Gemini Christmas Horoscope 2016

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GEMINI (21 May-20 June)

The first thing to note this festive fortnight is that your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde for the whole time. Communication planet Mercury begins its retreat on Monday 19th December and won’t be back up to speed until January 8th 2017.

So be aware of this and don’t leave anything to the last minute. It’s important to be flexible and know that your plans might change suddenly.

More specifically, Mercury is on go slow in Capricorn and your joint finance sector. So money is one area of your life where you would benefit from a review. There could also be a delay around money owed so note this too and don’t rely too heavily on a nest egg, bonus or investment.

Capricorn also rules one of the most hidden sectors of your chart so this is about how you change on the inside. Spend some time over the next fortnight exploring your psyche, what makes you tick, your inner motivations. Your curious mind could easily go into overdrive now but also reveal some hidden truths.

On December 19th, the same day as Mercury turns retrograde, action planet Mars enters Pisces, the sign at the top of your chart ruling your career and vocation. This is unusual timing but perhaps it means a promotion, working the Christmas shifts or feeling ambitious about your plans for 2017.

Certainly you’re wise to spend some time planning and reviewing what next. The period between Christmas and New Year is best in this respect and you’d benefit from a course or some time out to mind-map and visualise what next.

This is about your working life, your career and vocation on the one hand but also how you earn money and what you do with it and how you invest it.

You could come up with some exciting plans that you’ll be ready to implement once Mercury is back up to speed mid-January. This is also a good time to sit down and work out how to pay off any debt or choose a new savings plan.

The big Christmas astrology promises a great deal whether your other half springs a surprise, there’s an announcement of a pregnancy or someone from abroad drops in unexpectedly.

It’s a great time to throw yourself into some fun festivities and make the most of opportunity planet Jupiter in your entertainment sector. Romance could develop quickly if you’re looking for love and kids too will be a delight. Hang out at the local pantomime and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas that’s so unique to children.

Friends too could play their part this year but in a way that’s unpredictable or unexpected. Uranus turns direct in Aries and your friendship sector on December 29th and anything goes. Have fun but don’t rely too heavily on one other person or a group in which you’re involved.

Finally, New Year’s Eve is a good time to celebrate somewhere different or at least ring the changes. There’s a positive vibe and you’re right to feel excited about what 2017 has in store.

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