Gemini February 2019

GeminiGemini (21 May – 21 June)

Your ruling planet Mercury is in your fellow air sign Aquarius until the 10th. Mercury in Aquarius is a good fit and some astrologers consider Aquarius Mercury’s sign of exaltation. Certainly, the planet of communication and ideas can excel in Aquarius, the sign of structure and order, also the sign of eccentricity and genius.

Therefore, the first half of this month is a top period for studying, learning and gaining knowledge. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, a stay-at-home parent or a professional, this is your chance to put your curious mind to good use and pick up some useful tips or new qualifications.

If you’re invited to a talk, workshop or course, make sure the answer’s Yes. Other people are linked in to this mind-fest. It can only benefit you to expand your learning and be open-minded while Mercury’s in Aquarius.

This spells good news for brainstorming ideas too and joining forces with other people who complement your skills. This could help you out professionally or simply enliven your social life. The top dates are the 3rd, 8th and 9th. Plus, on the 4th, there’s a New Moon in Aquarius, an excellent date to take a test or exam, sign up for a course or book a holiday or trip away.

Aquarius rules foreign connections in your horoscope, different cultures and experiences. If you haven’t yet decided what adventures you’re taking on in 2019, this is a top period to do so.

Plus, the more engaged you are with life and the more you’re out in the world, this brings you into contact with people who can help you. You currently have the planet of opportunity, Jupiter, in Sagittarius and your relationship sector where it remains for most of the year. Therefore, this is a great time to widen your social circle and find people who offer what you need.

This might flag up a romantic relationship or perhaps it’s a teacher-student scenario. Either way, you can learn a lot from other people and it’s a great time to create new partnerships in your life.

Some of you might be drawn out into the world to fight for what you believe in or to get on board with political, social or community concerns. This is because Mars and Uranus together are the activist, the rebel and both planets are strong in Aries until the 13th. 

This is when they meet in the zodiac at the last degree of Aries. If you have a strident friend who wants you to join them in a protest, march or good cause, this is the Mars/Uranus conjunction in action.

Aries rules your friends and group encounters and there’s definitely a revolutionary charge for the first couple of weeks of the month. The Mars/Uranus conjunction on the 13th does, however, feel quite volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, take good care of yourself if you’re caught up in a protest, march or similar event.

Mars leaves Aries on the 14th and Uranus leaves Aries on March 6th and won’t return for another 84 years. Therefore, if you’ve been meaning to get involved with a social issues or political debate that matters to you, don’t procrastinate but take action. Tap into the revolutionary vibe that’s strong in the first two weeks of the month.

On the 10th, your planet Mercury changes star sign and enters Pisces and your career and vocation sector. This is the time to turn your attention to your work and career, your status and reputation. It’s time to question where you’re heading and why.

This is a big theme for you in the year ahead but the way through is to explore your options and throw your net wide. Get more involved with activities at work or let people know what you’re looking for with regard to your career. This is not the time to play small or hold back. Instead, see what opportunities arise for you and use your connections to increase your chances of success.

The Full Moon on the 19th is a pivotal date for your career and vocation as it cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the horoscope. Plus, your planet Mercury teams up with imaginative Neptune on the same day, boosting your creative and compassionate urges.

This could be the start of a peak week for you. Whatever you’re involved in is likely to prove successful. Or you find yourself in the right place at the right time as an exciting opportunity or offer of partnership comes your way. 

This is a top month to nail a financial negotiation too. Keep your eyes on the prize and sort out your finances. Get expert advice when you need it and line up some long-term financial goals. A sensible approach to money matters will help you now.

It’s important to crack on with your career goals this month because, in March, your planet Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces from the 5th until the 28th. Therefore, don’t hang around waiting for opportunity to knock. Instead, be the one to initiate ideas, connections, meetings and talks this month.

Valentines, the 14th, could be interesting for you as the Moon is in your star sign Gemini. You might attract what you need with the Moon promising an emotional experience. Or perhaps, you decide to flirt or work your way throughout Valentines Day – your call.

Love and passion could take a back-seat once lusty Mars enters Taurus and the most hidden sector of your horoscope on the 14th. Alternatively, this flags up a passionate and earthy love affair, one that needs to remain private for now.

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