Full Moon Sagittarius: HyperActivity

chains-433543_1920The Sun has now entered the air sign, Gemini on May 20th 2016 and after a long slow leisurely break when personal planets have been in the earth sign, Taurus, the astrological weather’s changing.

Yesterday I felt hyper, buzzing with energy. It might have been the fact that I did a high energy yoga class in the morning which heats up the body or perhaps I was tuning in to the shift from Taurus to Gemini or maybe a bit of both.

The song going round and round in my head yesterday was ‘Dizzy my head is spinning‘, the perfect song for this weekend’s astrology.

Not long after the Sun enters Gemini, there’s a Full Moon on May 21st 2016 [22:14 GMT+1] when the Sun at 1 degree Gemini opposes the Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius. This is take one. In four week’s time on June 20th 2016, the next Full Moon also falls across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis at 29 degrees. Take two.

One Full Moon at the beginning of Gemini/Sagittarius and a second Full Moon at the end of the two mutable signs. Add to this the fact that the Sun is in the dual-natured sign of Gemini and you’re looking at life through double vision. It might take you two attempts to make something happen, you might have to learn the same lesson twice or perhaps you get lucky… twice.

The Venus Factor

The two Full Moons are vastly different energies because of the planetary patterns taking place but both times Venus sits next to the Sun in Gemini. At tomorrow’s Full Moon Venus is at 26 Taurus and in one month’s time Venus is at 3 Cancer.

Venus is the planet of relating and next to the Sun this lights up what you love in life, what makes you happy. Sun/Venus individuals want to be popular and to be loved. They tend to believe the best in people, to be accepting, tolerant and are willing to compromise and make allowances.

Venus sits next to the Sun in Gemini during the two Full Moons but each time in a different sign. Venus is strong in Taurus and Cancer and this seems to pinpoint that different qualities might be needed during the Full Moon periods when the Sun is in the multi-tasking, fickle, mentally active sign of Gemini.

Venus offers love, nurture, protection, loyalty, being there for the ones you love and having people in your life who support you, holding still. Learning about unconditional love.

Add Mars – Stand Well Back

This weekend’s Full Moon feels lively, volatile, high pitch, thanks to Mars. This is a seeking Full Moon in the signs which rule education, knowledge, belief. Retrograde Mars is also at 1 degree Sagittarius and very close to the Moon before it leaves the sign of travel, religion, exploration next week. Moon/Mars equals high energy, impetuosity, intense feelings.

If you or someone close to you feel strongly about a situation, this Full Moon heightens emotions. Traditionally the Moon rules the mother and is linked to home and family. Maybe this is why Venus is so important during this Full Moon as Venus in Taurus is grounded, reliable, stable. The archetypal earth mother, ruling nature, food, back to basics.

Retrograde Mars has been relatively quiet in the heavens since it switched from direct to reverse motion on April 17th 2016 but this weekend and next week Mars wants to be heard. Mars rules action, passion, anger, motivation and whilst retrograde, Mars hasn’t been able to make an impact. It will now.

Venus is opposing Mars at this Full Moon and the opposition will be exact next week on May 25th 2016. This feels competitive, male v. female, differing needs and wants, conflict rather than co-operation. Who is against you, who’s not complying with your demands, where are you in dis-agreement?

Mercury’s Voice

One other planetary factor to take into account this weekend is communication planet Mercury turning direct on May 22nd 2016 – hoorah! – the day after the Full Moon, and communication is suddenly urgent. What do you hear, what do you find out? What do you need to say, what can’t wait any longer?

Mercury’s change of direction takes place at 14 Taurus and creates a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter at 13 Virgo and Pluto at 17 Capricorn. This feels rather delicious and hidden riches, abundance, faith and transformation are ripe for the taking. Listen out for new opportunities amidst the noise of the lively Full Moon activity.


Dizzy energy is kicking in big-time this weekend which can equate with fun, high jinks, hyper activity, the motivation to get things done but be wary of the Mars factor igniting the flame, especially with Venus and Mars, the lovers in the heavens, opposing each other.

Back to song symbolism and with the Full Moon/Mars combination exact on Saturday night, the two songs that spring to mind immediately are ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting‘ and ‘Saturday Night Fever‘.

Yet maybe we’d be better off tuning in to Whitfield’s iconic hit ‘Saturday Night‘ from way back in 1994 with the lyrics, ‘it’s party time and not one minute we can lose‘.

If this weekend’s hyper activity becomes too much, go and lie down in nature, breathe slowly and let Venus in Taurus gently soothe your soul. Create some quiet and space in your life to hear where you’re being called forth and where new opportunities lie.

It’s a BIG weekend – live it well, dance your socks off but, most importantly, do it your way and make the most of it.


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