Full Moon Taurus: A Safe Harbour

Full MoonThe Full Moon is building in the sky this week and on Thursday November 6th at 10:23 pm GMT it reaches its peak.

The Moon is powerful during the Full Moon phase as it’s in the sign of Taurus [14 Taurus 26] where it’s exalted.

This means its energy is powerful, strong and my favourite saying for the Moon in Taurus is a ‘safe harbour’.

Taurus Rules

Taurus rules security, both financial and emotional, and the earth sign Taurus is inextricably linked with nature and abundance. There’s a constancy to nature and the earth sustains, feeds and comforts us. Daily routines, walking in nature, silence, sensual pleasures, indulgence – these are all connected to Taurus’ earthy delights.

Moon Cycle

This Full Moon brings the Moon’s cycle to completion and the last New Moon on October 23rd was in the sexy and intense sign of Scorpio, plus it was a Solar Eclipse, full of potency and potential. This Full Moon brings clarity, a chance to settle, consolidate and make important decisions after October’s dramas. Relationships are part of the picture as Venus, the love planet, remains close to the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

For some, November’s stars call you forth to bring important matters to completion, to contemplate endings and close a door on the past. Saturn in Scorpio plays a prominent role dampening down the energy whilst Jupiter in Leo squares the Scorpio planets daring to blow things out of control, full of bluster and bravado.

Yet at this coming Full Moon it’s the Moon herself dependable and sure in Taurus who rules with a steady hand. Think what will nurture and nourish you now, stabilise your energy and take care of your body and soul.

A Safe Harbour

My own personal anecdote is that today I started fasting again and the Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to consider your diet as the Moon begins its fortnightly waning phase aligning with the body’s own natural elimination process. Plus I’m spending most of the week in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK close to the sea and deep within the countryside.

I’ve been here with my family but for the three days surrounding the Full Moon it will be just me and my partner walking our dogs, enjoying the wildness and beauty of nature and spending much-needed time together. A place to rest, our own safe harbour.

Funny that. When we booked our week away, I didn’t even realise that we would be together enjoying the elements during the Full Moon in Taurus.

Sometimes life and the stars are so in sync you barely notice.

Here’s wishing you find your own ‘safe harbour’ during this powerful Full Moon. Steer your life towards what’s familiar and comforting; be there for others and be open to others supporting you; understand the power of touch, hugs and affection; be protective and protected; walk barefoot on the ground; be rooted, majestic and stand tall and strong as a tree.

Happy Full Moon.

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