Full Moon Scorpio: Super Pink Moon

Full Moon, Super Pink Moon

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I hope you enjoy this Full Moon article.

FULL MOON [7 Scorpio 06]

April 27 2021 (04:32 GMT+1))

The next Full Moon falls in Scorpio and Full Moon energy is already kicking in. It’s gearing up to be a highly-charged weekend – keep reading to find out why.

This is the first of three Super Moons in a row, all of which have super cosmic names. This one is ‘Super Pink Moon‘ on April 27th, then comes ‘Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse‘ on May 26th and finally ‘Super Strawberry Moon‘ on June 24th.

These are the closest Full Moons to earth this year and if you love gazing at the Moon, you know how stunning a Full Moon can be. The best time to bask in the beauty of these Super Moons is just after moonrise.

Full Moon Energy

The Moon reaches its peak during the Full Moon phase. Full Moons are a time when emotions are heightened and important matters can be brought to completion. If you like to work with the energy of the moon, this is the time to look at what you want to release and let go of.

Full Moons are often linked to pregnancy and giving birth. They are a time of celebration, also clarity when the light of the Full Moon shines brightly. Trust your female intuition and tap into your witchy knowingness.

Full Moon Scorpio

This is important because during this Full Moon, the Moon is in the deep & dark water sign, Scorpio, linked to healing, regeneration & transformation.

Scorpio rules sex, money, death & rebirth and all things taboo. It’s about the psyche and what’s hidden. Scorpio’s keyword is power, whether you use it for good or bad effect. We’re hanging out in the underworld, the night world when we’re in Scorpio’s domain.

In Scorpio, you can enter into the dark, untouched places releasing emotions that have been hidden away or ignored. You encounter the shadow side of life. By digging deep, you find the part of yourself that’s fearless, authentic and real.

This is not always a comfortable place to be. Yet, if you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio planets in your chart, you may already know that a journey through the underworld can unearth hidden riches. 

When you explore and embrace all of life, the dark as well as the light, you often emerge wiser and stronger for the experience.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio and turns retrograde at 26 Capricorn on the same day as the Full Moon. This adds intensity to the Full Moon picture.

Pluto’s move through Capricorn since 2008 has been breaking down established structures, urging us to change the way we do business, govern, lead, use power. It’s brought corruption into world governments, as Pluto is linked to the underworld.

Pluto’s shift of direction turns your attention inwards and backwards. Let go of things that aren’t working out, move away from anything or anyone toxic in your life. Ditch old emotions and habits that no longer serve you.

Cycle of Life & Death

The cycle of life and death is clearly shown through the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in the earth sign Taurus linked to nature and growth and the Moon is in the water sign Scorpio linked to death, also rebirth. Regeneration, compost, the eternal cycle of life and death which is never-ending.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can highlight where you need to be healed and where best to channel your own healing abilities. You might uncover issues around power or where you feel powerless. You might discover where you’re in control and where you can tap into your inner power to accomplish incredible feats.

This is the perfect opportunity to make an important decision and trust your intuition in doing so. At the Full Moon it’s about doing what “feels” right rather than what you think you should be doing. Although, ideally it’s a time to balance head and heart. Be confident and stand strong in your power.

The Full Moon of Awakening

There’s another significant aspect to this Full Moon which comes from the planet Uranus. Uranus is currently in earth sign Taurus and is close to the Sun in Taurus during the Full Moon.

Uranus makes conjunctions to the inner planets on the following dates: Venus – 23rd April; Mercury – 24th April & the Sun – 30th April. The Full Moon on April 27th is the peak of this planetary energy.

Uranus words are change, revolution, rebellion, awakening, enlightenment, surprise, invention, innovation. The planet of upheaval in earth sign Taurus is the earth shaker.

As Taurus is the star sign that rules money, watch out for some big swings on the financial stage during this Full Moon. There are no guarantees with Uranus as it’s either an upward swing or a downward trajectory – rarely stable.

