Gemini December 2016

Gemini, Christmas

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

The end of one year and the beginning of a new year is always an important time to stop and reflect on your life. Look at the year that’s gone and fire some arrows high into the air to see where they land in 2017.

This month is especially important for you however and you do need to move forward carefully. The main reason for this involves your ruling planet Mercury, the communication planet and on the 2nd Mercury enters Capricorn and your joint finance sector.

This flags up money matters and during December you may have more expenses than usual or be earning more. Yet what’s really important to note is that on the 19th Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn and will remain on go slow until January 8th 2017.

This is a clear indication not to run up too much debt or overspend during the festive period. Keep your outgoings realistic and avoid putting money on credit wherever possible. If you’re waiting on money or a payment, you might have to wait longer than usual to receive what you’re owed once Mercury is on go slow.

So be aware of this and if you’re travelling over the festive period, keep your money safe and secure and have financial options. It’s best to have plan B up your sleeve and avoid big risks on the money front.

If you’re looking to earn more money or you need to come up with some creative ideas for extra cash, it’s the period between Christmas and New Year that’s looking lively. The New Moon on the 29th lights up your money sector so invest in your future and use your imagination to conjure up new work or money ideas.

Action planet Mars enters Pisces and your career sector on the 19th and links in to the New Moon, so this is an important period of reflection for you with regard to your next steps in life. Yet timing is key and don’t rush into anything until your ruler Mercury is back up to speed mid-January.

Travel is on the cards for you this year too and this would be an excellent Christmas to spend time abroad or choose a different location for the festivities. This is due to two planets, Mars and Venus, the lovers of the heavens.

Mars is in Aquarius and your travel and study sector until the 19th and Venus enters Aquarius on the 7th where it remains throughout the month of December. Plus on Christmas Day, Venus is fizzing with activity so if you are abroad or travelling for Christmas, there’s plenty of love to go round.

Yet love and relationships are entering a critical period this month and it’s here where you need to pay attention for a couple of reasons. There’s a Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on the 14th and this is the first indication that this is a big month for love decisions.

In addition, Jupiter in Libra lights up your romance sector this Christmas so there’s potential for fun and this includes love affairs. Yet before you leap in, look closely at what motivates you. The other major planet influencing your 1-to-1’s is Saturn which has been in Sagittarius and your relationship sector for most of the time since December 2014.

Saturn isn’t an easy planet. Sometimes it can spell loneliness or the end of a relationship. It’s about commitment but also responsibility and if you’re a typical Gemini, you don’t settle down easily. This is because you crave variety in life and are easily bored.

Yet the good news is that Saturn is moving easily through the zodiac now and in fact, makes positive aspects to key planets over Christmas and this can make a huge difference. Apply this to your personal situation and what it might mean for you.

Perhaps you’re single and you’ve decided you’re happy to stay that way for now. Perhaps you’re in a committed relationship and after some struggle or hard times, you’ve decided to be together, to renew your vows.

One thing’s for sure, with love planet Venus in action on Christmas Day, December 25th, plus a stunning Saturn-Uranus planetary aspect on the same day, this feels eventful. This could spell a proposal for some, spending Christmas with a new lover or, thanks to a Jupiter-Uranus opposition on Boxing Day, December 26th, freeing yourself from a relationship that’s no longer working.

Babies and children are part of the picture so perhaps there’s the announcement of a pregnancy, a decision to put the kids first or the opposite, feeling that you want to prioritise your love life above all else.

It’s an ‘anything goes’ period over the Christmas break so be ready for the unexpected and be willing to try something new.

If love relationships are off the agenda, then this is potentially a creative period for you. You might be ready to build a new creative partnership or team up with a friend or colleague in a new and exciting venture. The more innovative and inventive your ideas, the more exciting your future.

Spend Christmas with friends too and be aware that this festive season is the ideal time to do things differently or break with tradition. Not everything will go according to plan and you could find that you’re let down by someone close. Either way, be a true Gemini and embrace the changes that come your way.

2 thoughts on “Gemini December 2016”

  1. Steve Phillimore

    Thank you Sally. As a Gemini, this has been such a tough year, financially and I was also being bullied by a legal in a court case. I’m very hopeful December can lift the gloom. I’ll be looking forward to your tennis predictions in the New Year,
    Many Thanks for all your hard work ,it is appreciated,
    Kind Regards,
    Steve Phillimore

    1. Steve, thank you for your comment and I’m sorry things have been challenging for you. I think a lot of people will be glad to see the back of 2016. It sounds like Saturn in Sagittarius opposing your sign of Gemini has been the culprit for you astrologically. That fits with the legal bully! It’s going to be an easier year for Saturn transits in 2017 as Saturn gets support from both Uranus & Jupiter, so it shouldn’t be as tough and more options will be available. Hope the tennis is fun in 2017 – loving that Andy Murray is world no. 1. Sending best wishes, Sally

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