on January 29th. This flags up the theme of a gift. Or receiving money or a compliment that boosts your sense of worth.

You may have some key financial goals this month and be ready to work towards them. Action planet Mars is moving through Capricorn alongside Venus and this is an ambitious placing for Mars. You may be prepared to fight for what’s rightfully yours or recognise that money and finances require a tough response. This may be evident on or around the 11th.

It’s not just about pushing through, however, it’s also about collaboration. Venus and Mars are working together and they unite on the 16th. Find the right expert or adviser this month, line up a new business partnership or joint venture. Strengthen your connections and your alliances.

Career High

The Sun’s move into Pisces on the 18th highlights your career and vocation. Pisces is the star sign at the peak of your horoscope, ideal for vision work, dreams and finding a meaningful path in life. You may be able to bring a spiritual perspective into your work. Or, have a strong intention to make a difference, to care, to be charitable.

This is the start of a two month period when there’s a huge wave of planetary energy taking place in this sector of your horoscope. Dive deep into your dreams after the 18th and work on your collaborations on or around the 23rd and 24th. When you feel inspired in your goals, your long-term vision this is what will propel you forwards more so than greed or necessity.

Intuitive Moves

There’s another strong planetary influence this month as one of the major aspects of 2022 takes place on the 18th. On the day that the Sun enters Pisces, big planet Jupiter in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus. These two planets are entrepreneurial and freedom-loving. They represent breakthroughs and leaps of faith.

This month’s key astrology not only indicates a sea-change but a helpful period of soul-searching too. This is because Uranus in Taurus is active in the sign before yours and the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

This may stir issues up from the past or reconnect you with a deeper sense of self. There’s wisdom in slowing down and doing things differently. It’s a rare opportunity to get off the hamster wheel of life and see what lies beneath or beyond. This could be a time of enlightenment or awakening when you’re ready to explore the unknown and set off on a new journey.

This month’s astrology feels important for you with so much going on at the peak of your horoscope, urging you to look to the future and what next. Take a leap of faith on or around the 18th and keep moving forward, even if it’s one small step at a time.

Mercury Turning Direct

Here are some guidelines for when the communication planet is moving in the right direction after the 4th:

  • try again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • sort out any misunderstandings
  • consider what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where are you wasting your time?
  • initiate a conversation, re-open the lines of communication
  • write a list – keep it short & deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • handle any technological or transport issues
  • plug back in & renew your energy & focus

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