Full Moon Virgo: Seeking Order Amidst Chaos

Full Moon Virgo

Full Moon [27 Virgo 40]

– March 18 2022 (07:18 GMT)

It’s a Full Moon week when the Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo. The King & Queen of the planetary line-up gaze at one another from different sides of the zodiac.

Full Moons are invariably an emotional time and we’re currently moving through Pisces’ season, the last sign of the zodiac and one of the water signs.

Therefore, this could feel like an overwhelm of emotion & sensitivity. Pisces is the star sign most closely linked to the collective unconscious, the dream world, picking up on energy & vibrations that ripple out around the world. These are extraordinary times we’re living through.

The Sun may be close to the end of Pisces but thanks to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th, this world of swirling emotion & heightened sensitivity isn’t going away yet. We’re diving deeper into this creative & compassionate, disorienting & boundless realm.

The Full Moon could represent a completion in your life as it falls close to the end of the zodiac. Two days after the Full Moon, the Equinox takes place on March 20th when the Sun begins it journey around the zodiac.

The exact degree of the Moon is 27 Virgo 40, the Sun in opposition at 27 Pisces 40. This Full Moon will be most powerful for you if you have planets or angles in your natal chart close to the Full Moon degree – allow a 1-2 degree orb. 

Virgo v. Pisces

Full Moon energy can offer you an opportunity to tune into what you need and what will offer you sustenance and comfort as you move forward. The Virgo/Pisces axis is connected to service & sacrifice, healing & health.

Virgo is the star sign linked to work and routine, being useful and one of Virgo’s archetypes is to be of service. Pisces is linked to devotion, leaving the self (ego) behind to surrender to a higher order. A theme of sacrifice. 

Whereas Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury enjoys the busyness of the mind and favours detail and order, Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune wants to go with the flow, be intuitive and tap into the creative and spiritual source through dreams and imagination. 

During the Virgo Full Moon, there’s often a sense of busy-ness, when you want or need to be productive and get things done – Virgo’s realm. 

What will bring you fulfilment now? You may choose to devote yourself to a creative, romantic, spiritual or caring activity. You may choose to let go and rest deeply and find a spa bath, a warm sea or a fantasy world to lose yourself in. You may decide to sort through all your cupboards.

Both points of the Virgo/Pisces axis are highlighted now. Through the confusion of ideas, hopes and dreams which emerge (Sun Pisces), your goal is to find a route to clarity, efficiency, order (Moon Virgo). 

Yet, there might be another way, one that’s connected to not knowing, being willing to go wherever life leads, to surrender to life rather than try to direct it the way you choose.

The Law of Opposites

The dynamic of a Full Moon in astrology is an opposition and always presents a challenge on how you synthesize opposing energies or clashing wants and needs. There’s invariably an element of conflict but with this comes the opportunity to find a way to work together and use complementary skills or interests for the unity of the whole. 

What do you need right now? Where do you need to trust yourself and tap into the Full Moon to shine its light, its clarity, its knowingness? What are you willing to give? What are you open to receive?

Opposite signs in the zodiac have opposite natures and they can learn from each other. Virgo is the sign of analysis, excellent at paying attention to detail. At its best, a perfectionist, orderly & precise; at its worst, a worrier, overly critical & demanding.

At this Full Moon of order (Virgo) v. confusion (Pisces), perfectionism (Virgo) v. go with the flow (Pisces), the first step is to consider what you could let go of, which decisions you can postpone for a while, what’s urgent, what’s not.

There are times when you need to actively download your mind, to stop, to empty out. How can you slow down, relax, chill out? Any activity where you can stop the chatter in your head and tap into your intuitive instinctive nature could be of huge benefit.

While the Full Moon is in Virgo, do get your life in order, attend to your diet, tweak your daily habits, stick to your deadline but don’t try and order your life so meticulously that there’s no room for flow and ease.

If you’re trying to ‘do it all’ or you’re in emotional overwhelm, this is the ideal week to look at ways of going about things differently. There may be a chance to find order amidst the chaos during this Full Moon period.

Here are the areas in your life which are highlighted by this Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Retreat, healing & inner work – routine, service, health & well-being
  • Taurus: Friends, groups & wider society – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Gemini: Career & vocation, the future – home & family, the past
  • Cancer: Travel, study & exploration – communication, community & relatives
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money, joint resources, taboos – money, possessions & self-worth
  • Virgo: Relationships, partnership, contracts – personal goals & self care
  • Libra: Routine, service, health & well-being – retreat, healing & inner work
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & wider society
  • Sagittarius: Home & family, the past – career & vocation, the future
  • Capricorn: Communication, community & relatives – travel, study & exploration
  • Aquarius: Money, possessions & self-worth – other peoples’ money, joint resources, taboos
  • Pisces: Personal goals & self care – relationships, partnership, contracts

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