Gemini Horoscope August 2022

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Inner Rebellion

There’s a lively vibe going on as August begins. On the 1st/2nd, there’s a triple conjunction involving action planet Mars, unpredictable Uranus and the karmic North Node, all in Taurus. This combination is about rebellion, innovative moves and flashes of genius.

It’s taking place in the most hidden sector of your horoscope. You could experience a surge of strong emotions during this period. You may feel strongly about a personal issue. Or, perhaps a secret or confidence emerges that demands your attention.

There’s a theme of the inner rebel and you may recognise you want to change something about yourself – adopt a new attitude, be bolder & braver or fight for what you believe in.

Uranus’ planetary energy is vibrant. Take advantage of a last-minute opportunity, flex your adaptable muscles and show willing.

It’s not necessarily an easy time. You could feel as if you’re an outsider or excluded in some way. You may have a sense where you don’t fit in and that you have to do things on your own. It’s only one part of this month’s astrology but it’s important.

Don’t avoid dealing with what’s happening on a personal level or on the inside. Mars remains in Taurus until the 20th and Uranus turns retrograde on the 24th, another key date for the unexpected.

A Social Vibe

Also, this could be a social month for you. Your ruler Mercury is lively in Leo and your communication sector up until the 4th, the planet of relating Venus moves here on the 11th and the Sun remains in Leo until the 23rd.

This is a sociable and cheerful vibe. It’s a good time to make new friends and get the right people on your side. Unleash your gift of the gab and be your charming, persuasive self.

Allies and friends could be a strong support this month. Work at your friendships, improve your network and connections. This peaks on or around the 18th, when you could meet someone who plays an influential role in your life.

It’s a good month to boost your communication skills, go back to school or gain new qualifications. You could be exceptionally busy, especially if you work in the travel industry, you’re a trader or salesperson or you use your gift of the gab in your job.

In business, word-of-mouth recommendations are your best selling tool. Whatever support or advice you need, reach out to others and create a strong network around you. You might be the one offering help or advice.

Full Moon Aquarius

The Full Moon on the 12th is a pivotal moment in the month. The Moon is in air sign Aquarius and next to somber Saturn. Plus, this Full Moon squares the Mars-Uranus conjunction. Therefore, this could be a time when your plans change suddenly, especially around travel or study options.

Keep your schedule easy and light. If you want or need to dash off and see someone unexpectedly, go for it. Move things around to suit you but be aware that plans could change suddenly.

This Full Moon is reigniting the Saturn-Uranus square aspect that was the main planetary aspect of 2021. Saturn is about abiding by the rules, restrictions and limitation, whereas Uranus favours freedom and breaking the rules.

You may feel caught in the middle during this Full Moon period. What takes place could change the way you see things. A clash of beliefs or ideals may be revealing. You could be questioning your faith or be exploring a new religion.

If you want to break free of an association or a place of education, this could be the time to do so. However, be ready for a postponement or a cancellation of a course or event meaning you have to change direction and fast.

Home & Family

Your ruling planet Mercury spends most of the month in Virgo, your home and family sector. Mercury is here from the 4th to the 26th and is joined by the Sun’s move into Virgo on the 23rd.

You may be talking more with family this month or be creating new agreements with tenants or utility companies. Work at supporting one another and share resources when possible. The New Moon in Virgo on the 27th is an ideal date for new beginnings in these key areas of your life.

You may be ready for a slower pace if life seems crazily busy. Certainly, you could have a strong sense that security and a safe base are calling you.

Action Stations

Finally, it’s important to note that you have action planet Mars in your star sign Gemini from the 20th onwards. This could feel like an adrenalin rush. It can spell good news for your stamina and physical activities. It suggests you’ll be feeling ambitious about getting ahead and pursuing your personal goals and aims.

There may be a tendency to favour top speed but be aware that you’re wise to play the long game. This is because Mars remains in your star sign for an unusually long time. Mars doesn’t leave Gemini until March 2023. This is because Mars turns retrograde here in the last two months of 2022.

Therefore, keep your gaze on your future goals and make the most of the planet of drive, ambition and speed in your star sign before it turns retrograde at the end of October.

Mars in Gemini adds force to your communication and can indicate a war of words. This suggests that you may feel strongly about what’s happening through August. Tap into your passion and use your anger to bring about change.

Think of life as a cosmic dance this month and you may be able to get more done than expecting everything to proceed in an orderly fashion. 

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