Gemini Horoscope April 2022

Gemini horoscope April 2022, kite-surfing

Friends & Groups

You are being called out into the world as the month begins. The Sun’s in Aries and your friendship and group sector until the 20th. Most importantly for you, your ruling planet Mercury is also in Aries from the 11th to the 29th. This awakens the extrovert side of your character, the part of your nature that enjoys being around other people.

Aries brings with it a sense of the new and this is the theme of the New Moon on the 1st. The Sun & Moon sit alongside your planet Mercury. Listen out for a sign or synchronicity during the first weekend of the month. A conversation you have could be the catalyst to set you on a new path. Or, perhaps there’s exciting news for a good friend.

Dive into a new initiative this month and find ways to stay connected within society and within key groups in your life. You may choose to volunteer or lead the way with new ventures in your community.

Remember this is a two-way deal. Be there for friends and bring laughter and lightness to other peoples’ lives but ask for help and support when it’s needed. Reach out to others in the mood of collaboration to benefit one another’s lives.

Mars & Saturn

Some plans could come to an end. Or, perhaps you let go of an old plan to try something new or different instead. There may be times when you experience a sense of frustration in your life. The Mars/Saturn conjunction on the 5th isn’t an easy combination.

The conjunction falls in Aquarius and your travel and study sector. Mars is speedy whereas Saturn is slow, limiting and restrictive. You could decide to cancel a holiday under these stars or let go of a plan to study.

Once Mars breaks free from Saturn, any frustration or disappointment could begin to ease. Then, Mars’ active nature benefits you when it comes to learning, gaining knowledge and finding new ways to expand your horizons and seek meaning in the world.

Pisces’ Vibes

This is also the theme of what’s happening in Pisces, arguably the dominant star sign of the month ahead, thanks to the major Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 12th.

Pisces is your career and vocation sector, the point at the top of your horoscope leading you out into the world. There’s huge potential here, thanks to the miraculous combination of Jupiter & Neptune. It’s an ideal month to play big, to hold on to hope and have faith that your big dreams could work out. There’s a theme of unlimited possibility calling you forth.

Ideally, you’ll be able to travel to pursue your vocation or have a creative or spiritual purpose through your work. At the very least, there needs to be a greater sense of meaning whatever you’re engaged in.

The planet of relating Venus is in Pisces from the 5th onwards so work your connections and get the right people on your side. Venus picks up the Jupiter-Neptune themes on the 27th & 30th of the month. Trust your luck and dive deep into your chosen goals.

This could spell good news for love as Venus is the goddess of love & devotion. The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th is potentially another promising date for relationships. However, the Sun & Moon are square to Pluto and this can flag up a theme of loss or endings. Whatever happens for you personally, this is not the time to hold on tight when it comes to love. Learn to trust, to go with the flow.

Retreat & The Lure of the New

Throughout April, there’s strong emphasis on your bigger goals. Yet, there’s another influence taking place at the same time. From the 11th until the 29th, your ruling planet Mercury is hidden away in your horoscope in Taurus and the star sign before yours. This can be a time when you benefit from retreat, quiet time, prayer or solitude. You’re slowing down, perhaps in readiness for next month’s very personal Mercury retrograde phase.

It’s important that you make time for you now and don’t lose yourself in the bigger picture or out in the world. Too much going on and this could lead to overwhelm.

The Sun joins Mercury in Taurus on the 20th. You might be drawn back to the past or return to a place you’ve been before that was meaningful to you. Wherever you are, ensure you find some time to rest & relax.

When key planets are in Taurus, it’s a good idea to prioritise self-care. Or, perhaps you’re looking after someone close to you. Think about why you might need more time alone, whether you’re a carer, you’re studying or preparing for a new chapter in your life.

This is the theme of Uranus’ move through Taurus too. You may sense a long-term change or shift taking place, perhaps moving you from one chapter in your life to another.

Uranus kicks in this month on the 18th when it makes a conjunction to your planet Mercury. It’s a key player in the second New Moon of the month as well, a Black Moon, also a Solar Eclipse. You may need time out to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. 

With Uranus here, there’s liveliness, electricity even. You may feel inspired to act fast and respond to the major changes unfolding in our world. This could be a key time for innovative ideas and a chance to turn inwards to seek solutions or answers.

Yet, towards the end of the month you could feel as if things are falling apart before they can be rebuilt. Try not to let anxiety take hold throughout April and learn to slow down and focus on your breath.

Jupiter-Neptune themes

The once-in-a-lifetime Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is exact on April 12th. We’ve been surfing its waves since February and there’s a way to go yet. It peaks this month, continues into May & there may be a Jupiter-Neptune revival in November/December.

Jupiter-Neptune themes conjure up big dreams, a cultural renaissance, a spiritual awakening, miracles, revelation, awe & wonder. In Pisces, it’s a flood of emotion, a wave of imagination, a rush of compassion & interconnectedness. It’s also wise to avoid fake news, be wary of scams, choose your faith carefully & lose yourself in a good way.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction falls in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. This would be an ideal time to believe that anything’s possible, to pursue a creative or spiritual career. You could become a guru-type figure, a media baron, take a sabbatical, work abroad or decide to chase your dream goal.

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