Saturn Square Uranus

Yet, it’s not just about Uranus during this Full Moon because Saturn and Uranus remain in square aspect throughout 2021.

There are key dates when they perfect their clash or conflict – February 17th, June 14th & December 24th. They are, however, at loggerheads all year – this is the major aspect of 2021 and it’s being triggered right now.

You can look at this symbolism in different ways as a symbol never just means one thing. Saturn is the ruler, the authorities, the government; Uranus is impulse, the rebel, the urge for freedom.

Currently, Saturn is stronger in its sign of rulership Aquarius. Around the world, governments are declaring new rules & regulations and exerting control.

There’s always a danger of fascism when Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign of the collective. You only need to look back to 1933 to see what’s possible when Saturn is here. Look around the world and freedom is under threat in many countries.

One way the Saturn-Uranus square is playing out is the freedom movement & anti-vaxxers (Uranus) up against the rest of society & the governments (Saturn Aquarius).

It may be no coincidence there’s to be a march ‘Unite For Freedom‘ on April 24th in London tapping in to the Uranian planetary energy. You may know of more protests happening around the world this weekend.

You could say that this clash also pits the scientific establishments (Saturn Aquarius) against a different kind of truth and knowingness, one that’s inherent within the Earth (Taurus) and that our ancestors knew all about.

Astrology, animism and various other religions and beliefs were evident pre-science. Human beings were constantly listening to the world, to nature. They cared for the Earth that nurtured and cared for them in return.

The danger with Uranus in Taurus is that Uranus splits off and we become detached and disconnected from Mother Earth, the planet we live on. Technology takes over and we forget our interconnectedness with the universe. Fear kicks in (Saturn) and we lose our innate wisdom and inner knowledge.

Football Rules

Looking ahead to this Full Moon, it was obvious this was going to be a major event, from a financial perspective and with regard to different factions clashing. Or, perhaps it will play out in other ways we don’t yet know about.

One way that this strong planetary energy has shown itself in the world is via football. On April 18th, it was announced there would be a Super League – 12 top teams playing their own elite league – an initiative decided by top clubs and their owners, basically to make more money.

Saturn is the people at the top, the big boys, the fat cats – there seemed to be no negotiation around their decision, it was final.

What they didn’t expect was the backlash from the fans who were rightly outraged across the board. This is Uranus’ energy strong and true, people power, fighting back against rules & regulations that don’t serve the greater good.

There were so many fans who protested against the Super League, along with some of the players and managers, celebrity voices, even FIFA that, come April 20th, the whole deal crashed.

That’s people power for you and a strong showing of what’s possible with this square aspect and how Uranus can dominate that authoritarian Saturn in its sign of rulership Aquarius.

It’s going to be an interesting year and we may discover more about what’s possible during this Full Moon, a Super Pink Moon, in Scorpio.

What Does It Mean For You

Here are the areas highlighted by this Full Moon. Read your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know it:

  • Aries – personal finances, possessions, self-worth  other peoples’ money, money owed
  • Taurus – image, self-identity, personal goals  relationships, contracts, enemies
  • Gemini – retreat, secrets, self-undoing  work, service, health
  • Cancer – friends, groups, society  children, creativity, romance
  • Leo – career, status, responsibility  home, family, past
  • Virgo – travel, study, exploration  communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Libra – other peoples’ money, money owed  personal finances, possessions, self-worth
  • Scorpio – relationships, contracts, enemies  image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Sagittarius – work, service, health  retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  •  Capricorn – children, creativity, romance  friends, groups, society
  • Aquarius – home, family, past  career, status, responsibility
  • Pisces – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood  travel, study, exploration

Remember that the Full Moon is an opposition so it’s about balancing the different areas of your life, how you allow them to complement each other and work together in unison, rather than create division or enmity.

Wishing you a wonderfully safe & happy Super Full Pink Moon

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